Real Name Harmon Deshaw
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Little Rock, AR
Date of Birth July 15, 1991
Age 21
Origin Mutation
Current Location New York City
Occupation Drifter
Team n/a
Alignment other
Known Relatives
Significant Other n/a
Known Abilities Control and Manipulation of Electricity.

Character Details

Harmon was born and raised to a fairly normal life. Good parents, normal schools, normal angst. Whenever he turned 15, however, his mutation surfaced and gave a whole new level of 'interesting' to his life. This was 6 years ago.
It didn't take long to figure out that he absorbed electricity from things around him with an enhanced 'pull'. Cell-phones, computers, lights, etc were susceptible in general and would be quickly drained and/or fried by direct physical contact. He started wearing gloves to help prevent it, got labeled a freak and weird because of the odd things that would sometimes happen around him in school and college. In spite of his 'handicap' towards things requiring electricity he was a Generation Xer and loved his technology. With time and preparation he started to live a normal life to some degree in college, studying electrical engineering primarily.
While in college he had an accident -- No gloves, direct contact with the power-grid through heavy-gauge, heavy-duty wiring. Unable to expend the electricity faster than he could absorb it and unable to get away from the current he suffered some mild electrocution -- Realizing the danger posed by his power to himself for the first time. He began trying to learn to truly control his ability then. This was 1 year ago.
Dropping out of college with barely more than a semester to go Harmon disappears off the grid. He knows what he is, doesn't appear to want help or just does not understand how to get it. He lives as a drifter, fading into obscurity and living from town to town doing mostly manual labor. It's at this point he joins the universe as a whole


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