Box IV
Real Name Madison Jeffries
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Canada
Date of Birth
Aliases Box IV
Origin Mutant
Current Location Toronto, Canada
Occupation Adventurer, Hero
Team Alpha Flight, formerly Beta Flight
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Lionel Jeffries (Deceased)
Significant Other Diamond Lil, Heather Hudson (former)
Known Abilities Molding of Metal, Plastic, Glass (inorganic materials)

Character Details

-Madison and Lionel Jeffries were brothers with psionic transmutative powers. Lionel's power gave him control over organic substances (especially living tissue) while Madison's power gave him control over metal.
-Madison hated his powers, thinking them useless and for making him different from other people. However, they did assist him to become a highly proficient mechanic and machine builder.
-Lionel reveled in his powers and used them to become a noted surgeon.
-Like many other overly friendly and helpful Canadians, the brothers enlisted in the Army during the war. Madison continued being a mechanic with the hopes that the war would help him forget his powers. Lionel became an Army medic to help the casualties.
-The brothers were serving on a field mission when an explosion killed most of their squad. Mortified, Lionel desperately tried to utilize his powers to resurrect the corpses. Unable to perform this feat, Lionel went insane with frustration. Madison created shackles to restrain his mad brother. Madison had Lionel committed to a padded cell in the Montreal General Hospital. His sanity did not return, and in the sanitarium he was dubbed Scramble, the Mixed-Up Man.
-Due to the war, Madison also suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and spent much time at the VA and then the Clinic for Socially Maladjusted Superbeings. There, the staff tried to help him overcome his feelings of alienation from humanity.
-That's where he met Roger Bochs, a paraplegic who blamed the world for his handicap. There, the two became friends and allies against the staff's efforts to cure them of their problems.
-Hearing of their abilities, James Hudson (a.k.a Guardian) convinced both men to join Canada's "Department H", which was the framework of the new super hero teams and the Gamma Flight training program. The two men respected Hudson enough to move past their issues and sign up.
-Both soon advanced to Beta Flight and it was during this time that Madison became interested in Lillian Crawford, the woman to become Diamond Lil of Omega Flight.
-Soon thereafter, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Flights were disbanded by the government.
-For unknown reasons, Jeffries faked his death and members of Gamma Flight turned criminal.
-Madison returned to his life of ditch digging until he was approached by Roger Bochs who wanted Madison's help to improve his Box armor. This was in answer to preventing the armor from being taken over ever again. Therefore, Madison helped integrate Roger into his armor and make it DNA specific.
-He also learned that Delphine Courtney was running Omega Flight.
-Conflict ensued and alongside his Gamma Flight former teammates, they confronted Omega Flight and he single handedly turned Delphine Courtney inside out with his power.
-In this he encountered Diamond Lil and was forced to turn her over to the RCMP for imprisonment.
-With the team being reinstated, Madison was taken into Alpha Flight and alongside Bochs, they refitted a mansion on Tamarind Island (Mansion Alpha) to serve as the team's base.
-He drew the attention and subsequent attraction of Heather Hudson.
-Hudson was also curious of Madison's brother, Lionel and she sought out the committed sibling. There she accidently allowed him access to the staff which he subsequently scrambled. Madison arrived, subdued Lionel and helped Lionel to sort out his own brain using Madison's as a template. He was made 'sane' again.
-Discovering his ability to 'mind-tap' with Roger Bochs, Madison was able to expand his transmutative power and create technological marvels of which he could never conceive on his own. Such that he was able to restore/repair Heather Hudson's armor so that she could become Vindicator.
-Over time, Madison proved himself resourceful and Heather nominated him for full membership to the team. In the role of Super-Hero, he also garnered the additional affections of Heather which lead them to begin a relationship.
-At the same time, Bochs was in a relationship with Aurora. However, her fickle nature led her to flirt with Madison. This put him off and he was sure to tell her about it.
-Bochs was becoming more and more trapped inside his armor and due to his disability, Madison went to Lionel and asked for help. Lionel and Madison were able to pull Bochs from his armor and restore Bochs' legs.
-Lionel began to go insane again and conflict ensued. If it weren't for Purple Girl, the conflict would have gone in favor of Lionel. In the end, Lionel and Bochs had become a massive creature named Omega that Madison was forced to kill (both Lionel and Roger).
-Time would pass after this, many roster changes and finally Heather and Madison would find time to pursue their relationship.
-Bedlam attacked, destroyed the mansion on Tamarind Island and took the team to Bedlam's North Pole complex. There they defeated the villain and found themselves trapped in the complex. They were then confronted by the Great Beasts who arrived to claim Sasquatch. Madison uses his power to reform the entire complex into a giant Box robot to fight Tundra. There was a resulting explosion that knocked the entire team off into space (inside the giant Box armor).
-The team found themselves lost in space. There they discovered that the ship's brain (Madison's brain) was infected by a cancerous lump of Belam. It was up to the rest of the team to save Madison and themselves from the hazards therein.
-With the assistance of the Betan Laura Dean and the transfer to the other-dimensional Liveworld where they battled the Dream Queen, the team made it back to Earth. The fight bled over into communist China and they nearly started World War III. This resulted in Vindicator rejecting further government oversight and disbanding Alpha Flight.
-Upon that notion, Heather proposed to Madison and he gratefully agreed to marry her.
-While preparing for their wedding, the two had time for side adventures.
-Madison's armor contracted a virus which caused it to go haywire during a USAF field test. Resulting in the threat of nuclear missile launch. He was able to overcome the issue.
-Heather got trapped in her armor. He got trapped in his suit. Both had to overcome fears to escape.
-Then over the next several months, all of Alpha Flight was mentally manipulated by the Dream Queen and they had a long-running conflict with the demonic Llan the Sorcerer.
-Being paroled from prison, Diamond Lil entered the picture when she came looking for Madison to rekindle their relationship. She kissed him, he didn't overtly protest. However, Heather was watching from afar and felt that Madison was unfaithful. Moments later, the alarm sounded and the Sorcerer Llan attacked. Diamond Lil accompanied Madison to the attack and the whole team (including Lil) were swept off into another dimension.
-It took three months for Alpha Flight to find their way back to Earth. The war with Llan continued, and during such time Madison and Heather drifted apart. Having Lil around, it was clear that Madison's feelings for her weren't in the past.
-Back on Earth, the team established a new base of operations and secretly Lil and Madison moved in together.
-It was during the final battle with Llan that made Heather and Madison realize they wanted to be with one another. They re-entered their relationship.
-Back working for the Canadian Government, Alpha Flight reformed and Madison was approached by General Clarke. Clarke had a problem with machines coming to life in a joint Roxxon/government venture in Denver, Colorado. Knowing that he would need additional assistance, Madison (accompanied by Lil who wanted to tag along) traveled to Muir Island to recruit Forge. Together they would combine their abilities to face the threat. This also gave Madison heightened intuitive powers in regards to machine and construction. Upon arrival in Denver, the facility exploded revealing James McDonald Hudson (Mac/Guardian) at the bottom of the facility. It was soon discovered that Roxxon had been holding him hostage since his assumed death years earlier.
-Mac was a cyborg and was rampaging. The battle wasn't going in the favor of Forge/Madison. Madison then appealed to Mac's humanity, telling him about Heather and the accomplishments of Alpha Flight.
-With Mac's return from the dead, it dissolved all chances for Heather and Madison to pursue their relationship.
-Madison returned to the welcoming arms of Diamond Lil.
-Lil revealed to have a lump in her breast but nothing could be done about it (biopsy) due to her diamond hard skin.
A few weeks later James Hudson sacrificed himself in order to save an alien race from Galactus. In this, Lil was concerned that Madison would return to Heather. But he assured her that he and Heather were over.
-With the retrieval of alien technology, Madison constructed a device that could penetrate Lil's breast and do a biopsy. It came back benign.
-The relationship between Madison and Lil became more heated as time went on.
-They went on a covert mission to South America. They were shot down by enemy forces and Madison was seriously injured. Faced with his own mortality, he confessed his love to Lil and even proposed. Her love then inspired him to construct a machine to get them out of there.
-Arriving back in Canada, Madison was taken to Toronto General where he would be treated for his wounds and soon he found his way back to Alpha Flight with his love, Lil.
-Madison and Lil return to Alpha Flight.
-Wildchild is named newest member.
-Headlok messes with Aurora's mind.
-Madison and Lil resign due to their upcoming wedding.
-Madison has a bachelor party.

---------------PostCon TP Addition----------------------

-While taking time away from Alpha Flight members, Box and Lil were captured by villain agents of Neverland.
-Since that point, both have been brainwashed and have been working with Neverland as operatives.


Name Relationship Notes

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Date Title Characters Summary
07/26/12 Domino Dancing Part 1 Domino, Copycat, Box (emitted by Havok) Domino is a prisoner in Neverland. Being used by Copycat and soon to be made into an operative
08/10/12 Assault on Neverland Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth, Beta Ray Bill, Sunpyre, Box, The Director, Persuasion, Mentallo, Sabretooth, Synposis of events that led up to and occured during the Neveraland assault
08/27/12 22:48 Project: Ant-Upgrade Ant-Man II & Box Ant-Man II responds to incident at Perry's Bar
08/29/12 22:43 Team Wipe Mirage, Sunpyre, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Havok, Box, Crystal, Blob, Quicksilver, Avalanche, Pyro, Toad X-Factor vs the Brotherhood
09/18/12 09:45 Long Distance Call Kelda and Box Madison stumbles upon Kelda making a call.
10/10/12 08:13 Bomba Part 2 Havok, Mirage, Box Dani and Madison discover a bomb


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