Real Name Wade Wilson
Portrayed by Ryan Renolds
Gender Male
Place of Birth Canada
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Aliases Jack, Chiyonosake ("the Wolf of the Rice Wine"), numerous others
Origin Experiments by Weapon X, and Military Training
Current Location Traveling
Occupation Mercenary
Team None
Alignment Other
Known Relatives Unidentified parents, Gretchen (ex-wife)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Highly skilled, deranged merc with a healing factor.

Character Details

*"Jack"'s early years are relatively unknown, even to him. What little is known is that his father was abusive, his mother died of cancer, and he grew up to be a delinquent, most likely in response to his father's abuse.

*Joined US Army Special Forces. Then kicked out. Then became a mercenary, but only killed those he thought deserved it. Eventually forced to go on the run by angry employers, and injured in the process.

*Taken in by Wade and Mercedes Wilson, and nursed back to health. Eventually he attacked Wade, hoping to steal his identity, and left him for dead. Accidentally killed Mercedes in the process, and the fact that he killed an innocent person left the unstable Jack completely unhinged, and convinced he /was/ Wade Wilson

*Returned to being a mercenary, under the name Wade Wilson. Hired by the Boss to infiltrate a sumo-wrestling ring owned by a rival, Oyakata. Got romantically involves with Oyakata's daughter, and was ordered to assassinate Oyakata. He refused and fled Japan instead.

*Returned to America, fell for a teenage prostitute named Vanessa Carlysle.

*Hired by Middle Eastern interests to assassinate a blind British operative, Althea AKA Blind Al. He killed everyone at the base /except/ Blind Al, who managed to escape. As punishment for his failure, Vanessa was targeted by his employers. However she was rescued by Zoe Culloden, an employee of an interdimensional firm, who had Wilson under surveillance, due to prophecies her firm had access to, indicating he might play a role in saving the world.

*Eventually developed cancer, and convinced to sign on with Canada's Weapon-X program by Garrison Kane, Department-K, which gave him an experimental treatment to give him Wolverine's healing factor. His cancer was also healed by the healing factor causing his body to conflict with itself, cancer fighting with health, He washed out of the Weapon-X program, and was sent to a secret facility for said wash-outs.

*Suicidal from the pain, he made friends with a man commonly called Worm, and also met Death, who he thought was a good reason to die. His plan for death: Mock the stronger, faster, and more twisted The Attending, AKA Francis(whose name Wilson used to mock him). Instead of killing Wilson, Francis lobotomized Worm. Wilson euthenized Worm, and took revenge for not being allowed to die, killing Francis, proclaiming Wade Wilson dead, and taking on the mantle Deadpool, and discarding the vestiges of his sanity.

*Deadpool served as enforcer for crime boss Hammerhead, and eventually returned to his freelance mercenary activities. Made a costume for himself and his 'secret identity'. Employed by the Kingpin, and clashed with Wolverine.

*Caught up with Blind Al and imprisoned her in his home, killing anyone Al sought for help. She eventually gave up trying to escape.

*Returned to the Canadian government, was treated by Doctor Walter Langkowski, and acquired a teleporter. Eventually cut ties with the Canadian government.

*Hired by the criminal Wizard, but accidently went to the wrong address and got hired to do a job impersonating Hobgoblin.

*Briefly joined up with Taskmaster, Constrictor, and Wizard in a version of the Frightful Four.

*Deadpool tried to return to being Kingpin's assassin, but is thwarted by his new assassin, Bullseye.

*Started frequenting a merc hangout called the Hellhouse, where Patch issued assignments. Clashed with T-Ray, a voodoo-sorcerer, and assassin whom he immediately disliked.

*Found employment with a time-traveling arms dealer Tolliver, and wound up with Sluggo and Copycat. Tolliver sent Copycat to impersonate another mutant merc, Domino.

*Deadpool recruits a man named Weasel to act as his weapon supplier, and they became fast friends, despite numerous acts of violence against Weasel.

*Was sent by Tolliver to take on the mutant Cable. Eventually lost the fight and was shipped back to Tolliver in a box.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/17/13 15:01 Bozho Bitch Slap Armand, Deadpool, Mirage, Shadowcat and (emitted) Nanabozho, Black Crow, and Red Wolf Nanabozho seeks revenge!
01/19/13 00:40 Hotamini Hoedown Deadpool, Gogo, Hawkette, The Phantasm, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, & (emitted) Hotamintanio, Black Crow, Puma, Nanabozho and Calumet Hotamintanio continues with the attacks of the Anasazi (Native American gods)
02/05/13 01:22 The Test Black Crow and Deadpool and illusions of Nanabozho and Hotamintanio Black Crow visits Deadpool and tests him.
03/14/13 20:41 Rat Race Deadpool, Dagger, Tanya Deadpool, Rat exterminator
04/09/13 17:00 Keeping your head down Deadpool, Headpool, Lady Deadpool, Wanda Deadool and some alternate universe shenanigans
04/20/13 03:13 Role Reversal Cloak, Dagger, Deadpool, and Scalphunter An alternate Cloak and Dagger with reversed powers and Deadpool engage Scalphunter
08/19/12 16:00 Deadpool arrives to fight robots, a little late Deadpool, Shadowcat Deadpool goes to New York to kill robots
08/27/12 01:24 Deadpool meets a girl and gets paid Deadpool, Aurora, Agent Thorpe(NPC)
10/27/12 01:49 Deadpool rescues Ambrose, mostly. Deadpool, Ambrose Deadpool intervenes in a mugging. Accidentally rescues Ambrose.
12/07/12 23:00 Long Overdue Introductions Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman meet up and avoid a fight.
12/10/2012 18:30 Beauty School Dropout Deadpool, Ambrose Deadpool drops into a small scene.


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