Real Name Suzanna Lauren Sherman
Portrayed by Bry Jensen
Gender Female
Place of Birth New York City
Date of Birth Dec. 16, 1995
Age 16
Aliases Suzy
Origin Human/Kree Hybrid
Current Location New York City
Occupation Student, Hero, Spokesperson, Model
Team None
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Parents (Toby and Barbara Sherman)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Paragon

Character Details

Raised by her parents, Toby and Barbara Sherman, Suzanna ("Suzy" to her friends), led a fairly normaly life through her younger years. As she started high school, she started growing into a very attractive young woman and found her way into the modeling world. By the age of 16, she was getting regular work as a model in magazines targetting teen-female readership, and had even landed two television commercials for make-up, also targetting that 'young woman' demographic. Of course, living in New York City has its pros... and its cons...
One example of a 'con' to living in the Big Apple became a big part of Suzy's life when she was at a photoshoot during her summer break from school - and a giant robot (which she'd later learn is called a 'Sentinel') burst out of the ground in Central Park and began going on a rampage. Suzy's parents were there... and were in immediate danger from the robot's attack. The cameramen, other models, agents, and assorted other people involved in the shoot simply fled... but Suzy couldn't leave her parents to die, and rushed towards them to do whatever she could to save them.
The Sentinel's fist came down as Suzy came to a stop, standing over her parents - who'd been knocked to the floor - and she raised her arms over her head in a futile gesture... against which the Sentinel's fist slammed, and stopped cold. The Sentinel pulled back its fist, actually seeming surprised that its attack had been turned aside. Suzy's parents were shocked into silence. One of the fleeing cameramen, having seen what just happened, stopped to begin filming with his personal videocamera.
Suzy, angry that this giant robot'd tried to take her only family away from her, leapt up after the giant fist was pulled away from her, without thinking... and drove her own fist into the Sentinel's face, sending it reeling backwards as it spoke. "Mutant energy signature detected. Non-human. Non-standard Kree biosignature", it said, before, without still noticing that she wasn't falling back to the ground after her leap into the air, Suzy rained a series of punches into its face that eventually tore its head from its body.
Turning to face her parents, Suzy found them below her... as she hovered. "Holy crap!", she managed to say, as she realized she was /flying/... then fell to the ground when she mentally questioned her own ability to do so. Her clothing torn from the fall through the branches of the trees through which she fell, she, herself, was completely unharmed. Still, she'd saved her parents... and the whole scene had been recorded by the cameraman, who later simply sold the footage of the battle and walked away with the money.
News stories would later come to call her "Ultragirl", and the Sentinel's identification of her as a Kree mutant has left her doubting who she really is... but it's also ended her career as a model. The footage of the battle, by a young up-and-coming model wanna-be, however, caught the eye of the UnderArmor sporting goods company - a company for which Suzy'd previously modelled. They offered her a contract, to pay her a monthly salary, if she'd wear a costume the company'd design for her as she went about being a the publicly-known heroine by the name she'd been dubbed by the press -- and to be the official spokesperson for their products, filming at least two television commercials for the company each year for the next five years.
Suzy agreed, but only after haggling bodyguards (for her parents) into the contract with the UnderArmor company, and set out to earn he way to fortune and fame... as a superheroine and sports-product spokesperson. Of course, while she thought about her parents' safety, she didn't think ahead to how this might, later, impact on her life as a high school student, or on everything else that might actually be involved in 'the super-heroing gig'.


Name Relationship Notes
Parents Father and Mother

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Date Title Characters Summary
02/07/13 15:58 Sandman and His Temple of Doom Blindfold, Mercury, Sandman, and Aquatica & Ultragirl (emitted by Mirage and Sandman) Sandman runs an extreme training for the four students.
07/23/12 20:00 Why is the Blind Girl leading the way Blindfold, Keith, Seth, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Jessica Drew, Ultragirl, Phantasm (Cameo), Iceman (NPC Chaperone) A group from Xavier's ends up at a homeless shelter, where they meet up with Keith and also Jessica Drew, who is investigating a missing teen.
07/24/12 11:13 Takedown of the Adaptoid Hercules Ultragirl Astraea Super-Adaptoid The Adaptoid emerges, tries to duplicate and defeat Herc and UltraGirl
07/24/12 13:30 Ultragirl meets Spidey Ultragirl Spider-Man Ultragirl meets her favorite web-slinger… and unsuccessfully flirts
07/27/12 Ultragirl vs The Dragon Man Ultragirl (emitted by Black Panther) Ultragirl stops The Dragon Man's attack on the docks.
08/02/12 Ultragirl meets Miss Marvel Ultragirl, Miss Marvel Ultragirl meets Miss Marvel
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 1: Washington, DC Black Panther, Nightcrawler, Ultragirl, Astraea, Arachne, Ares, NPCS: Doctor Strange, Ariel, Wong, Red Ronin, Iceman, Black Goliath, Wasp, Gargoyle, Falcon, Sunflower, Angel, Screaming Mimi An ecclectic smattering of heroes are gathered in a time of need and sent to help stop the 100-foot behemoth of the Red Ronin under Ultron's control.
08/07/2012 Ultragirl goes shopping and meets Richenda Ultragirl Showstopper Suzy goes shopping, rescues Richenda from a 'wardrobe malfunction', and the pair chit-chat.
08/09/2012 Ultragirl and Night Thrasher vs Sea Urchin Ultragirl Night-Thrasher Ultragirl happens upon Sea Urchin in the middle of a heist, with Night Thrasher already on the scene.
08/13/12 10:00 Big Girl, Small Package Ultragirl, Ant-Man Ultragirl and Ant-Man stop a few burglars
08/15/12 20:30 We All Scream For Ice Cream Ms. Marvel, Ultragirl, American Dream, Captain America, Beta Ray Bill, Mockingbird, Wanda, Seth, Blindfold, Scarlet Witch, Sandman Carol and Shannon's planned celebration brings in plenty of help.
08/30/12 23:30 Homework Elektra, Ultragirl Elektra researches possible contracts and meets Ultragirl
09/02/12 22:15 Kelda's Grand Entrance at Avengers Mansion Kelda (Emitter), Hercules, Namor, Scarlet Witch, Ultragirl, Sandman Kelda has a hiccup in her transport to Midgard. Brings a giant with her. Big fight.
09/03/12 16:00 Catch That Boat Night Thrasher, Ultragirl Suzy is at a photoshoot on the beach when a high speed chase on the waves passes by!
09/11/2012 Welcome to Xavier's Ultragirl Ms. Marvel; Ultragirl, Mirage Ultragirl gets a tour of the Mansion
09/12/2012 Brain Bleach Required Ariel, Richenda Gray, Ultragirl and Mirage Ariel arrives and the Mansion and sets off the alarms
09/18/12 10:52 Mallrats Firestar, Richenda Gray, Ultragirl Angelica meets Richenda while hanging out at the mall, they both happen by Ultragirl


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