Beta Ray Bill
Real Name Beta Ray Bill
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Aliases Beta Ray Thor
Current Location New York City
Occupation Champion of the Korbinites
Team Avengers
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Sourced Power

Character Details

The alien race known as the Korbinites were a highly advanced civilization living in relative peace in a strange area of space known as the Burning Galaxy. While generally peaceful, they maintained a military tradition and produced truly fearsome weaponry and warriors. The one who would come to be known to the galaxy at large as Beta Ray Bill was an excellent example of this tradition, indeed, dire circumstances would soon prove him to be the best of the best.

Unbeknownst to the Korbinites, events a dimension away would prove to have a devastating impact on their civilization. The fire-demon, Surtur, lord of Muspelheim, was reforging his sword, Twilight, and tapped into the raw energy of the Burning Galaxy to assist in this task, as well as to break down the dimensional barriers between his realm and the dimension of Midgard. He succeeded, destabilizing the area on a cosmic scale and allowing hordes of his fire-demons to pour through a rift generated there, threatening the Korbinites. While capable of defending themselves, the Korbinites soon became aware of the fact that their entire region of space would soon be rendered utterly uninhabitable. Their leaders decided to evacuate the population in a fleet of ships, with many of their people in suspended animation for the trip. However, they also decided they would need warriors of immense power to protect them from the demons.

Their first protector was known as Alpha Ray. While 'he' had organic components, he was really more of a hihgly advanced robot with a tactical AI and no will or realy mind of his own. Extremely powerful, he was also unstable, prone to overheating and without direction, not very controllable. Shelving the project and storing Alpha Ray in a 'meta-orb', the leadership then decided that they needed a champion with a mind and spirit of their own, and called upon their people to provide one.

It was announced that a contest would be held, not for prizes, but to find the most worthy. Bill was one of the first to step up, a career soldier, he thought only of helping his people in their darkest hour. The tests were known to be extraordinarily difficult and dangerous, all who entered knew many of them could be lethal. There were grueling physical challenges, psychological tests that left many dead or insane, Bill weathered them all. In the end, only a few remained, and they all knew the terrible, final price to be paid. Korbinite scientists had used all their knowledge to engineer cybernetic bodies of terrible power, monstrous forms derived from the fiercest predators they knew of, to their minds, their very essences, would be transferred. Maybe it spoke of a strength beyond that of body or will, maybe it was a spiritual strength, but when the agonizing process was done, only Bill had survived. His name was legally changed to 'Beta Ray Bill' and he was assigned a fully sapient starship, Skuttlebutt, as a partner. Skuttlebutt actually contained technology similar to that of Bill's new body, making them "brothers", after a fashion. The exodus began, and Bill was placed into coldsleep, to await the signal that he would be needed.

With the Korbinites in stasis, Bill was awakened periodically so that he and Skuttlebutt might battle the Muspelheim demons when they overtook the fleet. In addition to simply fleeing for their lives, the sleet was also seeking a new homeworld to settle upon. Skuttlebutt, with Bill aboard, flew ahead of the fleet as a vanguard. Eventually, their course took them rather near Earth's system, where a S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite picked up the massively-armed alien vessel Nick Fury contacted a spaceworthy hero to investigate, The Mighty Thor.

As Thor approached the fleet, Skuttlebutt's sensors detected energy readings very similar to those of the demons (being from a dimension connected to Muspelheim) and woke Bill to confront the threat. The battle which ensued was an honest mistake, and Thor was stunned to find that the monstrous Bill was his equal in combat. Unfortunately for the thunder god, he was currently enchanted so that should Mjolnir leave his hand for 60 seconds, he would revert to his mortal identity of Donald Blake. Bill managed this feat, and took up the walking stick Mjolnir had become, thinking to use "the demon's" weapon against him. Unable to make it work, he slammed it against the hull in disgust, and the unbelievable ocurred.

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.". Beta Ray Bill, despite his appearance, was noble, self-sacrificing, brave, honourable, and forthright. Until that moment, no other being save Odin himself had been able to lift Mighty Mjolnir. Finding himself garbed in a strange, alien variant of Thor's costume, Bill then found himself summoned to Asgard by a spell meant to target Mjolnir's wielder. Imagine the surprise of the Asgardians when Bill, not Thor, arrived, holding the hammer. Quickly summoning Blake and restoring him to his true form, Odin was faced with a dilemma. Bill politely but firmly stated that he had won the mighty weapon in fair combat and needed it to help protect his people. In his wisdom, the All-Father decreed that Thor and Bill would do battle in firey Skartheim, with the winner claiming Mjolnir for his own.

The battle was epic, with the two mighty champions shaking the pillars of heaven in their struggle. But in the end, though they struck each other senseless, Bill's alien physiology was more adapted to the intense heatm and he awakened well before the Thunderer. Saving Thor from slipping into a lava flow, both heroes were returned and Bill was declared the winner. Interestingly, Odin may have chosen that specific battleground to test Bill's worthiness and to teach Thor a well-needed lesson in humility. His self-repair systems and organic components taxed to their limits by the battle, Bill convalesced, and learned much of ther Asgardians, and started to become close with the Lady Sif, despite the fact that each appeared quite alien to the other. Learning of Thor's bond with the mystical weapon, his birthright, Bill was wracked with guilt over his need and his victory. He asked Odin for a solution. Seeing that indeed, the hammer had chosen well, Odin again did the unprecedented.

Contacting Eitri, the great dwarven smith who had forged Mjolnir, Odin asked a great work of him. Eitri replied that his price was for an Asgardian woman to defeat the dwarven champion, Throgg, in battle, and if she lost, she would belong to Throgg. Sif was chosen, and bested the gigantic dwarf (yes, gigantic dwarf). It was a trick. Throgg had been terrorizing his fellows due to his immense size, and being beaten by a woman, would scarcely show his face again. Gladdened by his people's freedom, Eitri forged a masterpiece, which Odin then imbued with mighty magicks - the uru hammer Stormbreaker!

As Surtur's forces finally broke free, the sword Twilight reforged, Bill accompanied the Asgardians into battle. Now, with two champions of Thor's power to lead them, Thor headed to Asgard itself to engage the fire giant, while Bill and Sif journeyed into space to save Bill's people. While there, Sif learned of Bill's origin. When Surtur reached Asgard itself, Odin summoned Bill and Sif back to Earth. They were given command of Asgard's forces on Earth, much to the confusion of some human military leaders. The battle was fearsome, with the Casket of Ancient Winters being opened, the Rainbow Bridge being shattered, Ymir being freed, and Odin eventually carrying Surtur into a fissure in dimensions.

Thor, unable to accept that his father was lost, left on a journey to find his spirit, leaving Sif to rule Asgard. She asked Bill to stay and help her lead the Asgardians in their recovery from the war. During this time, they grew very close.

Due to the inconvenience of Thor's 60-second limitation, that enchantment, in modified form, was transferred to Stormbreaker, allowing Bill to return to his original Korbinite form when he wished. He and Sif spent some time on Earth, where Bill aided the Galadorian Spaceknight, Rom, against the Dire Wraiths, fought the Titanium Man, and the powerful dark elf, Kurse. Eventually, despite his feelings for Sif, Bill felt the need to return to his people and lead them to a safe haven, and with a heavy heart, he did so.

While journeying with the fleet, they encountered Ego, the Living Planet, who attacked the fleet, unprovoked. Bill, using a combination of his raw power and some scientific knowledge, managed to defeat Ego, who explained that the propulsion unit attached to him by Galactus was drivinh im mad. In an act of generosity, despite the fact that Ego had destroyed several ships, Bill had the fleet destroy the propulsion unit. In gratitude, Ego offered to become their new home, but smarting from the losses, Bill elected to move on.

But Bill would not stay with his people for too long. Receiving a summons to Asgard, he returned to aid them in their battle against the power-mad Egyptian god, Seth. Shortly thereafter, a suitable world was finally located, the fleet landed, the Korbinites were awakened, and New Korbin was named. However, despite being their protector, Bill found himself dwarn away from his new world and his people once more, this time to aid fellow hammer-wielder Eric Masterson (Thunderstrike) and Dargo Ktor, an alternate-future Thor, against the time-traveling Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man, then this "Thor Corps" also fought Demonstaff, summoned by Zarrko.

The dimension-hopper and time-traveler drew the attention of Kargul, ruler of the hidden dimension of Elsewhen, who banished the hammer-wielders to the past in an attempt to stop the destruction of all reality. After a wild series of events, Thor, Thunderstrike, Dargo, and Bill confronted the mad scientist and his army of mutates, eventually defeating him and repairing a dimensional rift that was actually causing Eternity pain and damage (as well as causing crises on infinite worlds) with a little help from Demonstaff's former lover.

Now all this time away began to annoy the Korbinite leaders, as well as the fact that some members of the populace had almost begun to worship their champion. The leaders demanded he surrender Stormbreaker, since he had acquired it when performing other tasks than his duty. Ever faithful, Bill did so, but the Korbinites soon found that no one else who tried (an important fact, it was placed out so they had to come to try, meaning those who came likely only sought power) could transform it from a walking stick to an enchanted hammer.

Bill waited, then reclaimed it when Thor was overcome with madness, working alongside cosmic beings like Adam Warlock and Thanos to stop and help his brother in arms. He was weakened in battle, then captured by Galactus's creation, Tyrant, to be used as a power source. Bill was aided by Tyrant's other captives the Silver Surfer, Ganymede, Jack of Hearts, Gladiator, Terrax and Morg, and finally escaped Tyrant when Galactus forced him to stand down.

Due to his leaders' trepidation about his role as their protector and his own need to see his people build their own future and not look to him to solve all their problems, Beta Ray Bill has decided to remain away from New Korbin, but "on call" should his people need their champion. He has contacted S.W.O.R.D. and returned to Earth, deciding to split his time between Asgard, where he is welcome, and Midgard, which Thor so loves.


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