Real Name Anastasia Gerard
Portrayed by Bonnie Wright
Gender Female
Place of Birth Mobile
Date of Birth
Age 21
Aliases Ballista
Origin Mutant
Current Location New York City
Occupation Photographer, Criminal
Team Hellions, Hellfire Club
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives Charles Jones, Deborah Gerard
Significant Other
Known Abilities Kinetic Energy Manipulation

Character Details

Socialite Deborah Gerard goes to a night at the Martins Brothers Family Circus and sees Charles Jones performing juggling and knife throwing. There is something about him and she lingers after the show for a chance to talk to him. The second they start talking its like love at first sight. Much to her parents dismay when the Circus leaves town, Deborah leaves with Charles and the show.

Deborah travels with Charles and the Circus for some time. Her parents continually try to call her and get her to come home, even threatening to cut her off from all her credit cards and inheritence. Deborah ends up leaving her cellphone off and ignoring them.

Being on the road is a life that Deborah really isn't suited for and it starts to wear on her and the relationship between her and Charles. They have a big fight, Deborah leaves and returns home to her parents. She is pregnant.

Deborah gives birth to Anastasia Gerard. Her parents had tried to get her to have an abortion but she wouldn't do it. They stay with her in the hospital though. Charles visits her in the hospital while her parents are out getting dinner. The pair still love each other but realize they live in different worlds, and that the road is no place to raise a child. They agree that Deborah will raise her and when she is older she will start to spend time and visit Charles so he can still be part of her life.

Every year just after her birthday, Deborah takes Anastasia on a trip. Deborah's parents don't realize but the trip is so that Charles can spent a little time with his daughter.

Eventually, around her 6th birthday, Anastasia's grandparents get suspicious and have a private detective follow them. They are incensed when they realize that Charles is still in the picture. They confront Deborah upon her return and she defends Charles and Anastasia's right to visit him. They start to wage a private war, trying to turn Anastasia against Charles with poisoned words and deeds.

The following year, Deborah sends Anastasia alone to Charles, she spends a week with him before returning home, having enjoyed the time with her father.

The next year it increases to two weeks, and again the following year to a whole month during the summer. Charles starts to teach Anastasia to juggle and even throw knives though he has some balanced practice knives made out of plastic that he lets her play with. Deborah starts to teach her to paint and the basics of Photography, which she went to college for.

Anastasia starts to grow closer to her father and chaffs at her grandparents every time they try to poison her against him. Deborah realizes what is going on and tells them to stop, threatening to leave if they don't.

Anastasia continues to spend time with her father. Her grandparents start to work behind the scenes still trying to remove Charles from the picture.

Anastasia turns 13. She has a huge arguement with her grandparents that results in a fight. In a rage of fury her powers first awaken as things in the room they were in start to fly about and shatter windows. They blamed it on a windstorm, trying to rationalize it. Anastasia eventually realizes that it was her that did it. She tries to figure out how and develops a basic control over it, able to make objects shoot from her hand or come flying at her. She doesn't have a lot of control, getting hurt a bit.

About a year later, during school, she discovers another facet of her powers, able to slow objects. She is playing dodgeball and she manages to slow a ball and catch it perfectly. She doesn't realize that is what is happening at first. Later she practices and becomes able to call objects to her by causing them to go flying and then slowing them down so she can catch them. She is still best at throwing something and making it go faster as if she had hurled it with a lot more strength than she normally has.

She keeps her powers secret from everyone though she starts to give her father hints. Especially since she uses her powers a couple times to help him in his show. She is 16 at this point.

Her grandparents finally act and through blackmail, force Charles's boss to fire him. They use their influence to keep him from being able to get another job. This reduces him to living off wellfare. It pretty much destroys Charles. He starts to drink and gets drunk a lot. Anastasia still visits him and she doesn't realize her grandparents are responsible.

It slowly gets worse as the next year comes and he still can't find work. Then another year passes and Anastasia graduates high school. She doesn't get to spend any time with her father though. He dies just before her graduation. Not many show to the funeral but the circus folk and her and her mother. The owner of the circus comes to them and tells them of the blackmail. Deborah goes into a rage. Especially when the police say that her father died of a heroin overdose and she knows for a fact he never did drugs. She blames her grandparents for his death.

Anastasia confronts her grandparents and it really hits the fan. She gets furious and blacks out. She wakes up in a prison ward of a local hospital. She discovers that she was found in the room with her grandparents, a pair of knives that had her prints all over them embeded in her grandparents chests. It was said that their chests were also crushed. Anastasia is charged with double homicide. She makes an insanity plea and is found not guilty but part of the plea involves being admited to a psychiatric hospital. She spends over a year in the hospital before she is finally released. She is ordered to have regular appointments with a court appointed shrink as part of a probation type thing.

Anastasia goes out on her own. Her mother doesn't blame her though their relationship is strained. Anastasia is very angry with the world still but has learned to mask it, especially from the shrink set to keep an eye on her. She still blames her grandparents though she starts to blame society as well. This causes her to start taking revenge. She wears a costume and calls herself Ballista and starts to pray on the wealthy, like her grandparents.

Anastasia discovers a new facet of her powers, able to accelerate and decelerate herselof, allowing her to have a basic form of flight. She turns 20, its 2 years since her father's death. She is still very angry at the world, and lashes out at it in her Ballista persona, all the while maintaining Anastasia as a mask, hiding her true self. Her shrink suspects but has nothing concrete. She carries a brace of throwing knives that belonged to her father, all she has left of him, and has taken to carrying a bunch of small ball bearings, knowing what she can do with them if she throws them.


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Date Title Characters Summary
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 3: The Hellfire Solution The Enchantress, Cybermancer, Ballista, Skids, NPC: Sebastian Shaw, The Ghost, Ultron, Sentinels Shaw has assured the heroes that he and his connections can and will take care of the Sentinels standing deadly watch over most of the major cities around the world. Now it's time for them to deliver.
08/16/12 22:00 Hellfire Aftermath Sebastian Shaw, Cybermancer, Skids, Ballista Shaw meets with the newer recruits and prepares to tell them what is what, and crown them as the latest Ladies Cardinal
10/15/12 Blindfold Gets Kidnapped! Armand, Blindfold, Ballista Ballista kidnaps Blindfold
10/15/2012 Blindfold Gets Rescued Blindfold, Ballista, Armand, Mirage - NPC: Lazer Mirage comes to get Blindfold


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