Real Name Elene Tampambulos
Portrayed by Someone Animated
Gender Female
Place of Birth New York City
Date of Birth March 14th, 1980
Age 32
Aliases Detective Tampambulos
Origin Exposure to unknown side effects of experiment
Current Location Apartment near Sation
Occupation Detective in New York Police Burglary Division
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives N/A
Significant Other
Known Abilities Supercharged Electrical Woman

Character Details

* Raised by single father after mom died young. Only child and quite a tomboy. Elene was a rough and tumble girl from a Greek family, and spent a lot of time doing things that weren't -normal- for girls, such as maintaining classic muscle cars, as well as racing them once she was old enough to drive.
* She was always smart and got good grades, not to mention quite athletic with Field Hockey, soccer, track, and such as some of her more active interests. Elene ended up in college and chose pre-law because it was what her father suggested. She idolized him, but after two years, her father was killed in a home invasion while she was at school, and she switched to study criminology. She decided that she would become a police officer and not only find other criminals, but she would find the one who killed her father.
* Entered the New York Police Academy after getting her degree in criminology. She excelled in her studies, and graduated the academy at the top of her class.
* Five years as a beat cop and she passed the detective's exam. Currently, she works in the Burglary division, hoping to find the home invasion perp who killed her father, but the odds of that guy ever showing up, or of her even knowing if and when he does, are slim to none.
* Responding to a call, Detective Elene Tampambulos and her partner investigated the home that was broken into. It turns out the home was a scientist's home and he was working on an experiment involving high intensity electricity focused through organic mediums. However, the intruder was there to sabotage the experiment, and when the detectives knocked on the door, it was just the wrong time and the wrong place. A flash of light from inside the room caught Elene's eye, and she tackled her partner, Rodney, to the ground. The explosion of energy erupted out of the door and the energy suffused her body since she was shielding her partner. She was rendered unconscious....
* Upon awakening in the hospital, she was changed. She didn't know how just yet, and it took her some time to figure it out. She knew that she had tons of energy, and couldn't hold still very often. While in therapy, she learned of her superhuman strength, and once cleared for duty, she learned of her bulletproof skin. Energy always seemed to be crackling nearby, and lights would flicker when she was around. The worst, was the perpetual static in her hair, but on a call with Rodney again, she discovered that the energy was more than caffeine. She was firing her weapon at a fleeing suspect's car to try to disable it, and ran out of ammunition. In frustration, she pointed at the car and yelled as the perp was getting away. As she did so, lightning leapt from her fingertips and in public, on the streets of a New York Afternoon, she blasted the tires off the car and shorted out the engine.
*So, since she was publicly outed, she decided against a mask, but in a world full of heroes, she did decide on a costume, and is currently debating between retiring to pursue a hero career or staying on as a powered cop.


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