Real Name David Justin Vaughn
Portrayed by Dylan O'Brien
Gender Male
Place of Birth Naugatuck, Connecticut
Date of Birth July 5th, 1995
Age 17
Aliases DJ V , Soundwave
Origin Mutant
Current Location New York City
Occupation Student, DJ (mostly raves), & delivery boy for the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant
Team Xavier's School
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives David Evan Vaughn (Father), Victoria Justine Vaughn (Mother), Victor Evan Vaughn (Little Brother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities

Character Details

1995 - David Justin Vaughn born to David Evan and Victoria Justine Vaughn.

2003 - Vaughn's little brother Victor Evan is born.

2004 - Victoria put Vaughn in piano lessons, without Vaughn's father's approval.

2005 - David finds out about the piano lessons and decides that it is too girly, and to make his son "man up" more, puts him in Tae-kwon-do. Despite Vaughn's lack of enthusiasm, he is made to stay in it.

2007 - Vaughn begs his parents for a guitar for birthday. While he was okay with the piano, his father's constant belittling of it took away most of his enjoyment of it, but his father approved more of him playing the guitar, as long as he stuck with the martial arts. The guitar became his sanctuary, getting lost in all of the sounds and tones it could make.

2008 - Vaughn's mutation started to manifest. Initially it started off as headaches whenever he was around a lot of noise. It was his brain trying to re-arrange the sounds into its unique way of interpreting it. Shortly thereafter, he started seeing the sound waves as distortions. More and more, he began to realize exactly what was going on. His parents dismissed his increasingly odd behavior as puberty, especially when he started becoming more and more withdrawn as he was afraid of how his family would react to him being a mutant.

2009 - Vaughn started helping out with the audio tech in his schools drama/theatre club. He started to realize that he could play with those sound waves to change them up. Slowly he started becoming more and more comfortable with his mutation and with who he was.

2010 - Vaughn told his parents that he was a mutant. It did not go as he had thought. David threw Vaughn out on the streets, telling him that he is no longer welcome and to never try to see his mother or brother again.
For weeks, Vaughn would sneak home when he knew his father wasn't home. His mother would give him food and what little money she could. Several weeks of this went by before he was caught by his father. David beat Vaughn almost to death and told him that if he ever saw him again that he'd finish the job. Luckily for Vaughn, the only thing broken was a couple of ribs, which were sore for nearly two months. A scar splitting his left eyebrow towards the outer side reminds him of the incident every time he looks in the mirror.
Eventually, Vaughn makes it to New York City, where he lived on the streets. It wasn't until he was on the streets the he realized that his sonic manipulation could be used against someone. He was being attacked by a handful of gang-bangers. They had him on the ground and were beating him pretty roughly. Before he realized what he was doing, he drew in his breath and all of the sound around him and let out a scream, hoping to get someone's attention and help. Instead he unleashed his sonic blast for the first time and sent the three thugs flying away from him. They street light behind them was raining down glass from where it had been shattered as well, like the windows of a car on the street. Vaughn got to his feet and took off running in fear that the authorities would blame him for everything.

2011 - Vaughn overhears an argument between a rave promoter and a dj, who walks out right before the rave, that was being held in an abandoned warehouse that Vaughn happened to be sleeping in. Vaughn tells the promoter that he can dj. After demonstrating his skills with the mixer, he agrees to let Vaughn do it, not really having much choice. It sets the beginning of Vaughn's reputation in the rave underground.

2012 - Vaughn living on his own, making a semi-successful living as a dj for clubs and underground raves. The rest of the time, he works as a delivery boy for a Chinese restaurant.


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Date Title Characters Summary
07/04/12 21:43 Independence Day in Mutant Town Blindfold, Cyclops, Darklight, Manifold, and Vaughn Blindfold, Cyclops, Darklight, Manifold, and Vaughn all encounter each other in Mutant Town on the 4th
07/05/12 08:00 The Morning After Blindfold, Cyclops, Manifold, Rex Gregson, Seth, and Vaughn Blindfold, Cyclops, Manifold, Rex Gregson, Seth, and Vaughn all encounter each other outside a Mutant Town Bodega
07/05/12 20:45 You Don't See That Everyday Vaughn Tanya Tanya orders Chinese, and Vaughn almost gets robbed.
07/08/12 14:56 Mutant Outreach Blindfold, Cyclops, Seth, Surge, Vaughn, and Beak, Dust, Staff & Patients of Clinic Scott and students volunteer at the clinic.
07/08/12 20:00 Central Chat Astraea, Blindfold, Sandman, Tanya, and Vaughn Astraea, Blindfold, Sandman, Tanya, and Vaughn are all in Central Park at the same time and chat.
07/09/12 19:00 Everyone Likes Ice Cream Vaughn, Armand, Blindfold, Seth, Enchantress, Namor Interesting conversation in the park
07/11/10 10:00 Someone Looking Out For You Cyclops, Mirage, and Vaughn Cyclops and Mirage meet with Vaughn to see what he knows of the school and offer him a spot.
07/11/12 20:00 Music of the Night Vaughn Keith Blindfold Morbius Gypsy Moth Ambrose An interesting mix of people find themselves at a rave in an abandoned warehouse.
07/13/12 235:15 Peace Talks Over Fries Vaughn Blindfold Armand Vaughn and Ruth discuss why he was upset with her.
07/16/12 20:45 Math and Music Ambrose and Vaughn Ambrose and Vaughn run into one another in the park and discuss math, music, and dinosaurs.
07/17/12 20:51 Campus Tour Blindfold, Cyclops, Finesse, Seth, and Vaughn Vaughn gets a tour of the school
07/19/12 14:19 Damaging Dreadnought Darklight, Ms. Marvel, Sandman, Vaughn and Dreadnoughts Darklight, Ms. Marvel, Sandman, Vaughn take on Dreadnoughts attacking the UN.
07/19/12 18:56 Welcome Vaughn Cyclops, Vaughn, some thugs Vaughn saves a mutant and accepts Xavier Institute Membership
07/19/12 23:30 Portents and Funny Smells Cyclops, Vaughn, Blindfold, Surge, Seth Cyclops introduces Vaughn to some of the other students, and they discuss Blindfold's odd feelings.
07/23/12 17:15 Scott Cries Blindfold, Aurora, Mirage, Seth, Vaughn, Havok, emitted by Nightcrawler Students and Faculty encounter early stage Danger, fighting ensues
07/23/12 20:00 Why is the Blind Girl leading the way Blindfold, Keith, Seth, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Jessica Drew, Ultragirl, Phantasm (Cameo), Iceman (NPC Chaperone) A group from Xavier's ends up at a homeless shelter, where they meet up with Keith and also Jessica Drew, who is investigating a missing teen.
07/25/12 23:11 Danger Recovery Blindfold, Vaughn Vaughn and Blindfold talk after the fight with Danger.
08/05/12 07:00 Gyrokenetic Meltdown Blindfold, Seth, Keith, Vaughn and Bobby Drake (NPC) Keith breaksdown and loses a bit of control!
08/12/12 19:30 Sir Newton Discovered! Blindfold, Vaughn, Keith, and Logan Keith, Blindfold, and Vaughn meet up at the mall while shopping. They socialize and soon part ways before Keith is confronted by Logan (Wolverine) and given a cellphone to call the institute with.
08/28/2012 20:20 Afternoon in the Park Vaughn, Armand, Blindfold, Seth, Iceman, Scarlet Witch, Black Cat, Elene Chance encounters in the park
09/02/12 19:15 September at the Mansion Keith, Seth, Blindfold, Vaughn, Iceman A social afternoon for Xavier students and Iceman
09/03/12 22:00 Musical Interlude Blindfold, Richenda Gray, Seth, Vaughn Four students relaxing around the fountain.
09/20/12 01:00 Blindfold sees the Rising Sun Shatterstar, Blindfold, Vaughn Blindfold, Shatterstar and Vaughn at the rising Sun
10/12/12 Armand is a strange strange guy Armand, Blindfold, Phantasm, Vaughn, Julian Blindfold and Mike's search for Armand ends in the park. Vaughn wanders upon them to chat, and Julian makes a cameo
10/22/12 Chaperone and Punishment Shadowcat, Lyra, Seth, Mercury, Phantasm, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Wanda, Thimble A lot of people run into each other at the diner and several students run the risk of being grounded
10/26/12 After School Special Armand, Mercury, Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Seth, Shatterstar, Spiral, Vaughn Musicians rally together to perform a free concert with a few messages for the kiddos.


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