Real Name Alisha Knox
Portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz
Gender Female
Place of Birth Syracuse, New York
Date of Birth March 6, 1997
Age 16
Origin Mutant
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Struggling Artist/Student
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Speedster

Character Details

*Alisha is born in Syracuse, New York. She is a gifted child, agile and starts gymnastics at a young age.

*Alisha seems to be gifted in gymnastics with good reflexes and a natural grace.

*Alisha takes an art class and falls in love with Sculpting. She continues with Gymnastics and staying involved in sports as she grows to stay in shape.

*Alisha enters high school and hits puberty. Her powers start to slowly awaken. Her reflexes get faster and she finds herself occasionally running at incredible speeds, she thinks she is hallucinating due to malnutrition and changes from the strict diet she was on.

*Before she can realize she is a mutant and has powers...She gets Depowered on M-Day. If anything her reflexes decrease at this point and she has to work harder in gymnastics.

*Alisha doesn't realize she was a mutant or depowered, so had nothing that she knew she lost so she just continues on in school. She focuses a little more on her art with how much harder things got in gymnastics.

*Things stayed pretty quiet for Alisha, then along with the other mutants, she gets repowered. And suddenly she has powers at full blast and no idea how to use them.

*Alisha has superhuman speed and reflexes, and is trying to learn how to use them. She found that she can get small bursts of speed of even more than that as well. She often drops from exhaustion and has had to change her diet, her metabolism so fast she burns through calories like nothing.

*Only a matter of time before she gets discovered by someone maybe one of the special schools out there.


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