Real Name Dilana Silva
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Honolulu, Hawaii
Date of Birth 1981
Age 32
Aliases Lana
Origin Altered Human
Current Location Traveler
Occupation None
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives James Silva (Father), Aolani Silva (Mother)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Dolphin Adaptations

Character Details

• Dilana Silva was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and grew up there too. Her father is an oceanographer, while her mother is an accountant working at First Hawaiian Bank. She would often join her father on research expeditions, helping however she could, but mostly just having fun. This is where her love of swimming and marine life started.
• Dilana joined the swim team in her freshman year at Kalani High School, and made team captain as a sophomore, only the second student to do so in the history of the school. By her senior year she had set multiple school records and helped her team to win All-State two years in a row. In addition to her athletic achievements, she was also an honor student, a vocal member of the student council, and part of the school choir.
• After graduating, she went to the University of Hawaii at Manoa on a partial athletic scholarship, where she took a major in biology and minored in geography. While still in college, she competed in both the 2002 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships and the 2003 World Aquatics Championships, taking home multiple gold medals from each competition. She graduated in 2003 with a BS in Biology, and shortly after, qualified to join Team USA for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.
• In the coming months, Dilana spent nearly every moment of her day preparing for what would be the biggest competition of her life. It was hard to believe that she was going to compete in the Olympics in Athens, where the prestigious event began over to millennia ago. She went on to win 4 gold and 2 silver medals, which brought her a pretty hefty amount of attention, having such a successful showing her first time at the Olympic Games.
• The future looked bright as several sponsors signed on and she continued training and competing in worldwide events. Everything was going well until tragedy when Dilana was driving home after celebrating her birthday with the family on April 8th 2008 during a severe thunderstorm. She lost control when the car hydroplaned, entered oncoming traffic, and was involved in a head on collision. The accident left her mostly paralyzed from the waist down.
• Doctors at the hospital where she was treated told her that she would most likely never walk again, but Dilana wasn’t about to just give up and resign herself to life in a wheelchair for the rest of her days. She desperately searched for a doctor, a treatment that would heal her damaged spine. That determination paid off when she learned of an experimental gene therapy that had just entered clinical trials. She quickly signed the required waivers and scheduled a date for her operation as soon as possible. Once the operation was underway, an experimental serum was injected into her spinal fluid. The serum was supposed to just repair her damaged spinal column, but unknown to her, it turned out that an agent one of her more unscrupulous sponsors had decided to stack the odds in her favor. He bribed someone in the research center a hefty sum to add a bit of extra genetic material to the serum. Things of course went horribly wrong, and she mutated into essentially a humanoid dolphin.
• After doctors told her that the mutation was permanent, she left the center, drove to the beach, jumped into the ocean and just tried to swim away from her problems, unable to even think about facing her family or anyone she knew as she was now. After months living in the ocean, she learned to communicate with other marine life, and also began to overcome the even more difficult task of speaking English using her now much more dolphin-like vocal system. She spent another year in the ocean before finally working up the courage to head home and face her family and friends.
• Homecoming was a mixed bag, with her parents accepting her, blaming the medical research firm and doctor who performed the operation for what happened. Some of her longtime friends however were not quite so accepting of the new Dilana Silva, some outright calling her a freak, others just ignored her, as if she no longer exists.
• Now Dilana isn’t sure where to go from here, since her dreams of continuing the life of a competitive swimmer are just as out of reach as when she couldn’t move her legs. She may go back to school, but for now she has decided to do a bit of traveling around America, or perhaps even the world, do some soul searching, and find out how she may fit into the world now.


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