Julie Power
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Date Title Characters Summary
02/26/13 13:00 New Mutants Recruiting Mirage, Thimble Thimble get's recruited for the New Mutants
02/26/13 13:20 New Mutants Recruiting II Thimble Mirage Conclusion of New Mutants Recruiting
03/01/13 Flight Training - New Mutants Style Mirage Showstopper Thimble Flight training for Newbies - skip the manual!
03/02/13 18:00 Team Initiation Rites Thimble; Mercury; Blindfold; Gambit; Jean Grey Team bonding rites during saturday dinner
03/06/13 Fly Me To The Moon Thimble Mirage Radiance Training recon mission for the New Mutants
03/06/13 Fly Me To The Moon II Thimble Radiance Conclusion of Fly Me To The Moon
03/16/13 08:00 New Mutants in Disney World Showstopper, Blink, Thimble, Radiance, Blindfold, Mercury and Mirage Scavenger Hunt for the New Mutants
03/18/2013 New Mutants in Disney World: Part 2 Blindfold, Finesse and Showstopper (Emits by Mirage) The continuing saga of the New Mutant Scavenger Hunt
03/25/13 Pizza Break Blindfold, Magik, Thimble, Radiance and Mirage After a trying day, a pizza break is called for, Magik crashes, chaos ensues.
04/04/2013 Surprise, It's a X-Baby! Ambrose, Thimble, Showstopper, Blindfold, Seth and Mirage Dani is switched with her X-Baby alternate
04/15/2013 New Mutants in Madripoor, part 1 Mercury, Showstopper, and Mirage The New Mutants take a day trip to Madripoor and a few learn a valuable lesson..and gain a monkey
04/16/2013 Roughouse Gets Roughed Up Cloak, Mercury, Thimble and Mirage NPC: Roughouse Day 2 for the New Mutants in Madripoor have them meeting Cloak and Roughouse.
2013/05/20 14:22 Girl Meets Girl Julie Power, Penny Lane Julie bumps into Penny. They introduce themselves to each other.
2013/05/27 18:45 Rainbows and Pegacorns Julie Power, aka. Lightspeed, Penny Lane aka. Energy Two high-flying glow-in-the-dark heroines run into one another and make introductions.
2013/06/09 Moving In Lightspeed, Blink, Showstopper, Wolfsbane People begin to fill the place the New Mutants have set up for themselves.
2013/06/19 Saving the Sphere, Part 1 Lightspeed, Energy, Mirage NPC: Lila Cheney Lila's Dyson Sphere is attacked by Space Pirates, she brings in the New Mutants for help.


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