Real Name Patrick Harris
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth USA
Date of Birth 25-09-1982
Age 30
Aliases G-Force
Origin Mutant
Current Location New York
Occupation Military
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Mother: Angela (56); Father: Jules (deceased)
Significant Other n/a
Known Abilities Gravity Manipulation

Character Details

*Patrick was born from Army communications officer Jules and Secretary Angela. His father was away most of the time on mission, so he was never a strong presence in Patrick’s youth.

*Constantly missing his father, the few times they were together were extremely treasured, and ended up in young Patrick wanting to be like his old man.

*As a 12 year old they got a visit from the Army. With a US flag.

*When his mother told the young boy what had happened the sorrow was too great to fathom, and all of a sudden every object within the room was flat to the ground as Patrick cried with his mother’s arms around him. Patrick’s abilities had just awoken.

*After his father’s incident he swore to himself he would not let any other soldier have the same fate. The logic solution was to become part of the rescue. As a Pararescuer.

*Already in his teens, he decided to volunteer in the local EMT program, and prepare for the Physical Abilities and Stamina Test. By the age of 25 he decided to apply.

*Parachute jump training. Patrick jumps before recruit Jason. His parachute opens. As he scours the land, he hears a scream from above. Jason’s parachute did not open. He will fall. Determined not to let him die, Patrick releases his own parachute and dives towards his fellow man. As he grabs him they both approach the ground at critical speed, and suddenly they start to slow down. As they land, Jason resists the urge to stay away from Patrick. After all, he just saved his life. A jeep approaches, and the Sergeant steps down. He nods at Patrick and signals him to accompany him. His career was just beginning.

*”Son, you have a gift. And you can be a great asset to the military. Do you want to serve you country? Do you want to save lives? Good. We can use you. Do it right son, because for you it’s just the beginning. You have orders to go to Texas. There you will join a team for special training. After that you’ll go to New York. We have evidence of something brewing and if it hits the fan you are to get backup and hold the line until we arrive. That others may live. Godspeed son.”


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