Real Name Valerie Martin
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth San Jose / California / USA / Earth
Date of Birth
Age 26
Aliases Network
Origin Human (high tech) technology user
Current Location New York
Occupation Cyberneticist
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Hacker-Armor

Character Details

Born in San Jose, California, Valerie Martin demonstrated to have a great aptitude on the fields of electronics and cybernetics at a young age. With 6 she wrote her first self designed program (a world clock) on an old C64 and with 9 she had constructed first computer/machine interfaces (a greenhouse-control system). Even if very good at the scientific lessons ar school, she did not skip classes, ending High school in the regular time.

When she enrolled in the College of Engineering and Science at Clemenson University, she did so in mechanical and electric engineering, arriving a master in both before she decided to stay at University to write her doctor thesis about applied cybernetics. As part of her thesis she developed an exoskeleton that allowed virtual data handling with the speed of thoughts.

In a test of the application, she hacked the communication node of a cell phone tower. However she did tap the node of a local crime (Californian) syndicate with her suit. As she realized this, she gave the police a tip on a bank robbery, but no action was taken on this, as she could not prove her information without risking a sentence for hacking. This resulted in no action was taken to prevent the crime, in which 4 guardsmen were killed.

In the after wake, she redesigned her exoskeleton to double as an armor besides its initial purpose so she could try to prevent similar events herself, when police thought that evidence was not enough. At this time she also picked up the name "Network" to protect her real identity. Like this she stopped several illegal transactions of a local drug baron before she graduated with not one, but three doctorates from Clemenson University (Cybernetics, Computer Science and Electrics Engineering).

Taking an offered position from Cyberoptics, Inc. she moved to New York City recently.


Name Relationship Notes

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Date Title Characters Summary
03/19/13 15:00 Comparing Notes Dagger, Mirage and Network Dagger and Mirage meet up to talk about the Mad God stuff, Network drops in
03/19/13 15:30 Cloak & Dagger Politics Cloak & Dagger, Network, (Lyra) Cloak and Dagger have an argument, just after Mirage left. Which leads to Network helping Dagger
04/05/13 Post Civil War before its time The Vision, Network, Black Panther Some Realities seem to be really mad and dystopic. Like the one where an alternative Network comes from
04/06/13 Disassembe! I Network, The Vision, AIM-Henchman When Network reveals information about some corrupt politician, the Vision arrives to stop an AIM-Henchman who uses a Data Disassembler in the libraries server rooms, and Network joins in.
04/06/13 Disassemble! II Network, The Vision, AIM-Henchman Conclusion of Disassembe!
04/10/13 12:30 Concrete-O Attacks (MGH) Sally, Network, American Dream MGH Monster is attacked and defeated
04/11/2013 Iron-O Attacks (MGH) American Dream, Network and Topaz Another victim of MGH attacks
04/19/2013 MGH Update American Dream, Network and Topaz American Dream calls Network and Topaz together to tell them nothing is new
04/23/13 12:30 Just Another Tuesday Night...(MGH) American Dream, Hawkette, Network and Topaz After the bar has closed for the evening Topaz has unexpected company
04/26/13 03:03 Rooftop Hacking (MGH) American Dream, Network American Dream has a job for Network


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