Real Name Shang-Chi
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth China
Date of Birth 1952
Age 61
Aliases Master of Kung-fu
Origin Intense training with the world's finest teachers.
Current Location New York
Occupation Professor of Eastern Religion and Philosophy. Kung-fu teacher.
Team Marvel knights
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Fu Manchu, Fah Lo Suee
Significant Other Leiko Wu (presumed deceased)
Known Abilities Number one martial artist on earth.

Character Details

Shang-chi, "The rising and advancing spirit", was born in 1952 in the retreat estate of the diabolical Fu Manchu in Honan, China. Raised in a bucolic setting without modern technology, Shang was trained by the world's greatest martial arts instructors to be the paragon of fighting technique and spirit, a worthy vessel for his father's ultimate resurrection. A pity for Fu that Shang's training included not only Shaolin fighting technique, but the Ch'an philosophy and meditation. For the Shaolin temple was founded by Bodhidharma, who brought Buddhism from the West to the East where it collided with Taoism. He taught the monks kung-fu to strengthen their practice and defend themselves. Immersed in this proto-Zen/Taoist fusion Shang-chi eventually learned to discern reality and in doing so to see through his father's illusions to the evil within. It would take more than his friend M'nai or his half sister Fah Lo Suee's words to sway him... it would take a mission to the West to kill a noble doctor, a run in with Fu's aged nemesis Sir Denis Nayland and, finally, a conversation with his mother to set him free.

Shang wandered London and then New York disillusioned, but also excited by his being out in the world. He was forced to kill M'nai, who was sent after him by Fu. And then he joined MI6 in an effort to take down his father. He fought Nazi war criminals, members of his father's treacherous band of assassins -- the Si-fan -- and even his sister. And then he finally tired of the lies and the secrets and the destroying of lives in the world of spies and left British intelligence. He kept being drawn back into it, fighting robots, hypnotized slaves of Fu Manchu, falling in love with Leiko Wu. And his hatred of this world grew. Finally he confronted Fu Manchu on a space station, from which Fu planned to destroy the moon and turn the earth back to an agrarian ideal. Even more bizarre, Fu had reanimated his great ancestor Shaka Kharn and made him his new son and heir, to replace the traitorous Shang.

Then it got weirder. Fah Lo Suee and her lover Zaran the Weaponsmaster were the first of several foes, and they brought back Fu, who bioengineered fighters to kill his son. Shang managed to overcome all. And then Fu attacked again, creating a clone he could put his mind into because the Elixir Vitae that had kept him alive for centuries was losing potency. Shang left him without the Elixir to die and finally retired to the life of a fisherman in a remote Chinese province until he was attacked by terrorists. After a series of events, a poisoned Shang took command of the Si-fan and used a cache of elixir vitae to purge the poison from his body, extending his life dramatically in the process. From her on out peace would elude him. He fought drug traffickers and supervillains along side superheroes, SHIELD and MI6. He continues to this day, but on the side of his job as a teacher of Eastern philosophy and religion at NYU as well as the martial arts studio he runs out of his home.


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