Black Crow
Real Name Jesse Black Crow
Portrayed by Adam Beach
Gender Male
Place of Birth Carlsbad, New Mexico
Date of Birth 1/28/83
Age 30
Aliases Black Crow
Origin Mystical
Current Location New York City, NY
Occupation Construction Worker, Mystic
Team N/A
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives N/A
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Native American Mystic

Character Details

1. Jesse Black Crow was born on a Navajo Reservation and as a child. Raised in the customs of his people, Jesse always felt like an outsider. Never really connected to his tribe and always wanted to leave.

2. As a teenager, Jesse ran away from home, giving up his heritage and finding odds and end jobs in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

3. With no formal education and no real future, Jesse continued to make ends meet working various jobs until he could earn enough money to make it to New York City.

4. When he turned 25, he made his way to New York City. He had saved enough money to live in a studio flat. Barely able to live, he found unsteady work doing construction.

5. He had always been good with his hands and so he thought this may actually be a career to get into. It is a risky profession working those incredible heights, but for Jesse. He was unafraid.

6. Unfortunately for Jesse perhaps, he should have been afraid. One awful day when the weather was particularly windy, the scaffolding on which he was working gave way and Jesse plummeted 20 stories to the ground below.

7. Jesse was in a coma for weeks. Near death, Jesse received a special visitor in the form of the Earth Spirit.

8. The Earth Spirit spoke to Jesse in a vision and informed him of his destiny to become the Black Crow and remind him of the atrocities committed against his people.

9. Jesse awoke from his coma but found himself paralyzed from the waist down.

10. Jesse became extremely depressed and would only stay in his studio apartment, ignoring the outside world. However, the Earth Spirit would not have this.

11. The Earth Spirit would repeatedly visit Jesse in his dreams. It would constantly remind him that the Earth Spirit was crying out for vengeance.

12. The focus of the visions was on Captain America. The Earth Spirit demanded his death and it was up to the Black Crow to make this happen.

13. Finally on Christmas Eve, Jesse allows the transformation to Black Crow happen.

14. Black Crow encounters Captain America and Nomad on the Brooklyn Bridge. He easily defeats the two.

15. Ready to kill Captain America to appease the Earth Spirit. Captain America kneels before Black Crow in defeat and to respect the Earth Spirit. Pleased with this gesture, the Earth Spirit are appeased and Black Crow befriends Captain America, forming a telepathic bond between the two heroes of America.

16. Through his connection with Captain America, Jesse has a vision of Captain America and the Red Skull.

17. At that time, Captain America and Red Skull had switched bodies and the two were drawn into a fight to the death with Captain America dying.

18. Dave Cox, friend of Captain America had been poisoned and was set to die as Black Crow watched from the window, Dave survived.

19. Black Crow then heads to the battle between Captain America and Red Skull.

20. As Captain America defeats Red Skull, he lies dying, but is saved by Black Crow, using his mystical arts to save him.

21. Black Crow enounters Daredevil and watches him in battle against the Vulture. He did not intervene but was secretly watching Daredevil for an unknown reason.

22. Black Crow then found himself in battle against The Cat, a malevolent Native American spirit in Yosemite National Park. He was able to train Hawkeye and work with the archer to defeat the Cat.

23. Owayodata had been kidnapped by his fellow Native American gods, Calumet, Nanabozho and Hotamitanio. It took the combined might of Black Crow, Red Wolf, and Dr. Strange to defeat them and rescue Owayodata.

24. Black Crow then intervened himself in the feud between Puma and Spider-Man. Putting the two heroes through a series of mystical experiences. The two heroes were able to resolve their differences and Black Crow erased Spider-Man's identity from Puma's mind.

25. Jesse has remained in New York City and Black Crow continues his adventures typically drawn into the events caused by the Native American gods, but in reality he helps all people now.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/17/13 15:01 Bozho Bitch Slap Armand, Deadpool, Mirage, Shadowcat and (emitted) Nanabozho, Black Crow, and Red Wolf Nanabozho seeks revenge!
01/19/13 00:40 Hotamini Hoedown Deadpool, Gogo, Hawkette, The Phantasm, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, & (emitted) Hotamintanio, Black Crow, Puma, Nanabozho and Calumet Hotamintanio continues with the attacks of the Anasazi (Native American gods)
01/30/13 09:00 Spirits at Play Black Crow and Brother Voodoo & (emitted) Ramura and Zapada Black Crow and Brother Voodoo encounter two playful brother spirits.
02/01/13 09:00 An Indian and a Native American Black Crow and Topaz Black Crow warns Topaz of things to come and she offers her assistance
02/02/13 23:40 The Mystic and the Witch Black Crow and Scarlet Witch Black Crow arrives at Avengers mansion seeking help.
02/05/13 01:22 The Test Black Crow and Deadpool and illusions of Nanabozho and Hotamintanio Black Crow visits Deadpool and tests him.
02/06/13 13:40 Central Chat Catchup Black Crow and Topaz Black Crow catches Topaz up on all things Anasazi
02/12/13 23:07 The Test Part II Black Crow and Daredevil Black Crow tests Daredevil
02/19/13 16:47 The Test Part III Black Crow and USAgent Black Crow tests USAgent (scene uses +roll system)
02/19/13 18:11 Mall Mess Black Crow and X-23 Black Crow and X-23 deal with some bullies
02/26/13 06:00 More Warnings Black Crow, Thimble, Blindfold and Mirage Black Crow meets some X-Students when he comes to speak with Mirage
03/11/13 16:29 Mad Gods Part I Armand, Black Crow, Showstopper, Spiral, Tigerstripe, Topaz, USAgent and Hotamintanio, Nanabozho, and some Spirit warriors The gods attack Staten Island in search of stolen artifacts. Many people die!
03/12/13 16:01 Mad Gods Part II Black Crow, Mirage, Radiance, Thimble and Calumet, Iktomi, and the clown demons Mirage, Radiance, and Thimble are training in the woods when they are interrupted by the Mad Gods
03/12/13 19:12 Mad Gods Part III Black Crow, Jean Grey, Mirage, Phantasm, Radiance, Shadowcat, Thimble, Wolf Cub, Wolfsbane, X-23, and the Anasazi The heroes go to free Mirage, Radiance, and Thimble. They fight the Anasazi
03/13/13 19:21 Mad Gods Part V Black Crow, Dagger, Radiance, Scarlet Witch, Tigerstripe, and Haokah Black Crow, Dagger, Radiance, Scarlet Witch, Tigerstripe are sent to Alaska to stop Haokah. They manage to defeat him and free him from his thrall.
03/16/13 19:00 Mad Gods Part 6 Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Mirage, Thimble, and Tawa Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Mirage, Thimble, take on Tawa
03/17/13 17:09 Mad Gods Part VII Black Crow, Blindfold, Tigerstripe, and X-23, & Iktomi and Tomazooma Black Crow, Blindfold, Tigerstripe, and X-23 take on and defeat Tomazooma and Iktomi
03/19/13 19:00 Pact with the Devil Black Crow and Satana Black Crow seeks out the Hellstroms as allies for the war against the gods.
03/29/13 14:01 Not So Good Friday Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Firestar, Gamibt, Mercury, Mirage, and Sandman The X-students have a field trip to the Avengers mansion and encounter an alternate version of Firestar and Mercury. An alternate Black Crow possesses Mirage and they fight the heroes. Black Crow and Mirage are taken by the Anasazi.
03/31/13 17:45 Mad Gods Finale Black Crow, Daredevil, Hawkette, Mirage, Radiance, Spiral, Wolfsbane, Demon Bear, and Owayodata (off panel, the Anasazi, Avengers, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Topaz) While heroes battle the gods (behind the scenes) a small group of heroes sneak into Shipolo to rescue Mirage


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