Real Name Kate Bishop
Portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Gender Female
Place of Birth New York City
Date of Birth April 21, 1995
Age 18
Current Location Xavier's Institute
Occupation Student
Team None Currently
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Derek Bishop, Susan Bishop, Eleanor Bishop (Deceased)
Significant Other None Currently
Known Abilities "Perky Archerette"

Character Details

* Kate is born to Derek & Eleanor Bishop, with an older sister named Susan.

* Kate and Susan both went to boarding schools.

* Eleanor dies, devastating Kate. In an effort to make her mother proud, Kate continued her work with the poor.

* Kate is brutally attacked in Central Park while on a school trip. Nothing was reported to the police or the school.

* Kate spent months in seclusion, feeling helpless and defenseless.

* On her way to a visit with her therapist, Kate sees a flyer for a self-defense course in the trash, the idea a catalyst for the change into a stronger woman.

* Kate took to the lessons easily, moving quickly into lessons in jujitsu, boxing, and other combat styles.

* Had been taking fencing lessons, along with the cello, for a good part of her young life.

* Began taking up archery lessons.

*** IC ***

*Kate graduates High School and gets accepted into Columbia for Pre-Med.

* Kate begins her new job as a hero, donning a disguise and patrolling Central Park.

* Kate is discovered by Clint Barton, Hawkeye, and is tested and trained as an Avenger-in-training.

*** TimeJump ***

* Kate finds the heroes who call themselves Young Avengers and joins, helping to finance and lead the group.

* During Civil War, the group splits. Some, including Kate, join Captain America, while the others went to join the 50 States Initiative.

* Kate goes off on her own for a short time before being called back to become an official Avenger under Steve Roger's directorship of SHIELD.


Name Relationship Notes

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Date Title Characters Summary
01/03/13 20:00 Two Arrowheads Are Better Than One Hawkeye, Hawkette During routine patrols, Clint runs into an amateur crime-fighter.
01/06/13 19:00 Training Day Hawkeye, Hawkette Hawkette meets Hawkeye per prior instructions and is tested.
01/19/13 00:40 Hotamini Hoedown Deadpool, Gogo, Hawkette, The Phantasm, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, & (emitted) Hotamintanio, Black Crow, Puma, Nanabozho and Calumet Hotamintanio continues with the attacks of the Anasazi (Native American gods)
01/24/2013 Can I have that with a side of PTS Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Shadowcat, Armand, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkette, Empath There's a large gathering of folks sharing a table at Phillip's Crab House. One waitress reacts poorly to Shadowcat's Date.
03/31/13 17:45 Mad Gods Finale Black Crow, Daredevil, Hawkette, Mirage, Radiance, Spiral, Wolfsbane, Demon Bear, and Owayodata (off panel, the Anasazi, Avengers, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Topaz) While heroes battle the gods (behind the scenes) a small group of heroes sneak into Shipolo to rescue Mirage
04/23/13 12:30 Just Another Tuesday Night...(MGH) American Dream, Hawkette, Network and Topaz After the bar has closed for the evening Topaz has unexpected company
04/30/2013 Not Bad For a Couple of Newbs (MGH) Hawkette and Topaz NPC: Monkey Hawkette and Topaz do their best when trying to get Monkey to talk
2013/06/01 19:30 On Target Penny Lane, aka., Energy, and Kate Bishop, aka., Hawkette Kate and Energy run into each other on the practice range.


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