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Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Leonard Samson was raised by two loving parents who raised him within the Hebrew faith and wanted nothing but the best for their child. He wasn't the strongest, the bravest, or the smartest kid in the bunch, nor was he the weakest, cowardly, or the dullest tool in the shed. He was basically just like every other child. Over the years, he developed an affinity for psychological subjects and chose to pursue this in his continuing education. He eventually graduated and became a professor of psychiatry at Oklahoma State University.
Over the years, he developed some notority in his profession, studies, research papers, etc; which gained the attention of the US Army and General Ross. But it wasn't this that initially drew Ross and Samson together.
Betty Ross had been transformed into a crystaline form due to a blood transfusion from the Sandman. Samson theorized that he could transform Betty back to normal using a Cathexis-Ray. This device was brought to bare upon Betty which resulted in her cure.
Next, General Ross had another problem, the psychological instability of Bruce Banner which resulted in the rising of the Hulk. Ross approached Samson and asked him to give aid in this situation.
When Samson arrived on the scene, the Army had the Hulk contained. Samson was successful in repressing the Hulk and bringing the advent of Banner. Once this was done. Samson utilized the Cathexis-Ray to drain Banner of the Gamma Radiation that is responsible for Banner's condition (all around good ray gun). Once the radiation was removed, it was assumed that Banner was cured from the curse of the Hulk.
Once alone, Samson continued to study the affects of Gamma Radiation on the human body and realized that if he were to expose himself to the radiation, he would be able to augment hims own physique. It was a gamble. But Samson was willing to risk it, in favor of the theorized results.

Exposing himself to the Gamma Radiation, the gamble paid off. Samson was augmented to possess super human strength, speed, endurance, and invulnerability. Though there was a side effect, his hair turned green. He was always a cerebral individual, somewhat slight in his frame. Now with his new strength and abilities, Samson became more aggressive (not hostality, but more along the lines of confidence), and that confidence led to his making passes toward Betty Ross, who was, at that time, Banner's girlfriend. In an attempt to gain Betty's attention, he purchased a heroic type costume and began to show off his physical prowess. Banner, becoming jealous, believed that the only way he could win back Betty's heart was to transform himself into the Hulk. It was then Banner obtained more Gamma Radiation from the Cathexis-Ray storage chamber which resulted in turning himself back into the Hulk. The rage of the Hulk, now focused on Samson, turned into an all out brawl between the two of them. The Hulk won.
Shortly thereafter, Samson lost his superhuman phsyique when he took a blast of concentrated gamma radiation intended for the Hulk. However, in months to come, Samson regained his abilities when he was exposed to intensive radiation from an exploding gammatron, an experimental gamma-ray generator. Both instances were when he was trying to capture the Hulk and accidents of the US Army (Should have used the Marines - they get the job done.).

Eventually, the Hulk was tracked by Samson to the Latvarian Embasssy where Doctor Doom had ordered his Doom-bots to attack the Hulk. Samson arrived just in time to help the Hulk fight off the robots. Then Doom, conviently possessing a Robotic Hulk, sent the monstrosity after Leonard and the Hulk. More war was raged and the Hulk was shot by a special weapon that atomized him.
Believing the Hulk to have been killed, Samson comforts Betty as he apologizes for trying to woo her from Banner. However, later it's realized that the real Hulk wasn't atomized, it was the Robot Doom-Hulk. And the Real Hulk would later return.
It was about the time when the US Army formed the Project Greenskin, when Samson was invited to join the project, that the Hulk revealed himself to still be alive. Also during this timeframe, General Ross was replaced by an android with his own agenda. That android was subsequently destroyed by the Hulk and the General was found.

During the next few years, Samson took on the name Doc Samson, and continued his work in trying to capture and subsequently free Banner of the Hulk's persona. Samson was convinced that Banner suffered from a Split Personality Disorder, and he was positive he could cure him.
It was during a fight against the Leader that Samson lost his abilities when the Leader fired a blast of a Gamma Weapon at the Hulk and Samson stepped in the way. The blast reversed the effects of the gamma radiation upon Samson's body, leaving him powerless. However, Samson still pursued the Hulk even in his weakened form, convinced that he could save Banner from his affliction.
A man named Glen Talbot suffered a mental shutdown and Samson was brought in to determine the cause of the situation. Samson devised a decided that the Gammatron would be a possible cure for Talbot, however, he needed Banner's help to actuate the device. As Samson readied the device it began to overload. Everyone except Samson made it to safety before the device exploded. The explosion resulted in the returning of Doc Samson's powers. In this, he was better able to pursue the Hulk, and even in the current capacity, hunt down the Hulk to render aid for Talbot.
Doc Samson encountered the Hulk in New York City, where Samson requested the Hulk return to help out with Talbot's condition. He ordered the Hulk to turn back into Banner. This outraged the Hulk and a super battle errupted. Within a few hours, the Hulk once again defeated Doc Samson.
This encounter/battle/defeat occured over the next few months, and eventually Samson contacted the Abomination to help him defeat the Hulk. This too did not work.
Gamma Base appointed Doc Samson as one of their civilian directors. Soon S.H.I.E.L.D. offered to give aid to the capture of the Hulk, utilizing one of their Hulk-Buster canons, and Samson was quick to accept the offer. Subsequently, within a week, the Hulk was captured and Doc Samson utilized an experimental 'encephlo-helmet' on the Hulk's head to restore Banner's mind to the Hulk's physique. It is then, Banner and Samson agree that they must shrink the Hulk down to microscopic size and place him within Talbot's brain so that he can defeat a Micro Monster inside the patient's head. This was successful, the monster was defeated, and then the Hulk was restored to his original size.

Reports are sent out from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier that the Hulk fell to his death. Doc Samson departed from Gamma Base to see if the reports are true. While investigating the area where the Hulk was to have landed, Samson discovered broken railway tracks and believes the Hulk to have been responsible. There was an oncoming train and Samson had to hold the tracks together to prevent a derailment. Afterward, Samson jumps onto the train because he believes the Hulk to be in the direction the train is traveling. While on the train, the Rhino attacks. The train is derailed. Instead of going after the Rhino, Doc Samson renders aid to the passengers of the train and then follows the Rhino's footprints. Soon, Samson finds the Rhino in a ghost town of the western desert. A battle errupts. Samson soon defeats the Rhino by using his hatred of the Hulk against him, wearing him down mentally as well as physically.
Doc Samson then returned to the Gamma Base. Turns out that General Ross suffered a nervous breakdown, which resulted in the base falling under the control of Doc Samson (back when Marvel had no idea how military bases were run). During this time, Doc Samson was able to capture the Hulk once again. Samson of


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