Wolf Cub
Real Name Nicholas Gleason
Portrayed by CGI
Gender Male
Place of Birth Columbus, Ohio
Date of Birth
Age 16
Aliases Wolf Cub
Origin Pre-Pubescent Mutation
Current Location
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Wolf-Human Hybrid

Character Details

Life for Nicholas Gleason started as it did for so many others, born to two loving parents as a seemingly ordinary baby boy. For the first part of his life everything was normally, a young and healthy boy he grew up with no real problems to speak of or any hints of what was to come, but a 'normal' life was not to be.
Before he even hit puberty his mutant nature expressed itself, turning what once was an ordinary boy into something that seemed caught between man and beast. The shock of this was extreme to both him and his parents. But fortunately for Nicholas his parents did not react as so many did, treating their mutant child as an abomination of a shame, for he was still their son. They knew, however, that most of the rest of society would not see him the same way, something that would not be good for the young mutant, especially after his change drew out one major issue, that of a hidden rage deep inside of him. While normally a very kind and happy boy, he could be provoked to anger fairly easily, something that was more than a little dangerous when he is armed with powerful claws and fangs.
Seeking to protect their son from an unwelcoming outside world they kept him at home, hiding him from others save for a few individuals that they felt that they could trust, and tried their best to educate him. It was not an easy life for the young mutant, being separated from his friends, but his parents tried their best to explain to him why they were doing it, though his ability to understand the reasons was incomplete. But they were his parents and he trusted them.
For many years this was young Nicholas' life, his parents referring to him fondly as their little wolf cub, a term that he started to associate himself with even more than his real name. To better protect and support their mutant son the family moved to a rural home in order to get away from the risk of others seeing their son and reacting badly, especially during a time of ever-increasing anti-mutant sentiment. This also allowed for Nicholas to be more free and enjoy the wilds around the house.
Despite the best efforts of his parents, however, their family secret could not last forever and eventually certain unsavory groups found out about the young mutant. At first they planned to capture him away from his family, but such an opportunity never offered itself to them, leading to them taking more drastic actions.
It was just shortly after his sixteenth birthday that what at first seemed like a terrible accident struck his family, both of his parents were involved in a car accident as they were returning home one day, killing them both. When he received the news from the local police's phone call, Nicholas' life was shattered, but as much as he just wanted to hide away from the world, the ugly part of it came to find him.
Anti-mutant assassins showed up at his house just minutes after the call and forced their way inside. They found the crying mutant and told him that the accident was no accident, but rather that they had punished his parents for harboring and protecting an abomination like him. Upon hearing that the tears went away, the once-crushing sorrow of losing his family suddenly replaced with the buring hot rage of anger, giving him berserker power that was turned upon those assassins.
The red rage that controlled him left him with no memory of what came next, just flashes of emotion whenever he tries to think about it. All he knows is that when coherent thoughts returned to him he was well away from his house, his clothing a bit torn and bloody, and what was his home burning behind him. More vehicles were approaching it and he felt the urge to run, hearing the voice of his parents for the last time to get away and live.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/09/13 Camping Wolf Wolfsbane, Wolf Cub Wolfsbane finds Wolf Cub out in the woods and the two chat
03/12/13 19:12 Mad Gods Part III Black Crow, Jean Grey, Mirage, Phantasm, Radiance, Shadowcat, Thimble, Wolf Cub, Wolfsbane, X-23, and the Anasazi The heroes go to free Mirage, Radiance, and Thimble. They fight the Anasazi
03/13/13 Medbay Blues Ambrose Blindfold Jean Grey Thimble Wolf Cub Some Mutants are held in Medbay after Mad Gods III and receive a visit
12/10/12 Tracking down a Wolf Cub Jean Grey, Richenda Gray, Blindfold, Wolfsbane, Wolf Cub Partial log, joined in progress as the presence of someone in need of help is discovered


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