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Andre Jefferson and his older brother Cedric grew up in Baltimore, but moved to NYC to live with relatives after their parents died in an accident. Andre was 8 years old and Cedric was 10.

While Cedric was serious, intelligent and politically savvy, Andre was an enthusiastic follower of urban culture and seemed headed for a life of trouble. By high school he had developed into an amazing athlete. Even though he barely graduated he was given a football scholarship to UCLA after being courted by schools all over the country.

Away from home for the first time, Andre fell in with Los Angeles criminals involved in sports gambling. He was lucky not to be caught in illegal activities, but instead his sports scholarship was revoked when it was revealed that his incredible athleticism was actually due to his mutant powers.

Andre couldn't afford to stay in school, and tried to become a pro athlete now that he was 18, but was denied again because of his powers. He ended up crashing with his brother Cedric, who had moved to Chicago after graduating from community college 2 years earlier.

Cedric had become a fledgling social justice leader, and over the next year opened Andre's eyes to the many absurdities in the urban lifestyles he had previously admired.

Andre wasn't cut out for social work, but his brother had inspired him to use his mutant powers for the good of society, particularly urban society. He began revisiting many of the cities he had seen as a college football recruit (this time on foot). He spent days or weeks in each trying to fight crime.

Lately he has grown tired of his nomad lifestyle and returned to New York, intending to make it his base of operations.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/01/13 10:00 Shutting Down Omega Flight Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Rush, Delphine Courtney, Diamond Lil, Wild Child, Flashback, Smart Alec X-Factor stops Omega Flight under the control of Delphine Courtney during a plot to blow up Niagara Falls.
01/04/2013 Is It All You Imagined Rush, Wolfsbane and Mirage Rush gets to visit Xavier's and meets Wolfsbane
01/14/2013 Following a Lead Nightcrawler, Rush and Mirage X-Factor follows a lead on the Serpent Society and finds other people too
01/29/2013 Ambushing the Snakes Havok, Nightcrawler, Rush and Mirage XF finally gets reliable info about the Serpent Society and goes after them
12/05/12 10:00 Rush to the Main Stage Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Rush Rush applies for the job.
12/05/12 10:00 Rushing Through an Audition Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Rush Rush auditions for the part of team brick
12/05/2012 Not Quite An Interview Rush and Mirage Rush comes in to inquire about XF auditions, runs into Mirage
12/10/12 09:12 Bringing Rush In Havok, Mirage, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Rush Rush has a welcome to the club party
12/12/2012 A Whole New Level Shadowcat, Rush, Havok and Mirage Rush begins to release he is in the big leagues
12/13/12 15:00 Pre-season begins Rush, Shadowcat Rush is introduced to X-Factor's training level, which he will grow to know very well
12/14/2012 Rookie Vs. Robots Rush, Mirage and Havok Rush in a training session
12/15/12 14:46 Rush meets Mercury Rush, Mercury Rush meets Mercury
12/19/2012 Rookie Vs. Snakes Rush and Mirage - Simulated: Anaconda, Fer De Lance, Coach Whip and Black Racer Rush has another training session, this time with Mirage running the show
12/26/2012 The Truth About Xaviers Rush and Mirage Mirage tells Rush about Xaviers


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