The Isotopic Man
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*Gerhard von Kroigel finds the SCIENCE! documents that will make Chang Wen's existence possible. (1945, Germany) Escaping the nazi persecutions and the trials at nuremberg, he is later invited into NASA.
*Years later Gerhard manipulates events as an official at nasa so that Chang Wen's parents, Herman Schwit and Su Cho will meet. (1959, USA)
*Both Herman and Su are dismissed for unprofessional conduct, Herman later going on to become the 60s era heroic OC super-speeder 'the bolt', and Su cho returning to east asia, having been a high level plant in Americas then-fledgling space program. (1961, USA / China)
*Su cho gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Liu Cho, but he is very different. His body is more like an organic crystal, he gives off nascent radiation, and he matures very slowly. (1961, China, Hunan)
*Su cho and her whole family die of radiation poisoning. The child is taken by the state to an experimental observation facility where a variety of other mutants are kept. (1961, China, Hunan)
*Gerhard hires Bill 'the brute' boggs to find and abduct Liu Cho. Liu Cho, hating his current situation and feeling a disconnect from human society in general, participates in a well orchestrated breakout, his burning radioactive touch proves fatal to several people in the process. (1968-70, USA & China)
*Boggs gives Liu Cho a letter written by Gerhard in chinese and using a chinese name. He claims to be Liu's grandfather and instructs liu that he has left monies enough for a start in life in a polish bank account. Boggs steals Liu's key and takes everything of monetary value, but keeps Liu around just in case he can get even more money somehow. (1972, Poland)
*Gerhard dies of old age. (1973, USA)
*Angered by having to wear a not stylish or comfortable lead lined sweater, and angered by Boggs's foolish, frivolous spending of money that was supposed to be his, Liu attacks boggs with his burning radioactive ability. Boggs is horribly burned and falls from a hotel balcony into the sea. Police record it as an accident, and no body is ever recovered, boggs transforming over the next weeks into the undersea OC villain code named Kraken. (1974, Poland)
*Liu Cho is remanded to a state dormitory, but escapes that not long afterward. He plies his trade of gentle infiltration, killing several families outright and taking their monies until he has enough to have a life, and perhaps get an education. He changes his name to Igor Kapec. (1974, Poland)
*Igor Kapec finances his way into a scholarship at the Academy of Sciences, schweitungenberg, switzerland. The scientific papers he kept from his 'grandfathers' strongbox allow him to easily pass many of the space/aero science classes he takes. (1974-6, Switzerland)
*The Academy is actually a front school for old nazis to instruct young nazis, and Igor comes into contact with Der Gruppe (a group of OCs), a clique of old nazis hiding in plain sight, when he discovers that one of his main mentors knew his 'grandfather', who he finds out for the first time isn't actually chinese at all, but a german nazi super-spy of the 30s and 40s. (1974-76, Switzerland)
*Igor designs a variety of utility belt tools in his spare time while pursuing his masters in Aerospace sciences. (1974-76, Switzerland)
*He finds out that Der Gruppe and other societies like it give themselves over to satanism in secret. The discovery disgusts him, but he masks it well. (74-76, Switzerland)
*A rivalry develops between Igor and another student over a prestigious monetary award. Igor arranges an accident, severely injuring his rival, but discovers that his rival is a ranking member of Der Gruppe. He is formally expelled, but given the degree anyway and asked to be Der Gruppe's man in Hong Kong. He agrees. (1976, Switzerland)
*Igor Kapec changes his name to Sim Dop and moves to Hong Kong. He takes a job at Air Field 04, an obscure air field thats publicly thought to be a hold over from the 40s and rarely visited or used. (Late 1976, Hong Kong)
&R*Sim Dop becomes a ruthless exterminator, a mafia figure who's job it is to eliminate any and all informants, quickly discovering that Air field 04 is actually a cash drop site Der Gruppe uses to move their money around with. (1977-84, Hong Kong)
*Sim dop makes enough money that he can live a good life for the first time in his life. He does so, and his sourness lightens to some extent, lightening even more when he meets the beautiful and very kind Cho Sin Yun, a female mutant code named Empathy. (1984, Hong Kong)
*Intrigued by Cho Sin Yun, Sim Dop decides to pursue her. Uncertain how to proceed and feeling certain feelings for the first time ever, he hires a real dickhead of an OC called Evil Eye to investigate her, unaware that Der Gruppe put Evil Eye there to watch Sim Dop. (1984-85, Hong Kong)
*Sim Dop decides to take a risk, and begins to charge informants 3,000 dollars a week, each payment buying 1 more week of life. For a while this is hidden from Der Gruppe members in Europe. (1985-87, Hong Kong)
*In a calculated betrayal to get certain members of Der Gruppe off his back, Evil Eye sells them information about Sim Dop's actions, wanting to be rid of him and have Cho Sin Yun for himself. (1987, Hong Kong)
*Der Gruppe has Evil Eye kidnap Cho Sin Yun in the midst of a date between herself and Sim Dop. (1987, Hong Kong)
*Sim dop arrives with the money mere hours after Cho Sin Yun has been sold to an arab sheik. Evil Eye simply laughs in his face and leaves with the money. (87, Hong Kong)
*Sim Dop leaves Hong Kong that night. Enraged and in a delirious state that borders on psychosis, he breaks into an aero-space facility and steals an experimental RC-505 drone (a non nasa drone). He then irradiates its fuel to the breaking point, effectively turning it into a flying warhead. (1987, Taipei)
*Determined to kill Evil Eye and all the people like him in Hong Kong, Sim Dop, taking the alias The Isotopic Man for the first time, programs the irradiated drone to fly to victoria square, Hong Kong, and detonate. (1987, Taipei, Hong Kong)&R*Superheros get involved and force the drone onto an outer-space course, the drone detonates, blowing up harmlessly but spectacularly. The Isotopic Man drops off the radar, using the serious interference from the explosion to cover a sudden escape. Scientists and aviation officials conclude in an official report that the act of terrorism would have killed at least several thousand and irradiated some areas of hong kong to unlivable levels of rads devastating world economy, if it had been a successful terrorist action. His known identities are forever afterward classed; 'extreme threat to humanity'. (1987, Hong Kong)
*The last original era nazi member of Der Gruppe perishes. (1990, Germany).
*Under the name Chang Wen, the isotopic man takes up residence in a remote corner of greenland, spending the interim years searching for Cho Sin Yun without ever finding her. (1987-Present, Greenland, World)
*Chang Wen, reaching a level of desperation, nihilism, and isolation thats hard even for him to stomach, decides its time to move somewhere else. He throws a dart at a map blindfolded. It lands on NYC. (the present, Greenland, USA)


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