Brother Voodoo
Real Name Jericho Drumm
Portrayed by NA
Gender Male
Place of Birth Haiti
Date of Birth 1987
Age 35
Aliases Houngan Supreme
Origin Mystic
Current Location Louisiana
Occupation Voodoo Master/Psychologist
Team None
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Voodoo

Character Details

Born in Haiti, Jericho is surrounded by a culture that embraces voodoo and Houdon magics. Daniel, his brother, learns Voodoo from Papa Jambo and becomes Houngan of Port-au-Prince. While his brother train in the ways of Voodoo and Houdon, Jericho spends 12 years within the US Education system, earning himself a Ph.D. in Psychology and becoming and accredited psychologist.

Daniel is injured in a dual with another voodoo houngan who is possessed by the serpent-god Damballah. Jericho is called back to Haiti to see his dying brother. Daniel insists the Jericho vow to visit Papa Jambo. Doing so, Jericho becomes a student of Papa Jambo and after merely weeks of training becomes a master of voodoo practices, becoming a Houngan himself. Papa Jambo found a worthy heir in Jericho and eventually summons the loa of Daniel and binds the spirit to Jericho making him more formidable as a Houngan. Papa Jambo dies after this is completed and Jericho succeeds him. Jericho assumes the alias of Brother Voodoo.

Jericho confronts the priest who killed his brother. Claiming to be possessed by Damballah, the Snake Loa, Jericho uses his brother's spirit to possess a member of the cult and together the defeat the priest by removing his wangal, or artifact of power. Jericho discovers that this was really a false god claiming to be Damballah. The servant of this false god, Bambu, swears allegiance to Jericho, realizing him as the true lord of the loa.

Brother Voodoo becomes the Houngan Supreme/Champion of Haiti. With his servant Bambu, they establish residence in a mansion in Louisiana's French Quarter as a base of operations. In a safe here, they place the wangal of the false god, only Jericho and Bambu knowing the combination.

Soon after, Brother Voodoo encounters Baron Samedi, a scientist working with Advanced Idea Mechanics to create pseudo-zombies called Zuvembies. These Zuvembies are not actually dead, but are living men and women who have had their minds (not their souls) drained. The Baron intended to make Brother Voodoo a Zuvembi, but Jericho makes quick work of Baron Samedi and restores the Zuvembies to their original state.

Jericho eventually encounters Black Talon. Leading a cult of worshippers of the Black Rooster, the cult had targeted Loralee Tate, daughter of New Orleans Chief of Detectives, Samuel Tate. While trying to protect Loralee, Jericho draws the attention of Samual who places a warrant for the arrest of Jericho. With the aid of Mama Limbo, they track down Loralee who had gone missing and they rescue her from Black Talon directly.

Dramabu, another Houngan, revives the body of Papa Jambo as a zombie servant in an attempt to destroy Brother Voodoo, this plot proves unsuccessful.

Following a malevolent Loa named Moondog, Jericho then travels to New York City where he aids Spider-man. Together the foil an attempt on the life of actress Gail Paris. After which, he travels to Brazil and helps the self-doubting vampire hunter Frank Drake, inspiring him to continue his pursuit of hunting Dracula.

Following this, he aids Jack Russell (Werewolf) and his ally, Topaz, against Doctor Glitternight. To help Jack with control of the Werewolf, Jericho sent the spirit of Daniel to inhabit Russell's body. The Daniel possessed Russell would, after a battle with a zombie horde, enter the Black Egg, which housed the power of Glitternight. Within the Black Egg, Daniel was a living physical being and together they defeated Glitternight. After which, Daniel returned to a spirit state, bound to Jericho's soul.

With the aid of Thing, Jericho discovers a plot to kidnap members of a prominent African group. Together they encounter the voodoo priest W'Sulli, who had enslaved a vampire and transformed it into a zombie of sorts. The priest was working with Dr. Kinji Obatu, who sought revenge on those he thought had wronged him. Together, Brother Voodoo and Thing defeat Obatu and W'Sulli and rescue notable individuals, including T'Challa, the Black Panther.

Trying to increase his own power, Jericho attempts to use the wangal but is possessed by the Set-spawn false god. After destroying the New Orleans mansion and slaying Bambu, the possessed Jericho heads back to New York City in an attempt to take over the mind and body of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange eventually frees Jericho and together the re-imprison the false god and confine it to the wangal.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/28/2013 Liln Attack on Chintatown Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo and Topaz One of Lilith's creatures attacks Chinatown, the Midnight Son's take care of it
01/28/2013 Bad Juju Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Satana and Topaz The foursome try to figure out what the Vial then got from the Liln contains
01/30/13 09:00 Spirits at Play Black Crow and Brother Voodoo & (emitted) Ramura and Zapada Black Crow and Brother Voodoo encounter two playful brother spirits.
11/08/12 20:47 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 2 Hellstorm & Brother Voodoo Hellstrom and Brother Voodoo meet by chance and discuss Lilith
11/0912 14:00 A Piece of Pie Lyra Scarlett Witch Brother Voodoo The loa Pie is sought after by Brother Voodoo, Lyra and Scarlett assist in capturing the voodoo spirit.
11/14/12 13:13 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 3 Satana, Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Topaz, Rintrah, Bad Timing The group meets up, Rintrah fills everyone in, there's an attack
12/04/12 08:30 Rise of the Midnight Sons Part 4 Elsa Bloodstone, Brother Voodoo, Hellstorm Elsa is drafted into the Midnight Sons (AKA the Nine)
12/10/12 08:30 Zombies, Oui Ambrose, Armand, Tigerstripe, Brother Voodoo "Zombies" invade the Village


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