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Before this universe was created unknown, Elders created the Bloodgem as a means of conquering other dimensions. The Bloodstone was linked to the Hellfire Helix, the a sentient being existing in certain forms of mystic energy. The Hellfire Helix, however, had its own plans. The Helix's ego, the Exo-Mind, sabotaged the Elders' plans and the Bloodgem was hurled across time and space, becoming, along with Galactus, one of the only things to survive the destruction of the previous universe.
Eventually, through several adventures, the Bloodgem arrived on Earth. The Exo-Mind created a guardian, Ulluxy'l, to carry out its plans. The Exo-Mind wished to observe the evolution of humanity through disinterested eyes. To this end, Ulluxy'l tricked a Vanir hunter into bringing his tribe before the Bloodgem. The gem then absorbed the life forces of all the tribesman but the hunter, who shattered the Bloodgem in a rage. One sliver embedded itself into the hunter's chest. The others shards scattered about the Earth.
Granted immortality and power by the Bloodstone attached to him, the hunter began a long life of revenge, seeking to destroy Ulluxy'l, who he mistakenly thought was the architect of his tribe's death. Over time, the hunter would adopt many names, including Beowulf and Captain Ahab. His last name, and the name he was best known by, was Ulysses Bloodstone.
Ulysses had many adventures until, finally, he learned the true nature of the Bloodgem and the Exo-Mind. In order to stop the Exo-Mind, bored of watching the world through Ulysses' eyes, from absorbing the life force of the planet, the hunter seemingly gave up his own life. Not, however, before he had arranged to pass on his legacy.
In the early 80s, Ulysses married a woman named Elise. Together they had a daughter, Elsa. Ulysses and Elise separated when Elsa was two. After that, Elise and Elsa traveled through Europe together before finally settling in England. During her childhood and early teen years, Elsa developed self-confidence, spunk, and a chest that proved she was definitely the daughter of a Hyborian savage. Fortunately, she seemed to also have a good head on her shoulders and a quick mind. Elsa seemed to inherit one more thing from her father - she regularly had dreams about monster slaying.
Shortly after Elsa's fourteenth birthday, she and Elise were finally tracked down by the executor of her father's estate, Charles Barnabus, and told of Ulysses' death. They immediately traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, to deal with the will. Ulysses and Elsa were named the sole heirs and given the Bloodstone Mansion, along with the large collection of arcane, occult, and just plain odd artifacts inside of it. Elise was pregnant at this point, though the father of this child was no longer, in the picture, and initially eager to just sell Ulysses' collection and the mansion.
Meanwhile, Elsa learned the more secretive aspect of her inheritance when she discovered a hidden door in the library. Hidden under the house was a basement filled with Ulysses' more dangerous artifacts. Also hidden down there was Adam, a construct inspired by the novel Frankenstein, who served as the house's caretaker. Adam explained who Ulysses truly was to Elsa and gave her the Bloodstone choker. This was Ulysses' true gift to his daughter. The choker, containing a fragment of Ulysses' own Bloodstone, immediately bonded with Elsa, gifting her with superhuman powers. Shortly thereafter, she noticed a lamp flashing. While Adam told her not to worry about the lamp, Elsa was curious and carelessly said, 'I wish I knew why it was flashing?'. This immediately transported her to Bosnia, where the a vampire master, was under attack. Thinking she was behind the attack (she smelled, after all, like a Bloodstone) the vampire attacked Elsa, only to be driven back by the power of the Bloodstone choker. Due to this distraction, the vampire's attackers were able to subdue and capture him. Elsa seemed to be next on their list, but Adam had figured out how to use the lamp to bring Elsa back to Boston.
Thus, Elsa's career as a monster hunter began. Adam made her a 'female version' of her father's costume (which, to be fair, showed about as much of her chest as it did her dad's). Her first real adventure involved a trip to Egypt, where Elsa and Adam helped a Living Mummy stop the undead necromancer, Rakses, from the traditional unleashing of hell upon Earth. Meanwhile, Elsa's mother was deciding to stay in Boston and turn the mansion into a museum. She also was getting to know Mr. Barnabus, the estate executor, on a more personal level. Elise reasoned that Boston would be a good place for Elsa to experience higher education. At the same time, the son of Barnabus' clerk, Tomas Dluga, was spying and sneaking and learned the truth of Elsa's new monster hunting career. Obviously enamored with Elsa? or her chest, at least? he demanded to be let in on things.
Tomas got his chance sooner than expected. Nosferati vampires kidnapped Charles Barnabus, who turned out to be a vampire himself. Declaring that no one kidnapped her mum's boyfriend and got away with it, Elsa led Adam and Tomas on a hunting trip. Fortunately, the magic lamp was able to transport them to the location Barnabus was being held, despite Elsa not knowing exactly where that location was. It turned out to be a research center in Wyoming. There, the vampire lord Nosferatu and his children were finalizing plans to turn Barnabus, Giovanni, and other 'pure blood' (human looking) vampires into eternal food sources.
Elsa, Adam, and Tomas used weapons originally owned by Ulysses to battle the Nosferati and enter the building. There, Nosferatu himself seemingly defeated Elsa in hand to hand combat. However, when he tried drinking her blood he received a nasty shock. The power of the Bloodstone was in every part of Elsa, including her blood. The massive dose Nosferatu drank was enough to bring him to the brink of destruction. After that, one punch turned the former vampire lord to dust. After that, Giovanni and Adam opened up some heavy doors to allow in the sun, destroying the remaining Nosferati.
Since then, Elsa has continued her adventuring career with the help of Tomas, Adam, and Barnabus. She's also successfully kept her monster hunting a secret from her mother, who doesn't want Elsa falling into the same obsessive trap as Ulysses. Elsa has also been attending high school and hopes to someday study archeology.


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12/04/12 08:30 Rise of the Midnight Sons Part 4 Elsa Bloodstone, Brother Voodoo, Hellstorm Elsa is drafted into the Midnight Sons (AKA the Nine)
12/05/2012 A Joke Waiting To Happen Elsa Bloodstone, Satana and Topaz Elsa meets Satana and Topaz


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