Lilith Drake
Real Name Lilith, Daughter of Dracula
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Aliases Lilith Drake, Lilly Drake
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Alignment Hero
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Dracula and Zofia were married through an arrangement made by his late father. However, Dracula despised her. While Lilith was still an infant, Dracula made her look upon a group of impaled prisoners. A year after Lilith was born, Dracula told them both to leave. They did so. Lilith was given to the care of a gypsy woman named Gretchin. Zofia killed herself rather than live as a peasant.

Lilith grew up with intense hatred for Dracula. Now a vampire, Dracula attacked Gypsy villages, killing Gretchin's son. In retaliation, Gretchin used spells to transform Lilith into a vampire, making her immune to most of their weaknesses and ensuring she would trouble her father for eternity.

While at first she attacked humans indiscriminately, she later decided to only attack those targeted by Dracula. After a number of such occurrences, Dracula impaled Lilith on a spike in London as retaliation.

At some point the two attempted to reconcile, but soon began to quarrel again. Quincy Harker staked Lilith after the death of his wife Elizabeth.

After possessing a woman named Angel O'Hara, Lilith remained in England. She slew a number of criminals who had committed crimes against women and assisted Angel's husband, Martin Gold on a few occasions.

Dracula, in a weakened state, tracked her down. Lilith was prepared after recognizing him from a photo. (Due to Dracula's weakened state he was now visible in mirrors). The two battled as a theatrical production of Dracula's life took place.

Knowing he was weak and watching as Dracula had killed a number of his London servants out of anger, she sought a way to separate herself from Angel. She seduced a descendant of Gretchin's, who then through magic helped her return to her original body. She then attacked Dracula savagely, but found herself unable to kill him despite his taunts for her to do so. Dracula mocked her, then transformed into mist and left.

As the X-Men confronted Dracula over Storm, Shadowcat (who was angry at her parents' divorce) was temporarily possessed by Lilith. She began to recite the Montesi Formula but was stopped. Dracula was defeated and Lilith released Kitty, thanking the X-Men for their 'assistance.

When Doctor Strange used the Montesi Formula, Lilith sensed Dracula's death; Happy, she was soon killed by the formula as well.

When Dracula returned, so did Lilith. However, she found her craving for blood had become stronger. She sought out Brother Voodoo for help. In return for helping him, Drumm asked that she assist him in battling the Scarecrow.

During the battle, Lilith's bloodlust again went out of control. She abandoned Drumm, John Blaze and Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) as they battled the Scarecrow.


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Date Title Characters Summary
09/25/12 23:14 Of Vampires and Dragons Night Thrasher, Black Panther, Bushmaster II, Eel, Unicorn, Tombstone, Jang Su, Feng Hung, Lilith, Dragon Tong Agents Night Thrasher and Black Panther are on hand to try and stop a conflict between the Dragon Tong and The Maggia
10/10/12 03:45 The Rhino Charges Arachne, Dagger, The Rhino, Lilith Drake, Scarecrow, Porcupine (emitted by Black Panther) and gets cash back on his Discover card.


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