Real Name Lilith, Mother of Demons
Portrayed by
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Aliases Kiskillilla
Current Location The Underworld
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives
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Character Details

It is believed Lilith played a role in the formation of vampires while in Atlantis, as several beings have called her the "mother of vampires."

In retaliation for her actions, she was imprisoned inside the belly of the Leviathan by Atlantean wizards.

According to legend, she is also the same Lilith that attempted to seduce Adam. It is rumored she captured unbaptized children and devoured them in order to produce demons.

Lilith and Asmodeus spawned countless demons. Many of them were slain by the servants of Yahweh.

In modern times Lilith emerged from the body of the Leviathan (also known as Tiamat), who had settled in Greenland. She murdered a group of scientists that had come to inspect the strange creature. Wishing to learn the fate of her children and about the modern world, she began scrying.

Lilith attempted to seduce Danny Ketch in his dreams. After that attempt failed, she asked Nightmare to attack both him and Johnny Blaze.

She sent Fang after Morbius, and assassins to murder Victoria Montesi. She tricked the Nightstalkers into attacking Blaze and Ketch.


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Date Title Characters Summary
11/05/12 13:31 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 1 Topaz, Hellstorm, The Thing, Lilith Hellstrom pays a visit to Topaz after her dream of Lilith (mother of demons)


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