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Hyperion is from Earth-712, also known as Earth-S - The Earth of the Squadron Supreme.
His race, the Eternals left their planet for another world, and when their society died, the young Hyperion was rocketed to Earth.
This is where his journey started. Crashing in middle America, he was found by the Miltons, a childless couple who chose to raise Hyperion as their own naming him Mark.
Mark was raised with the deep respect for life and humanity. He was taught however, regardless of his powers, that control of the path of humans should not be taken in hand, instead guided through acts of selfless help through the use of his powers while avoiding the greater issues faced by the world from his arctic Tower of Isolation.
Following their deaths, Hyperion set out on a journey of his own which would find him forming a super hero team called Squadron Supreme. Alongside him were, Amphibian, Doctor Spectrum, Nighthawk, Power Princess, Skymax, and Whizzer. Other members would come and go over time.
Hyperion acquired an arch nemesis when his Atomic Vision caused the villainout Emil Brubank's hair to prematurely grow out of control. In this, Emil would become an evil genius and Master Menace that would haunt Hyperion for many years to come.
Through time, the intervention of the Grandmaster and the Scarlet Centurion would bring the Squadron Sinister into being within the Earth-616 universe. These two teams would collide with one another two more times.
The Avengers from Earth-616 were shunted to Earth-712 allowing the Squadron Supreme to meet.
It was during this visit that Gregory Gideon discovered the Serpent Crown from the ocean's floor and used it against the Avengers and the Squadron. Allowing him to take control of their minds and the minds of the U.S. government. During this time, Hyperion's golden record was tarnished, his reputation slighted. To add insult to this, Hyperion was last to break free of Gideon's control. In the end, things turned out well; a movie was even shot detailing the events of the conflict to the world - thus soothing fears.
With Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond) as the newly elected president, things were looking up until the demonic Null the Living Darkness came to Earth-712 in the body of the Over-Mind and subsequently took control of the president. It was during this time that Null would cause fear and paranoia within the country, and declared martial law. Which drew the attention of the Squadron. The Squadron challenged Null and the evil was able to defeat the team. However Hyperion was able to escape, Null (as the president) branded the hero as an alien traitor. It was with the aid of a coalition of telepaths that freed Richmond's true body and with his help, the Squadron and Earth-616's Defenders, Over-Mind/Null was defeated.
With the recent events, the majority of the controlling chairs of the U.S. government resigned leaving a void that the Squadron Supreme stepped into. Thus taking control of America and began fixing the problems that the previous take-overs had created. This began what Hyperion dubbed the 'Utopia Program'. A plan to cure the problems of the country: hunger, disease, crime, poverty, and war. This was a successful endeavor until Tom Thumb created a behavior modification device (an item that would be used on criminals to made them productive members of society). The device was used by the Golden Archer to make Lady Lark fall in love with him. This resulted in both them and Amphibian quitting the team. The villainous Institute of Evil was modified to fill the empty slots and the team continued. However, Master Menace was able to replace Hyperion with an evil double (Zhib Ran). With confusion to follow, Master Menace lost control of the evil Hyperion and the good Hyperion was freed. The two Hyperions fought. Evil Hyperion was killed and good Hyperion was blinded.
Power Princess was made head of the Squadron and Hyperion continued to participate through the aid of goggled that allowed him to see.
Hyperion and Power Princess began a relationship and eventually became engaged.
During the next few weeks, things would turn sour as other Squadroners would die and be replaced by B-Modded villains. Master Menace was able to reverse the B-Modding and subsequently freed the Institute of Evil. Thus started a major battle which resulted in the absolving of the Utopia Program because Hyperion realized that; even though his intentions were noble, he wasn't right to subvert freedom of choice or the rights of an individual.
Less than a week later, Hyperion was warned of an extradimensional menace which threatened to consume their universe. Hyperion would lead the mission to save their world and even recruited the Master Menace. But all efforts failed. The universe was saved by the Wizard Supreme, however the Squadron was trapped on Earth-616.
On Earth-616 they are befriended by Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) and were settled into the research center Project: PEGASUS. There they would aid the institution in extradimensional research. During this time, Hyperion would meet the Eternals, Over-Mind and Makkari. Makkari recognized Hyperion as an Eternal and would subsequently teach Hyperion how to use his regenerative powers to restore his eyesight.


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