Real Name Tyrone Johnson
Portrayed by Romeo Miller
Gender Male
Place of Birth South Boston, MA
Date of Birth 12/2/1991
Age 21
Aliases Cloak
Origin Altered Human
Current Location Holy Ghost Church
Occupation Vigilante
Team Cloak and Dagger, Marvel Knights
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives The Johnsons (parents), Otis Johnson (brother), Anna Johnson (twin sister)
Significant Other Tandy Bowen (Dagger)
Known Abilities Darkforce Dimension, Teleporting

Character Details

1. Tyrone Johnson was born in a underprivileged area of Boston. He grew up impoverished and poor. He managed to survive the streets despite the loss of his sister, who had run away from home when he was younger. He made the most of time hanging out with his closest friend, Billy, who never teased Tyrone over his stutter.

2. They managed to get through high school, but Tyrone kept to himself. Never participated much in school or answer questions or make friends, always ashamed of his stutter.

3. When he reached 17, a fateful day occurred. Billy and Tyrone had been out and were witnesses to a robbery. As the robbers fled and the police approached. BIlly started to run, feeling that he would automatically accused and arrested for the crime. Since he ran, he was shot down by the police. Tyrone witnessed this and was unable to prevent his friendâs death due to his stutter.

4. Running away from home, Tyrone was racked with guilt. He made his way to New York and would encounter his literal soul mate, Tandy Bowen. Making his way to the Port Authority of New York City, he was penniless and hungry. Upon seeing Tandy, he was ready to mug her, but instead saved her as another person was attempting to mug her.

5. As the two became friends, they were both homeless, so it was with no surprise that Tandy accept an offer from Simon Marshall. She had no idea what she was in store for. Tyrone, untrusting of Simon, joined them.

6. They were both overpowered and were injected with an experimental drug. Simon Marshall was part of the Maggia and using runaways to test drugs. Most of the runaways were killed. Somehow, Tyrone and Tandy survived.

7. As they were fleeing, their newfound powers literally erupted from them. Cloak began emitting a darkness, a literal true darkness. Wrapping himself in a cloak, the two became vigilantes, Cloak and Dagger.

8. Determined to make sure nothing happened to innocent people as had happened to them. The two vigilantes sought out criminals, often killing them. Such was the case with Simon Marshall which led to their first of many encounters with Spider-Man. The more aggressive and violent the two became, the more it fit with Cloak as his power gave him a hunger. His darkness yearned to be fed and so he would feed on the criminals.

9. They also encountered Silvermane, who was the head of the Maggia and Cloak and Dagger sought to kill him and seemingly did, despite Spider-Man trying to prevent his murder. Silvermane's mind was placed into a cyborg and he sought revenge, nearly killing Cloak who was saved by Dagger.

10. They similarly sought to kill Kingpin and failed in that attempt. Gaining the reputation similar to Punisher, the two were wanted by the police and so they sought sanctuary at the Holy Ghost Church where they were taken in by Father Francis Delgado.

11. Father Delgado was a mentor to Dagger, however he despised Cloak and saw him as a Satanic influence over Tandy. This would lead to a future betrayal.

12. However, before that the two would encounter Brigid OâReilly. A police officer who came to care for the two, but wanted them to change their ways and become true heroes instead of vigilantes. Dagger was beginning to see the error of her ways, but Cloak (due in part to his dark nature and the hunger that overtakes him) was resistant. Th two eventually split apart, partially due to Delgado's influence.

13. As the two realized they could not live without the other. As Dagger nearly died, Cloak aided her by returning the light he would feed on from her. Nearly dying in the process himself, the pair became a duo once again.

14. More adventures continued as they assisted and befriended both Power Pack and the New Mutants.

15. Silvermane returned, drawn to Tandy. Simultaneously, the Answer sought out Dagger. In a confrontation, Silvermane nearly killed Dagger, but the Answer gave some of his "light" to Dagger. The process killed him and with assistance from Spider-Man, the duo were able to defeat Silvermane again.

16. The two continued to have numerous adventures against the likes of Dr Doom, The Beyonder (who took away their powers), Vermin, the Zapper, the Disciplinarian, Mayhem, and others, including Dagger being taken as one of the brides of Set.

17. During the events of the Infinity Gaunlet, Cloak was one of the heroes to take on and die in battle against Thanos. But he and all of reality were returned with little to no memory of what had occurred.

18. After this, the hunger within Cloak was beginning to act up. Cloak had more difficulty controlling his powers as he swore he would not kill.

19. It was during an encounter against Renee Deladier who was able to usurp control of his powers. She was able to trap a powerless Tyrone with the Dark Dimension. It was with aid from Dr. Strange that Tyrone was freed from the Predatory hunger of the Dark Dimension and take control of his powers from Ecstasy.

20. At one point, the two split. Cloak tries to have a partnership with Dazzler, but fails and returns to Dagger.

21. Cloak continues to adventure with Dagger against the likes of the Assembly of Evil, Avandalia, Night and Day, Mephisto.

22. Cloak's powers continue to go out of control until the true source behind the events of what happened to Tyrone and Tandy is revealed. D'Spayre!

23. It is revealed that DâSpayre was behind what happened to the two teens, wrongfully implying they were mutants.

24. Tyrone encounters a homeless girl that he saves from cultists. It turns out to be his sister, Anna, but he does not realize it is her, though she realizes it is he.

25. Cloak and Dagger remain together and continue to adventure as their relationship and friendship grows much more intimate.

*IC Cloak and Dagger join the New Warriors.

*IC The New Warriors adventure in Madripoor.

*IC Cloak participates in the war with the Native American gods.

*IC When Genosha is returned to the world, Cloak experiences some reality alternate shifts.

*TJ Cloak and Dagger join Spider-Man, Venom, and other heroes in defeating Carnage.

*TJ Cloak becomes possessed by Nightmare and goes crazy. Dagger joins the Marvel Knights and with Dr. Strange’s help, they help Cloak, but he temporarily loses his powers.

*TJ Living at the Black Widow’s apartment, Tyrone defeats a LMD of Nick Fury sans power.

*TJ With his powers returned, Cloak and Dagger encounter the Runaways and are tricked into fighting them, but ultimately they work things out.

*TJ The Pride erase Cloak and Dagger’s memories of the encounter with the Runaways.

*TJ Reginald Mantz impersonates Cloak and injures Dagger.

*TJ Cloak battles the New Avengers solo, which leads to Cloak regaining his memory.

*TJ Cloak gets assistance from the Runaways and they defeat Mantz.

*TJ Cloak and Dagger join Captain America’s side during the Civil War. He plays an integral role due to his teleporting abilities.

*TJ House of M happens and Cloak is one of the heroes who participates in the fight against Magneto.

*TJ Cloak continues to work with the New Avengers, offering his teleportation abilities.

*TJ Norman Osborn blackmails Cloak and Dagger into joining the Dark X-Men.

*TJ When the X-Men defeat Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men, Cloak and Dagger are offered spots on the X-Men.

*TJ Dagger gets kidnapped by Romulus. Cloak assist Wolverine in freeing Dagger and fighting Romulus.

*TJ Cloak and Dagger are confirmed not to be mutants and leave Utopia.

*TJ Cloak cheats on Dagger with Tia, who has powers and tortures and kidnaps Cloak. He is saved by Dagger, Anole, and Dr. Nemesis.

*TJ Cloak and Dagger are reunited and are together as soul mates and partners and continue to adventure in New York City.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/03/13 17:30 Undercover in Madripoor Nova, Cloak, Night Thrasher Nova goes undercover but accidentally gets a job
01/13/13 15:00 Something Amiss in Madripoor Night Thrasher, Cloak, Dagger Cloak and Dagger interrupt Night Thrasher interrogating some mook, agree to join forces and then investigate the sudden disappearance of Namorita
01/25/13 15:55 Madness in Madripoor Cloak & Nova and Bloodscream & Roughhouse Cloak and Nova engage Bloodscream & Roughhouse in battle. Roughouse is defeated and captured. Bloodscream gets away.
01/25/13 20:24 Cloak Has a Twin Cloak, Dagger, and the Phantasm Cloak and Dagger meet Phantasm who warns of things to come.
02/09/13 21:28 You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Bloodscream Cloak, Dagger, Night Thrasher, and (emitted) Bloodscream and his zombie army The New Warriors track down Bloodscream.
02/10/13 12:00 Cloak has words for Night Thrasher Night Thrasher, Cloak Cloak has a beef with Thrasher due to the previous nights activities
02/20/2013 Recruitment by Abduction Cloak, Nova and Krista Cloak uses his own scary methods of recruiting Krista into the New Warriors
02/22/2013 The Madripoor Situation Night Thrasher, Firestar, Cloak, Dagger and Krista Night Thrasher catches up Krista and Firestar about what is going on in Madripoor
03/13/13 16:04 Mad Gods Part IV Cloak, Krista, Lyra, and Ghost Dancer Cloak, Krista, and Lyra battle and defeat Ghost Dancer
03/19/13 15:30 Cloak & Dagger Politics Cloak & Dagger, Network, (Lyra) Cloak and Dagger have an argument, just after Mirage left. Which leads to Network helping Dagger
04/16/2013 Roughouse Gets Roughed Up Cloak, Mercury, Thimble and Mirage NPC: Roughouse Day 2 for the New Mutants in Madripoor have them meeting Cloak and Roughouse.
04/20/13 03:13 Role Reversal Cloak, Dagger, Deadpool, and Scalphunter An alternate Cloak and Dagger with reversed powers and Deadpool engage Scalphunter
04/21/13 14:31 Warnings from the Future Cloak, Firestar, and Night Thrasher An alternate reality Cloak from the future warns Firestar and Dwayne of things to come in a not so nice manner
05/08/2013 Training the New Girl Cloak and Pinion Cloak puts Pinion through her paces.
10/14/12 Warning of Elektra Cloak, Dagger, Spider-man Spiderman warns Dagger about Elektra in the area
12/02/12 23:23 Church Chat Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger chat
12/03/12 17:38 Santa Claus Is Dead Cloak, Elektra, and Nova Cloak takes down a drug dealer and has to get some questions from Elektra and Nova
12/06/12 Loose Ends Elektra, Ant Man II, Cloak, Dagger Elektra and Ant Man track a villain. Cloak and Dagger join the hunt.
12/09/12 15:43 Demon Child Armand and Cloak Armand fights a demon child…Cloak assists.
12/21/12 A Very Sombre Tyrannosaur Christmas: Armand, Blindfold, Cloak, Dagger, Morbius, Phantasm, Rex, Scarlet Witch Scenes from the final concert from Rex's charity concert series. Red Mask is revealed.
2012/03/17 Civil War: Domino and Hercules Almost Die! Cloak, Domino, and Hercules NPC: Ragnarok Cloak, Domino, and Hercules go to assist at a fire and find a set-up and Ragnarok.
2012/08/03 World War Hulk Cloak, Hercules, Jean Grey and Juggernaut NPC: Hulk The Hulk is on a rampage and finds obstacles in Cloak, Hercules, Jean Grey, and Juggernaut
2013/06/05 Catching Up Cloak, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Woman Cloak, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Woman catch up on a day off.
2013/06/17 22:27 Getting to Know Your Fellow Avenger Cloak and Scarlet Witch Cloak and Scarlet Witch get to know each other.
2013/06/19 13:10 New Warriors Mini Reunion Cloak, Night Thrasher, and Pinion Cloak, Night Thrasher, and Pinion meet in Midtown. Cloak has some fun.


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