Real Name Volstagg
Portrayed by N/A
Gender Male
Place of Birth Asgard
Date of Birth A long, long time ago …
Age Very old, appears 45-55
Aliases Lion of Asgard, Volstagg the Valiant, Volstagg the Enormous
Origin Deity
Current Location Earth
Occupation Adventurer
Team Warriors Three
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Many children including his daughter Hilde (Gunnhild) and adopted earth sons (Kevin and Mick)
Significant Other Hildegund
Known Abilities Aged, Overweight Asgardian

Character Details

Volstagg is old, even by Asgardian standards. In his prime he was a fierce and highly respected warrior of Asgard. While at his present girth, most assume the title 'The Lion of Asgard' to be self-imposed, it should be noted this moniker was handed to him by peers in his early years. Centuries of feasting and drinking, begun in his prime, has lead to his current predicament in size.

He is member of the Warriors Three, fighting companions and close friends of Thor. The story of their formation is questionable but each story involves them battling or searching after Fenris. Its believed in some aspect, an aging Volstagg and a younger, brash Fandral entered a bet to be the first to 'pet' the head of Fenris. A quieter Hogun served as the judge. This competition forged their friendship and bonds.

It is rumored that during a drunken stupor, Volstagg had revealed the secrets of Frost Giants to a young Thor that incurred him the wrath of Odin and this may have affected his psyche enough that he let his physical form fall to the way of his appetite.

While he presently seems most gentle and amiable to peaceful solutions, or more than likely accidently stumbles upon solutions to current problems, leaving the grunt work to Fandral and Hogun, it cannot be overlooked that he still displays acts of bravery in dire times. He has stood off against the Hulk (unsuccessful, but took up the challenge), charged to battle with the demon Mangog (only to be trapped in a tunnel thanks to his girth), and personally challenged Mephisto to battle over Thor's soul (knowing already that Thor had challenged Mephisto already).

Despite this seeming cowardice or alternative solutions theory, in one such moment of cowardice in battle against Ego-Prime, witnessing monstrosities attempting to devour a young child, he would rush forth in near Berserker rage, striking the creatures down with his bare hands.
Following this display, he became more regularly accustomed to combat, including defeating the likes of the Executioner and the Enchantress.

His growing association with Earth leaves Earth as a soft spot, one of his indulgences. After taking Baldur under his wing for a time and then returning to earth, it takes Hogun to tranquilize the giant of a man to bring him back to Asgard, but his love is so found of earth he takes two humans into his house - left parentless, indirectly, by Thor.

Still the reluctant hero, at one time Volstagg is the last warrior left to defend the ramparts against invading Frost Giants and realizing they are more stupid and perhaps more cowardly than even he, he fulfills the role. In his humility, accepting the praise and gratitude for saving the day, he muses on how poets will remember him for time immortal for his battle against the Frost Giants.

During recent visits by the New Mutants to Asgard, Volstagg befriends the younger Roberto DeCosta.


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Date Title Characters Summary
07/02/12 14:32 Scott and the Fat Asgardian Cyclops and Volstagg Volstagg arrives on Midgard, specifically the mall. Cyclops shows up.
08/02/2012 Attack of the Toys Volstagg, Ares, Richenda Grey, Mirage Robot madness continues outside a Toy Store and Radio Shack. Afterward Dani introduces Volstagg to Italian Food


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