Real Name Betsy Braddock/Kwannon
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Asia/England
Date of Birth
Aliases Kwannon, Betsy Braddock, Liz, Psylocke 2
Origin Mutant
Current Location Braddock Manor, England
Occupation Adventurer/Model
Team Excalibur (formerly X-Factor)
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Psylocke 1 (sorta)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Telepathy

Character Details

Not much is known about Kwannon's life, not even her last name, She was however a mutant gifted with empathic and low level telepathic abilities. After years of ninja training, Kwannon became the top assassin for Japanese crime Lord Nyoirin, who was deeply in love with her. However she and Matsu'o Tsurayaba, assassin of rival group the Hand. Kwannon and Matsu’o feared their line of work would put them on opposing sides but, respecting each other as warriors with honor, they vowed to fight to the death should they ever be forced to directly fight each other. When the interests of Nyoirin and the Hand came into conflict, Kwannon was honor-bound to face Matsu'o in combat. During the battle, she fell off a cliff suffering severe brain damage leaving her in a coma. Seeing this, Matsu’o abandoned his mission and retrieved Kwannon, bringing her to the Hand’s labs, promising to find a way to heal her.


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