Real Name Shiro Yoshida
Portrayed by Tadanobu Asano
Gender Male
Place of Birth Agarashima, Japan
Date of Birth 5/20/1981
Age 32
Aliases Sunfire
Origin Mutant
Current Location New York City
Occupation Hero
Team X-Men, Big Hero 6
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Sunpyre (sister), Silver Samurai (cousin), Mariko Yashida (cousin), Tomo (uncle)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Plasma Fire Generation

Character Details

*Born in Agarashima, Japan, Shiro Yoshida was born the son of a Japanese ambassador to the United Nations and a housewife.

*Shiro was born a mutant due to the fact that his mother had suffered radiation poisoning in Hiroshima.

*Shiro’s younger sister, Leyu, was born a few years after he was.

*His mother died while he was young and he grew closer to his uncle Tomo than his father, who was always away on political trips with the UN.

*Shiro trained on his own and under his uncle’s watch in the use of his powers. Simultaneously, his uncle instilled in him a hatred for the West and America, in particular.

*Growing up to become a Japanese nationalist, Shiro and his uncle created the codename and person of Sunfire, a Japanese hero. So in love with his country, his costume drew on the symbol of the Rising Sun. His fiery plasma powers becoming the symbol of Japan.

*Tomo had ties and connections to the criminal underworld and the Yakuza. These criminal ties led to Sunfire working with Blind Spot, Mystique, and Rogue in an attempt to steal the adamantium-bonding process created by Lord Dark Wind.

*Blind Spot, a mutant with the ability to erase memories, erased the memory of this event from the minds of everyone involved.

*On a trip to the US to visit his father, Sunfire was tricked into attacking the Capitol building by his uncle. This led to a clash with the original X-Men.

*During the fight, Tomo killed Shiro’s father. Devastated for being tricked, Shiro killed his uncle and was deported back to the Japan.

*While in Japan, Sunfire became a national hero, working with the prime minister and using his father’s political connections and uncle’s criminal connections indirectly to position himself in such a way as to live comfortably and popularly in Japan.

*Sunfire had many adventures and battles in and out of Japan. One such battle including a fight against Namor which led to the two heroes teaming up against Dragon Lord.

*Sunfire engaged Iron Man in battle and then both heroes were abducted by the Mandarin. They eventually freed themselves and fought the Mandarin.

*Together, Iron Man and Sunfire then fought Ultimo.

*At this point, the line-up of the X-Men were about to change. The original students had been defeated and held by Krakatoa. Professor X contacted Sunfire and he joined Cyclops’ new team. Defeating Krakatoa, Sunfire opted not to remain with the team.

*Due to Sunfire’s irrational temper, even allies and friends often end up fighting him as was such the case with Iron Man. The two heroes fought again and even led to a fight with the Guardsman.

*When Moses Magnum attempted to sink the Japanese islands, Sunfire teamed up with the X-Men to defeat Moses.

*It was during this time, that Sunfire’s cousin, Mariko, met and began a tragic romance with Wolverine. Sunfire was also related to the Silver Samurai.

*During the Contest of Champions, Sunfire was chosen by the Grandmaster and engaged in battle with Darkstar.

*During a return trip from space after an adventure the X-Men had, an alien dragon attacked Japan. Sunfire and the X-Men worked to save Japan.

*Soon after, Sunfire joined Wolverine, Cable, and the New Mutants in battle against Stryfe and the MLF.

*Sunfire had a solo adventure against the Corruptor and Deadline.

*Sunfire had been kidnapped and hypnotized by Doctor Demonicus and joined his Pacific Overlords and fought the Avengers West Coast, but he was freed from the enthrallment and helped defeat the evil doctor.

*Donning new armor, Sunfire joined the X-Men in the Void and fought in their war. Freed from the Void, Sunfire and the X-Men were united with Colossus’ brother who had been trapped in the Void for years.

*Working with Gambit, Sunfire fought the Hand.

*Kidnapped by Apocalypse, Sunfire was one of the legendary Twelve that Apocalypse sought to use for power. Defeating Apocalypse with the X-Men, Sunfire returned to Japan.

*Sunfire becamse exposed to Zero Fluid and was led to believe he had gotten cancer. This was a trick by Weapon Plus Project. They wanted Shiro to work for them. He refused and was shot by Wild Child and believed to be dead.

*In reality, Sunfire was dead and was in Japan recuperating from the Zero Fluid.

*Once he was back to normal, Sunfire joined the X-Corporation and was stationed in Mumbai. During an assassination attempt on Professor X, Sunfire assisted in stopping the assassination.

*He left the X-Corporation after it was dissolved by Cyclops.%r%R*Working with his reformed cousin, the Silver Samurai. They created Big Hero Six, the national team for Japan.

*Sunfire engaged Titannus in battle, but was defeated. It took Dr. Strange and his allies to defeat the evil Skrull.

*At this point, Sunfire’s history working with Mystique, Rogue, and Blindspot became public knowledge.

*Silver Samurai had his memory erased by Blindspot which led to the revelation of Sunfire’s unintentional criminal history.

*Rogue and Sunfire worked to find out what was happening which led to a confrontation with Lady Deathstrike. Lady Deathstrike severed Shiro’s legs. Dying, Rogue absorbed his powers and memories causing an effect similar to her incident with Ms. Marvel.

*Believed to be dead, Shiro was actually taken by Clan Yashida. While there he was approached by Apocalypse to become the new Famine. Sunfire agreed.

*Midway through the transformation process, Shiro released what he was doing was wrong. He was free to escape, but heard the anguished screams of Gazer who was a prisoner of Apocalypse. Shiro gave up his opportunity to escape to try and free Gazer. He himself ended up a prisoner and he became Famine.

*As Famine, he battled the X-Men with his new powers to make people suffer an intense hunger and feel intense pain.

*Apocalypse was defeated by the X-Men, but Shiro remained as Famine and with Gambit as the new Death, the joined Mr. Sinister’s Marauders.

*As part of the Marauders, Sunfire and Gambit attempted to kill Cable.

*They took part in the search for the Mutant Messiah and the search for Destiny’s Diaries. After their defeat, Sunfire went on his own.

*Sunfire has since returned to his own normal self.


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Date Title Characters Summary
2011/09/24 Famine Boom Boom, La Sombra, and Sunfire (as Famine) NPC: Jazz Famine attacks
2013/06/02 Life After . . . Jean Grey and Sunfire Shiro is trying to get his life back together after having been Famine. It proves difficult, so Jean offers input.
2013/06/10 09:45 This is your Family Nightcrawler, Domino, Sunfire, Jean Grey, Richenda Kurt's family shows up, spoils the picnic
2013/06/10 16:50 You Are Not a Pig Nightcrawler, Sunfire, and Zip Kurt and Shiro meet Alisha at a diner…comedy ensues.
2013/06/26 14:30 Sword Training Day Sunfire and Nightcrawler Shiro and Kurt practice at swords


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