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Gloria Dolores Munoz was born to a Cuban father and a Seminole mother. Unfortunately she was also born in one of the rougher neighborhoods in Florida.

She started to hang out with some of the worst crowds in school as a way to lash out at her family and stay as far away from home as possible.

Got involved in a lot of bad things. Suspensions and expulsions didn't help with the situation back home. The situation back home didn't help with her suspensions and explusions. Started to manifest her powers but kept it underwraps.

When she was sixteen she finally ran away from home, leaving her two brothers behind. Started to use her powers more freely to help her survive on the streets.

Worked part-time but rarely was able to keep a job down. Swept up by the carefree and careless life of a teenager with no boundaries.

Gets in trouble with the law; stole a car and used it to rob a few bottles of liquor from a closed liquor store. Already had two strikes against her so she decided to book it.

Risque runs away to New York City to get away from the heat (har har), aided by a man who calls himself Sledge. He promised he'd make it all 'disappear'. Unfortunately what she didn't realize was that no 'favor' is ever given so freely.

It has been a few years since then and she has begun to settle comfortably in New York City, developing contacts and her skills to keep her afloat. Unfortunately Sledge's grip is just as tight and he hasn't forgotten; every now and then Risque finds herself being called in by the man she owes her freedom to.


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