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Rianna born to Jean Claude and Fiona Devereaux, youngest of three children. In Upstate New York.
Rianna turns 5, enrolled in Kindergarten and Dance classes.
Rianna turns 8, in 3rd grade, changes from general dance to Ballet Classes.
Rianna turns 11, enters Middle School, continues Ballet Classes. Everything seems normal, is a little small for her age, has a lithe dancer's body.
Rianna Turns 13. She is in the 8th Grade, getting ready to move to High School the following year, is being considered to attend a private High School designed for the performing arts. Things start to seem strange.
Rianna starts to have problem with dance, appearing more clumsy, ackward and all as if going through a growth spurt that her body hasn't caught up with, yet she hasn't gotten that much taller. She starts going through beds at night. She has nightmares and when she wakes, her beds have collapsed, been broken. Her bedroom is on the second floor of parents' home, wakes up stranglely in living room which is beneath hers more than once.
Two months after her birthday, Rianna throws a temper tantrum as her parents talk about sending her just to public school given the problems she has started to have. Without explanation the floor under Rianna buckles and she breaks through it, falling into the basement and cracking the cement of the basement floor as if she suddenly weighed a massive amount. She tries to jump out of the small hole she made in the cement and flies back up through the hole she fell through and slams into the ceiling above, parents and herself start to panic a bit more.
A month later, things seem to have calmed since she fell through the floor with no more incidents and then she gets startled by one of her brothers and falls through one of the walls as if she and it were just air. She and her parents try to figure out what is going on. Her parents do support her though they begin to suspect something having to do with mutants that they have heard about.
Over the next three months, in between school and dance classes which she doesn't attend as much due to the problems, they manage to quantify a few things. She can apparrently make herself heavier which makes her harder to hurt and a lot stronger, on the flip side she can make herself much lighter even to the point of being able to pass through walls. She and her parents decide public school would be better and dance classes stop, though she still does it in her spare time. She really liked Ballet.
Rianna turns 14, enrolls in High School, keeps to herself and tries to stay out of trouble and not provoke her powers which at this point are not very controllable, though every now and then she can do it at will.%r%r Rianna turns 16, She has gained a little more control over her powers. She has done a lot of reading and research and has come to the conclusion that her powers involve altering her personal Molecular Density, whether increasing it and getting stronger and heavier, or decreasing it to the point of phasing through other matter. She finds that she can make herself almost able to lift twenty tons at the make but when she does she weighs almost that much herself. At that Density, she is near indestructable too though she moves slowly. At the other end she can make herself so light that if she jumped off a building she can float as if she were lighter than air, or close to it, and able to pass through solid objects, though she can't pick and choose, all other matter passes through her when she has lowered her density to that point. She can also manage a form of leaping/gliding to get around relatively quickly by altering her density as she leaps and such.
Rianna is a about to start her junior year in high school, and has a slight grip on her powers. She has been mostly keeping them to herself but is starting to develop that whole, if she has them might as well use them, though whether she uses them for good or ill is still to be seen, and what will happen as she makes herself more known.


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