Real Name Lorna Dane
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*Lorna's parents die in a plane crash when she is young. Lorna is given to the Danes, rumored to be her aunt and uncle, who raise her as their daughter. She is born with green hair, although the Danes insist that she dye it brown.
*Samuel 'Starr' Saxon locates Lorna via a Cerebro-like machine that identifies her latent magnetic powers. Putting her into a genetic stimulator gives her access to her powers.
*Saxon has Mesmero hypnotize Lorna to believe she is Magneto's daughter after her transformation, so that she will join him, a robotic duplicate of Magneto, and a robot army. Mesmero is careless, and Lorna slips free of his control. She destroys all of the robots and escapes.
*Lorna meets up with the X-men and joins them, studying Archeology at Xavier's academy. She starts research at the Diablo mountain range and stops dying her hair. Lorna has relationships with Iceman and Havok during this time.
*After an on-again, off-again relationship with Alex, Lorna retires to the X-men reserve roster to seek new direction for her life. Eric the Red abducts Lorna for Shi-ar purposes and mentally subdues her.
*Xavier frees Lorna, and then discovers her powers have been altered by the island Krakoa. With the help of the X-men, Lorna uses her magnetic powers to hurl the island into space.
*Lorna and Alex are back 'on' for a while, until Jean Gray returns from being supposedly dead. Scott rejects Madelyne Prior (who he believed WAS Jean) for Jean. Alex, feeling sorry for Madelyne, begins spending more time with Madelyne than Lorna. Switch 'on' to 'off'.
*Lorna falls prey to the entity Malice at the direction of Mr. Sinister. It assumes control over her body and twists her mind. She joins the Marauders and battles the X-men for months. The X-men free her eventually, although it's uncertain whether there are any lingering effects.
*Lorna was then abducted by her supposed sister Zaladane, who stripped her magnetic powers within the Savage Land. Lorna retained her green hair, and within a short period of time she developed a physique that was stronger than her former self. Not being one to surrender, Lorna along with her X-men friends fought back against the new threat and defeated Zaladane and her minions. Over time, she regained her magnetic abilities once again as she lost her increased size and strength.
*Approached by Val Cooper, Lorna is offered a position on the new government team named X-Factor (II). Alex Summers was in Genosha with Rahne Sinclair, who were approached by Val with the same deal. With Lorna being the deciding factor, Alex and Rahne flew to Washington immediately.
*For their first mission, X-Factor (II) was teleported to the Blue Area of the Moon by Lockjaw to diffuse a bomb. The mission was successful and pulled the team together: Havok, Polaris, Guido, Rahne, Multiple Man and Quicksilver.
*It doesn't take long for the Lorna-Alex-Rahne triangle to cause strife within the team. Battles with various villains such as Farnoq Dahn, his Liberators, Pantheon, Promethius, and then Jolel finally begin to return a sense of cohesiveness to the team.
*Stryfe and his team the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF) surfaces to battle the team. That, along with the tampering of Sinister makes things even more convoluted for the team. After wrapping up all of these situations finally brings the team together into a fighting unit.
*X-Factor has many adventures and faced some deadly foes. One such group is the Nasty Boys under the direction of Mr. Sinister. The villains plague the heroes and run them ragged until X-Factor gets the jump on them. The battle goes south, Lorna is injured, one of Multiple Man's dupes is killed, and Karma is seriously injured. Havok snaps and he, along with the rest of the team, hits the Nasty Boys back so hard that it killed the entire team and sends Mr. Sinister packing.
*After killing the Nasty Boys, the team is very disheartened and decides to take an extended break from one another due to interpersonal issues. The hiatus turns into an entire team meltdown and shutdown. Members go their separate ways, and even Alex and Lorna decided they need some time apart from one another.


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