Real Name Rachel Summers
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth The Future
Date of Birth The Future
Aliases Phoenix II
Origin Altered Mutant
Current Location Braddock Estate, England
Occupation Adventurer
Team Excalibur
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Alex Summers
Significant Other
Known Abilities

Character Details

Born in an alternate future to Scott Summers and Jean Grey and raised at Xavier's.
School is attacked by the gov't, Rachel is captured and turned into a mutant-hunting hound.
Eventually rebelling, she's remanded to a concentration camp with other surviving X-Men.
X-Men concoct a scheme to change the past. Plan fails, only Rachel and Kate (Kitty) survive.
Kate meets the Phoenix and agrees to help send Rachel to the past.
Kate and Rachel attack the Nimrod processing plant. Kate triggers Rachel's powers and sends her to this past.
Rachel is nearly killed by Selene and meets the X-Men. They take her in.
Rachel joins the X-Men and hides her identity at first.
It comes out that she was a hound after Xavier is attacked.
After realizing she needed more power to help her friends, she takes on the mantle and full powers of the Phoenix.
Nearly tricked into destroying the universe by the Beyonder, Rachel realizes she has to learn more to fulfill her mother's legacy.
Deciding to take the law into her own hands, she goes after Selene, but is stabbed by Wolverine.
Mortally wounded, she's kidnapped by Spiral at the behest of Mojo.
Through contacting Kurt and Kitty in a dream, Kitty's power helps her escape from Mojo and back to Earth.
Teaming up with Kurt, Kitty, Brian, and Meggan, they form Excalibur in the wake of the X-Men's seeming deaths in Dallas.
A psi-call for help from her baby half-brother Nathan causes Rachel to fly to New York and the team gets entangled in the Inferno.
An adventure shortly afterwards has Kitty and Rachel stuck in the past at the advent of World War II, where they save the life of Elizabeth Windsor, the future Queen.
She fended off Mastermind and met Alistaire Stuart, and then discovered that all the weird 'alternate Excaliburs' they keep running into near the lighthouse never had an analogue of her.
The team journeyed through time and space on the Cross-Time Caper, visiting numerous alternate realities. Once they got back, she kept getting mind-controlled or manipulated and was getting sick of it.
A timeslipped Franklin Richards came looking for her and during the course of the adventure, she met a not-dead Jean Grey… who rejected her. And finally told the truth to Scott about who she was.
She learns (a year before her teammates) that the X-Men are still alive.
Rachel starts to learn about the source of her fragmented memories after willing the Phoenix Force dormant.
The arrest warrant against her as a threat to the omniverse is rescinded.
Necrom rose to try and steal the Phoenix Force from her, but Excalibur defeated him, and it was revealed how Merlyn and Roma had manipulated them. Rachel sacrificed herself to save her friends.
After the Phoenix took control of her body, the pair left for the stars.


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Date Title Characters Summary
08/01/2012 Fixing Kurt's Brain Havok, Nightcrawler and Phoenix At the request of Havok, Phoenix fixes Kurt's Brain
12/03/12 10:00 To The Moon P5a Havok Mirage Tempo Cable Stryfe Cannonball Phoenix This segment of the team goes to stop Cable from killing Stryfe


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