Real Name Meggan Puceanu
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth England
Date of Birth
Origin Mutant
Current Location Braddock Manor, England
Occupation Adventurer
Team Excalibur
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives William Puceanu, Mrs. Puceanu
Significant Other Brian Braddock
Known Abilities Empathic and elemental metamorphosis

Character Details

Mr. and Mrs. William Puceanu emigrated from Russia to England as gypsies of a sort. Meggan was born to them some time later. Born with fur, the wild speculation of her fellow gypsies resulted in her looking increasingly more freakish. Her parents, ostensibly out of love, kept her locked up in a trailer for seventeen years. The telly became her absolute most bestest friend /ever/.

Mad Jim Jaspers did his version of the Time Warp, twisting reality to his weird whims; dancing may or may not have been involved. Meggan's family was stopped and she — with other powered sorts — was taken away to a camp. Eventually, things sorted themselves right out and most of the populace didn't remember. She did, but it meant little in the end.

Once free, she fled and lived in a warehouse for a time. She'd gone from just 'monster Meg' to 'werewolf Meg' and shifted with the moon. Micky and Josie Scott made friends with her and things were okay. Then Captain Britain showed up and made a mess of things by thinking she was bad. Fighting ensued; the warehouse was ruined. Micky died, which made things much worse. Brian Braddock, realizing she had no friends nor anywhere to go, offered to take her in to Braddock Manor.

Thus did the real weirdness begin.

Alison Double saw her aura and commented on the beauty of it. Implications of her power were made but the furball changeling didn't believe it — possibly because it wasn't a show on the telly, but that's beside the point.

Meggan proved to be a Captain Britain fangirl. An obnoxious one. But that changed when agents from the R.C.X. arrived to talk about the Warpies. Meggan felt drawn to the van and discovered some of the mutated children were inside. Consumed by their emotions and by the Cherub Whirlwind, she came to realize her abilities. Furball Meggan became blond, elfin Meggan after subconsciously picking up on Brian's desires.

Braddock Manor became a Warpy sanctuary. Brian and Meggan left for a time, visiting Russia to seek out more about the shifter's origin. Their first kiss turns Meggan into a horror-show reptile woman, but it's all Baba Yaga's fault. She managed to overcome the witch's influence by rememering some mystic mumbo jumbo. The idea that she might be related to the witch is considered ludicrous.

Upon their return to Great Britain, they moved into a lighthouse. Meggan started to learn how to read and write. A year later and a whole bunch of bad things happened, including the news that the X-Men were dead. After their first big tiff (changeling cow, /indeed/), Meggan left Brian to booze and went to Muir Island.

New friends were made, Warwolves were fought, and a new team was born: Excalibur.
Meggan, naturally, invited them all to the lighthouse. Brian did not approve. Brian was still boozing it up. The teammates did not approve. Somewhere in all of this disapproval, Kurt /did/ approve of Meggan, but nothing really came of it.

Some time later, Hell came to New York in the form of Inferno and Meggan was swept up in it. She eagerly became the consort of the demon N'astirh, who turned her into the Goblin princess. She did bad things while under duress, but eventually was released when Shadowcat got involved. Besides which, fishnets and Bride of Frankenstein hair really wasn't a good look for her.

Shortly after, she took some time to herself. Her powers went crazy, though this was later presumed to be because Captain Britain's powers were in flux as well and her fangirl powers of extreme infatuation were influencing her other powers a bit unnaturally.

She got better.

And then they went on the Cross-Time Caper. One alternate universe felt like 'home', while the others were varying levels of weird and strange and omgwtfbbq. Her powers went bonkers again, but only in Rachel's presence.

She got better.


After the boys get into an altercation, Meggan once again decides to seek out her past and wound up following some legends about a gypsy caravan that had a changeling child. It wasn't her family, but it was a group that had a mystical creature from the Neuri race. She released him to die in peace and he took her to the Alshra plane to show her what she truly was. He explained that her quest was over for now and that she wasn't meant to find her parents just yet.

With her newfound powers, Meggan and the others repaired the matrix of energy between Earth and Otherworld … and then turned into an energy conduit to destroy the lighthouse.

All in all, a jolly good show; stay tuned for the next installment!


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