Real Name Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Montreal, Quebec
Date of Birth
Age 26
Aliases Aurora / once mistaken for Danielle Belmonde
Origin Mutant
Current Location Toronto, Ontario
Occupation Adventurer, Heroine
Team Alpha Flight
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Super Speed, Flight

Character Details

* It didn't take long for Jeanne-Marie's life to take a turn for the worse, not long after she and her twin brother Jean-Paul were born, their parents died in a car accident. Brought to their mother's cousins, the Martin family, it was decided that only Jean-Paul would be adopted while Jeanne-Marie was sent to be raised at Madame DuPont's School for Girls. Jeanne-Marie grew up oblivious to the fact she had a twin brother.

* Madame DuPont's proved to be a remanent of older times, run by devout Catholic nuns, it staunchly kept to ways of old in regards to education and administration of punishments and corrective measures. Thanks to Jeanne-Marie's pointed ears, the Headmistress--Soeur Anne--thought she had an evil spirit about her, which brought about an endless series of cruel punishments, often without reason. This resulted in Jeanne-Marie growing up to become timid, introverted, and feeling unwanted.

* By age 13, Jeanne-Marie tried to take her own life. Much to her surprise, she discovered she could fly. Excited, Jeanne-Marie thought she received a miracle and excitedly shared the tale, but was only punished for blasphemy and making up stories.

* Eventually Jeanne-Marie's psyche shattered and a new personality emerged to allow her escape from her torment. This new personality used the power of flight to get out of the school and have some fun. A few days later a disoriented Jeanne-Marie returned to the school, confused, unable to tell what happened, and wearing makeup on her face. Again she was punished, locked away in dark closet for many hours and denied a meal. From that moment on she was a model student.

* At 18 Jeanne-Marie finally graduated, having kept the wild and carefree side of her all bottled up successfully. In fact she was so impressive that Soeur Anne offered her a teaching post. Upon accepting, Jeanne-Marie was brought to a tiny room that belonged to a recently deceased priest who used to teach there. The room was little more than a cell as far as the other personality was concerned, and she forced her way to control, making her escape.
* In a short time Madame DuPont's School for Girls was left far behind, and Jeanne-Marie guided by her new personality was partying in Montreal's hottests spots, catching up on all the partying, flirting and mindless fun she missed out on while being trapped at the school.
Unfortunately for her she was unaware of how dangerous it could be in certain areas of the city late at night for a young, good looking girl, and was assaulted by two men who thought to have their way with her. Fending for herself, Jeanne-Marie threw fists that were literally fast as lightning. Before she realized it she had the men knocked down.

* What Jeanne-Marie did not know was that during her partying, a government agent codenamed Wolverine had been following her and saw her unleash swift justice on the thugs, he introduced himself and invited her to join as a founding member to Alpha Flight, Canada's first official team of super-powered operatives to be based in Department H.

* While taking tests at Department H, Heather and James Hudson found how uncanny is Jeanne-Marie's similarity to Olympic gold medalist Jean-Paul Martin, and eventually found out about his adoption and relation to Jeanne-Marie.
It was Alpha Flight that united the twins, giving them the codenames Aurora and Northstar. When they first shook hands, the twins also discovered their power to generate immense blinding light when in physical contact with one another.

* Jeanne-Marie's wild and fun loving personality came to take Aurora for her own name, refusing to acknowledge Jeanne-Marie as anything but an entirely different person. As far as Alpha Flight are concerned, Aurora was the only personality they ever knew, so nobody suspected her mental condition.

* Alpha Flight's first mission proved to be hunting of a former member, Wolverine, who has defected and joined the X-Men. Despite an initial success, Department H decided to give up on Wolverine an let him go his own way, and in finding the damage from the team's battles to be too high, eventually Alpha Flight was dissolved with team members sent their own ways.
* The experience was harsh on Aurora who soon lost control to the Jeanne-Marie personality. Returning to Madame DuPont's School for Girls, Jeanne-Marie resumed the teaching position she left behind. Jean-Paul eventually came to visit his sister, and was shocked to find Jeanne-Marie after all the time he has spent with Aurora. He managed to force her to acknowledge her good looks in the mirror quite harshly, and eventually made Aurora turn dominant again. He then took her to see Heather and James Hudson who decided to keep running Alpha Flight even without the government's backing.

* During her time with Alpha Flight, Aurora developed a romantic relationship with Walter Langkowski--Sasquatch--and it brought about some complications when after one mission Aurora was trapped and switched under duress back to Jeanne-Marie, who happened to despise Walter and didn't want anything to do with Alpha Flight.
Jean-Paul tried to take his sister to a psychiatrist, but as nothing happened during the session, her condition again went undetected as the psychiatrist suggested it was Jean-Paul himself who had issues with accepting his sister for who she is. Jean-Paul was warned however that an attempt to cure a split personality more often than not results in creating new personalities.

* After the visit to the psychiatrist a purse snatcher attacked Jeanne-Marie, which caused her to shift into her Aurora personality once again, and she soon apprehended him. Jean-Paul proceeded to take Aurora to see his friend Raymonde Belmonde and his daughter Danielle. At the time a villain by the name of Ernest St. Ives intended to kidnap Danielle and mistakingly kidnapped Aurora, not knowing how Danielle looked like.
When Northstar tracked Aurora, he found her having a nice dinner with Ernest, it turned out that Ernest was working with Danielle against Raymonde and thus left Aurora unharmed. After defeating Ernest, Northstar conveyed to Aurora that he thought she managed to stay safe because she offered Ernest a good time, which made Aurora end their partnership and fly away in anger.
* Steadfast with her decision to part with Northstar, Aurora asked Walter to try and alter her powers so they don't synch with Northstar anymore. While Walter was reluctant, he cared for Aurora and took this opportunity to alter her DNA so she doesn't register as a mutant, so Sentinels and the like would not hunt her.
The results left Aurora a bit slower than Northstar, not as resistant to wind and cold, but also gave her the ability to generate light on her own, without touching her brother. Aurora moved in with Walter, and refused to acknowledge Northstar on future missions of Alpha Flight. Eventually Aurora started to see Jeanne-Marie in mirrors, and felt her trying to regain control, which brought her to cut down her hair in a new fresh style and change her costume to a more revealing one, hoping to make Jeanne-Marie disappear.

* With her new look, Aurora seemed to further distance herself from Jeanne-Marie, and developed some hedonistic tendencies, flirting at will with complete disregard to Walter, going as far as kissing other men infront of Walter. To try and strengthen their relationship, Walter took Aurora to Tamarind Island, where he inherited a mansion that could serve as the new headquarters for Alpha Flight.
Inside the mansion the two got separated and Aurora was trapped in a dark room by Gilded Lily, which turned out to pralayze her as a result of achluophobia--fear of the dark which she developed as a result of her abuse at Madame DuPont's school. Even though she could now generate light on her own Aurora still was still helpless to face Gilded Lily because of the darkness. Walter shifting into Sasquatch came to Aurora's rescue, defeating Gilded Lily, but the ordeal seemed to have reverted Aurora back into Jeanne-Marie and she wanted nothing to do with Walter, and escaped by flying.

* Unlike Aurora, Jeanne-Marie was not accustomed to flying, and in her confusion wound up flying for three days without touching ground before making her way to Quebec to see Jean-Paul, arriving at his door step in a state of self pity, fear and exhaustion. Jean-Paul decided this was his chance to make things right with his sister once more. Jean-Paul took Jeanne-Marie to a circus ran by a friend of his, Clementine D'Arbanville.
It proved a bad experience as Pink Pearl infilitrated the group while plotting to assassinate the presidents of Canada and the United States during an official meeting. A fight ensued, during which Jeanne-Marie reverted once again to Aurora. Despite the victory, Aurora learned of Jean-Paul's prior connections to the terrorist separatist movement in Quebec, and once again she left him to stay with her lover, Walter Langkowski.
* Soon after Alpha Flight teamed up with the X-Men as they investiagted an oddity at Ungava Bay, where they encountered Madelyne Pryor who introduced herself as Anodyne. Turned out Anodyne had incredible healing abilities and in a flash she cured Sasquatch of his bestial rages, and integrated Aurora's different personalities into a one unified personality.
Eventually it was revealed this was a ploy by Loki to remove magic from the world in return to the gift he was offering. The X-Men and Alpha Flight combined to defeat him, but that caused Aurora to once again suffer from her multiple personality disorder. With Walter once again suffering bestial rages, Snowbird discovered it was a result of possession by the Great Beast Tanaraq and she killed him.

* Aurora was furious with Snowbird for killing her lover but learned there's a way to save him by traveling to the Realm of the Great Beasts. Once there, a ritual needed to take place by three people to symbolize "power", "love" and "hate." Talisman was chosen for "power," Aurora was chosen for "love," and then proceeded to select Northstar for "hate" showing her grudge with him. In the process Walter was brought back to life, but had to be housed in a temporary body, which turned out to be Box, Roger Bochs' metallic armor.

* It soon became apparent that Aurora cannot be with a man in a robotic body, as her personality turned much more hedonistic, she expected to be satisfied and a robot could not do that. Roger Bochs volunteered to help, as they tried to find an organic body for Walter, and they eventually pulled a strong body from another dimension which turned out to be The Hulk.
Not wanting to harm his friend, Walter simply fizzled away, losing himself between dimensions. During the fight with an angry Hulk, the twins now found that after the changes Walter made to Aurora, when they hold hands, their powers negate. Alpha Flight did manage to push the Hulk back towards the USA eventually.
* Thinking Walter dead for good, Aurora mourned him, and in that time found that Northstar actually cared and that brought the twins closer together again. The grief also seemed to settle Aurora, not experiencing any switches to Jeanne-Marie personality, and also toning down her happy-go-lucky attitude. It turned out to be a third personality, exhibiting the cold, harsh demeanor of Jeanne-Marie combined with Aurora's flirtatious and irresponsible nature. This made her a professional heartbreaker of men, playing with their emotions, leading them on, but never quite loving them in return.

* With the loss of Walter, Aurora started seducing Roger Bochs, but after one of the battles Roger Bochs got stuck inside Box, and just as with Walter, Aurora informed him she will not be with him if he cannot satisfy her. Unlike Walter, Roger got crazy with anger and attacked Aurora, before Alpha Flight saved her. On their next mission, Alpha Flight entered burial mines near Burial Butte and Aurora fended from her fear of the dark by lighting the way. However, she soon accidentally touched Northstar and her powers were negated.
Suddenly engulfed in darkness, Aurora switched into an entirely new personality, the very frightened child she was while locked in darkness at Madame DuPont's, she kept praying and begging for forgiveness until her powers returned, and the Aurora personality came back to the fore. With light restored, Aurora saw Madison Jeffries eliminating some monsters that were about to attack them, and yearning for a man, she tried to make a pass at him, only to learn that Jeffries--Roger Bochs' best friend--had no love for her after how she hurt his friend.

* Upon their return from the mission, the team found a restored Roger Bochs, cured of his paraplegia and looking better than ever as a result of Dr. Lionel Jeffries' work. Aurora once again proved how entirely concerned with herself she is when she immediately jumped in Roger's arms, relishing his new and improved body.
That very night Walter returned, inhabiting an albino sasquatch body--the recently deceased Snowbird. In an instant Aurora leapt in his arms, only to find that when he reverted to his human form, he was now just as Snowbird was, a woman. Aurora tried to get Lionel Jeffries to turn Walter back to a man, but as the body belonged to a demi-goddess, Lionel Jeffries' powers had no effect.
Walter started to call himself Wanda as he had to adjust to his new body, while Aurora showing just how cruel she was, told him she will never allow him to touch her again. Roger Bochs tried to use that as a chance to get Aurora back, but upon realizing how she is constantly playing with men, he decided to kill her. Once again, Aurora was saved by Alpha Flight, with Madison Jeffries forcing Roger out of the body of Box.
* In attempts to assist Roger Bochs, the team partook on an endeavor that saw to the death of both Lionel Jeffries and Roger Bochs, with all of the hate Roger felt towards her before his death, Aurora reverted again to her frightened childish personality, while Northstar's health all of a sudden became ill with a strange infection. In an attempt to help the Beaubier twins, Alpha Flight took them to the fire-fountain in a magical Viking village. In there the team separated, and Aurora stayed with her ailing brother.
Loki revealed himself to the twins and informed them that they are half-elves, born to a human father and an elf mother. Claiming their parents died in a car accident caused by the elves who hunted their mother down for abandoning her people. Due to their powers of light and their pointy ears, the twins believed Loki. He claimed their pure elf bloods cannot handle the impure Earth, and only a return to Alfheim will cure them. Instead of Alfheim, however, with Loki's guidance the twins got to a netherworld full of demons. Aurora used all of her light power to restore Northstar to perfect health, but wound up losing all her powers as a result.

* While Northstar was safe and rejoined with Alpha Flight, Aurora along with Puck wound up taken by demons. The higher gods, however, were on to Loki and demanded an explanation. Loki claimed it was all in good intention, and as a show of his honesty, he transported Puck to Tibet, and the powerless Aurora to a monastery, where she was left amnesiac, but for once with a single personality.

* Finally free from shifting personalities, super powered battles, heroes or villains, Jeanne-Marie found peace and joined the convent as a nun. Memories of her time in Alpha Flight only surfaced when she heard on the news how there was a hearing about the Langkowski fortune, with the woman Wanda claiming to be a reborn Walter Langkowski. Feeling sympathy for her once lover, Jeanne-Marie traveled to meet with Wanda to comfort her. The nuns eventually learned of Jeanne-Marie's past connection to Alpha Flight as Aurora and asked her to leave the convent.
Before that could happen, however, Jeanne-Marie was whisked away by Talisman to Asgard, where Northstar has learned that Loki was lying about their heritage. During a series of battles with demons in Asgard, Northstar tried to give some of his light back to Jeanne-Marie as she did for him, and it restored her powers, and once again by physical touch they had the ability to generate the immensely blinding light as before, which helped Alpha Flight to victory.
* It turned out that over the period of time where Jeanne-Marie's powers were dormant, they also evolved, and with her powers restored she was now capable to still generate light on her own, and manifest it as healing light, hypnotizing light, empathic light and concussive energy. With her former split personality condition cured, Jeanne-Marie used her powers for healing and calming affect more often than not, refusing violence unless it was absolutely necessary.

* Not long after the Fantastic Four asked Alpha Flight to join them to investigate strange energy out of the Yukon region. They come by a town under the control of the villain Headlok, who proceeded to take control over the heroes minds. He had some difficulty with Jeanne-Marie as she used her healing light on him, but eventually she too fell under his control. It was the Human Torch that managed to get Jeanne-Marie to use her healing light on herself that released Headlok's control of them, leading to his capture.

* Folllowing that experience, Jeanne-Marie resigned from Alpha Flight and joined Gamma Flight to work with the psychiatric counseling unit of Department H's incarcerated prisoners, using her healing powers. Unfortunately, during her work she was lured by Headlok into his cell, his power-dampeners malfunctioning, and began torturing her, keeping her hidden for weeks.
Headlok shattered Jeanne-Marie's psyche anew, specifically to the following personalities: suicidal teenager, happy-go-lucky, heart-breaker, nun and healer. He used her different personalities as toys for his entertainment, further tormenting Jeanne-Marie, playing the role of Soeur Anne at Madame DuPont's School, punishing her teenaged self over and over again.
What Headlok failed to realize, is that Jeanne-Marie's condition was born out of abuse and suffering as a means to resolve it, and that is precisely what happened when suddenly a stern and cold Jeanne-Marie personality surfaced and showered Headlok with her healing light from within, destroying him entirely.
* A medical analysis of Jeanne-Marie after the incident showed she was back to her original state with the Jeanne-Marie and Aurora personalities, only now both personalities could readily wield her powers. The only difference was in how each personality used the light powers. Aurora used the lights to affect people or to illuminate areas, whereas Jeanne-Marie used it in the manner of concussive blasts. Now Jeanne-Marie and Aurora came to agreement to join Alpha Flight once again, Jeanne-Marie no longer shunning Alpha Flight and superhero work.


Name Relationship Notes
Northstar Brother Flashbang power happens whenever they hold physical contact

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Date Title Characters Summary
01/11/13 12:39 Thank You At The Speed of Light Aurora, White Queen Aurora calls Emma to thank her for her help in saving her from fashion disaster.
01/26/13 16:19 Cookout Aurora, Mercury, Radiance, and Sandman Sandman has a cookout some students and Aurora attend.
02/22/13 10:49 Aurora Doesn't Care About Cold Weather Aurora, Showstopper Aurora decides to go to the pool and doesn't feel like a public place, good thing she has friends at the X-Mansion
07/23/12 17:15 Scott Cries Blindfold, Aurora, Mirage, Seth, Vaughn, Havok, emitted by Nightcrawler Students and Faculty encounter early stage Danger, fighting ensues
08/15/12 The Bet Havok, Nightcrawler and Aurora Alex and Kurt go out on the town. Run into Aurora
08/15/12 06:10 Pigeons In The Park Scarlet Witch, Aurora Aurora goes to Central Park, trying to draw attention, and she winds up meeting the Wanda Maximoff
08/27/12 01:24 Deadpool meets a girl and gets paid Deadpool, Aurora, Agent Thorpe(NPC)
09/13/12 07:43 Theology and Reality Aurora, Kelda, Tanya Rivera Jeanne-Marie happens by an Asgardian and a Spanish girl, the experience brings forth something of a theological debate in very simplistic form.
09/25/12 11:46 Coffee Talk: Rock and Religion Aurora, Rex Gregson
10/29/12 18:44 The Devil You Say Hellstrom & Aurora Hellstrom runs into Jeanne-Marie, isn't that convenient?
10/31/12 09:14 Reconnecting Aurora and Box IV (emitted by Hellstrom) Madison and Jeanne-Marie run into one another
11/22/12 9:39 At The Bookstore Aurora, Scarlet Witch, Ambrose Jeanne-Marie goes to a bookstore where she runs into Wanda and Ambrose
12/07/12 23:00 Long Overdue Introductions Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman meet up and avoid a fight.
12/10/12 She is an Imp Hellstorm & Aurora An encounter that leads to hostility and understanding.
12/10/12 11:28 We All Wear Masks White Queen, Aurora After being unnerved by another meeting with Daimon Hellstrom, Jeanne-Marie happens by Emma Frost, who takes interest in her because of what she's seen between Jeanne-Marie and Daimon


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