Real Name Heather Rae
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Date of Birth
Age 21
Origin Mutant
Current Location Shi'ar Space
Occupation Adventurer
Team Formerly X-Factor
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Slipstream
Significant Other
Known Abilities Nemesis

Character Details

Heather was born and raised in Australia's prominent Sydney. She lived the life only most kid's could wish for. She was born into a rich family. On the outside, it was the perfect life for her and her younger brother, Davis. They had nannies and lived lavishly in a mansion and were pretty much given whatever they wanted. However, if one paid closer attention, one would realize that her parents were never around. Heather and David grew up never knowing who their mother was. They assumed she died in child birth and their father never spoke of her. To them, they always wondered who she was, but stopped asking about here. Little did they realize and have yet to know at present is that their mother was really a Shi'ar royal member. But for the time being their father and anyone who does know has kept this hidden from them. Their father, Warwick Cameron, was never around and was always 'busy.' Little did Heather and Davis know, that their father was one of the Australia's biggest underworld criminals. He kept this from them and they never learned, but he was always away when they were on holidays or vacations. He never spent time with his children. But he did spend money on them. But by the time, they reached their teen years, it was not enough for them. So they left home. It was better for them to have no father than an absent father. And they preferred to live on their own and earn their way than live off the money their father gave them.
When they were in their late teens, both Heather and David moved to the idyliic town of Surfer's Paradise, a true paradise for aquatic afficianados. Living the life of true beach bums, Heathere became a lifeguard at the beach while Davis would spend his time surfing. At this point in her life, Heather's mutant powers developed. One day, a beach goer swam out too far. Heather wanting to save his life and willing to risk her own swam out far. Farther than she should have been able to as she swam out, her body changed, she gains more strength than she was able to and suddenly she had developed gills, which allowed her to breath underwater and save the swimmer. Keeping this secret, she realized she was a mutant, whose powers allowed her to sense when danger was about to occur and to adapt to any situation in which she needed to save herself or someone else. She used her abilities in secret and even kept them from Davis. She was not too happy that she was a mutant, but she was happy enough that she could save lives. However, feeling that the secret is a dangerous one and that she may be a danger to herself or to her brother, she has left Australia and come to America. A place where she remain hidden, but still use her abilities to help other. And so she begins her life new in New York City. Ready to live up to her namesake, and be a true Lifeguard, protecting and helping those who need it.


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