Martinique Jason
Real Name Martinique Jason/Wyngarde
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Date of Birth
Aliases Martinique Wyngarde, Lady Mastermind (II)
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Character Details

Born to the mutant Mastermind and an unknown woman. Martinique is accepted into the Wyngarde household and takes the last name.
With the money of her family name as a backdrop she falls into the position and place in society one is expected of.
Private school, she takes up Equestrian and Fencing, along with martial arts and hunting as things to occupy her time.
During her teen years she discovers her abilities, and uses them to further her own education and standing at school.
Gains control of her powers. Begins looking at future 'husbands'.
Gains admission to The University of Cambridge, studying in business. Begins to date Morgan Jason III, a young man from a well to do family.
She continues to use her abilities in college to bring down academic rivals, as well as the ones she meats in physical areas, and her romantic life.
Graduating from Cambridge with a degree in business operations, and a minor in psychology. She soon marries Morgan Jason III.
Taking a token job in the investment company, Martinique is very much the idle rich trophy wife, she keeps up her martial arts and learns gun-play through a friend in her hunting club.
Using her abilities she manipulates her husband and family to leave more to the young man, and to slowly nudge the man into suicide.
Upon Morgan's death, and taking the house in London, Martinique accepts membership into the Hell Fire club as a woman of stature and society.
Working for her Father in-law, and openly acting saddened at the death of her husband, Martinique leaves the home she was given for the time, to move 'back home' to publicly be away from everything that reminds her of her husband.


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