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Regan Wyngarde is a second generation illusionist/telepath. Her father, the infamous Jason Wyngarde also known as Mastermind, was a member of the Hellfire Club. His own dangerous ambitions and aspirations carried on to his daughter with time. The truth is, Regan rarely saw her father and never knew her mother, being raised in Europe by a live-in private tutor and caretaker. Sure, he spared no expense for her growing up, giving her the best educations in the finest European schools, the best tutors and the best gifts but it didn't teach Regan anything about growing up to be a good woman. What it did teach her, however, is that her father was cutthroat and relentless - and secretive. She'd over hear his conversations when she was a young teenager and realized that he was not a good man. He was evil. And that? That was acceptable to Regan. She poured herself into learning and into martial arts - after all, it's a way to know one's body and to learn how to remain centered and focused.

Something clicked as her education continued, she started emulating her often absent father as she perceived him to be. She started to lie and manipulate others by the time she was fourteen. As her talents began to improve, she realized that she was doing more than simply manipulating. Her mutant gene had manifested and she was able to quite literally read other's surface thoughts and emotions and then project perceptions of reality into their minds in any manner that she could imagine. She was instantly drunk on the power this gave her. Not long after she began to experiment with her illusionary powers, her father came to visit her. He revealed his own powers were much the same and he began to teach her how to properly use her abilities to get the most efficient responses to her illusions from her targets. By the time Regan completed finishing school, she was a seasoned and deadly illusionist but her father had disappeared and she received word that he had died. Likely not of natural causes. But there was reason to be happy as well - she had just inherited a sizeable fortune as well as homes and properties around the globe. How could a 19 year old girl not be happy with all of that? Thanks daddy!
Realizing that her illusionary skills were at their best, Regan proceeded to focus on her physical prowess. Driven to be even better than her father, she decided to all but disappear from the world's radar. Traveling to Africa under an assumed name, Regan used her illusionary powers to convince the leader of a mercenary group to take her on and train her. Some had other ideas but were soon reduced, quite mysteriously, into catatonically drooling shells of their former selves before they could lay hands on her. She learned and she absorbed the training. Taking as well the cold heartless attitude that reminded her so much of her father - it's not personal, it's just business. After fighting in skirmishes and under cover operations from one government against another in the central African region of unread over the course of the next six years, she had developed into a very formidable soldier - but without the loyalty indoctrination of an official military. She was loyal to herself and to her pay. The highest bidder would win out. Such as when she was hired to kill her group's leader by a rival mercenary force. She did it, took the money and decided to leave Africa.

Now a year later she has made her way back to London and begun operating out of the Wyngarde mansion.


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