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~ Jonathan Silvercloud was raised by a Cheyenne tribal shaman after Silvercloud demonstrated remarkable mystical potential.

~ Naze, the shaman, trained Jonathan extensively in the mystic arts and in the traditions of his people. For most of his childhood Jonathan lived a very simple existence, living off the land and studying various types of magic.

~ As a teenager, he suddenly became interested in technology. He had an innate gift for fixing or improving any mechanical object. Although he didn't know it, this was actually a mutant power.

~ Jonathan grew tired of the constant training, and longed to see the outside world. At eighteen he enlisted in the Army, despite Naze's very strong objections.

~ Like most mutants, Jonathan was better at just about everything than his peers. He was promoted quickly and appeared to have a promising career ahead of him. He was even offered the chance to join SHIELD but declined it.

~ When his entire platoon was killed in an ambush, Jonathan called upon his mystical knowledge to summon demons to exact revenge on the attackers. He quickly came to his senses and called in an air strike to destroy the demons. However, the bombing caused him to lose both his right hand and his right leg.

~ Jonathan was discharged from the military following a long convalescence in a military hospital. He fell into a deep depression and received lots of psychiatric care.
~ Eventually Jonathan dealt with his guilt by keeping himself busy. He built a new leg and hand for himself and began turning his full attention to developing his gifts with machines. He began calling himself Forge and lived in seclusion, turning out patents at a ridiculous pace.

~ Forge developed lots of important government contacts, including Nick Fury, and became a very wealthy man.

~ Already one of the top inventors in the world, Forge became even more wealthy when Tony Stark stopped designing weapons for the government. Forge stepped into his role as the go to guy for weaponry design.

~ Forge was placed in charge of a project to reverse engineer the equipment of Rom the Space Knight in order to combat the Dire Wraiths who were plotting to do nasty things to humanity. This exposure to futuristic technology caused Forge's technological abilities to take several jumps forward.

~ Forge developed a neutralizer that was capable of 'turning off' the powers of any superhuman being. The device was theoretically only supposed to be used against the Dire Wraiths or as a weapon of last resort. However, Henry Gyrich decided to use it against a criminal mutant against Forge's wishes. The criminal mutant in question was Rogue, and she was saved from Gyrich through the intervention of Storm. Unfortunately, Storm was rendered powerless in the ensuing fight.
~ Forge took care of Storm out of guilt and attempted to help her through her depression. However, when she discovered that he had built the weapon that had depowered her, she left him in a huge huff.

~ Despite Naze's repeated attempts to convince Forge to embrace his destiny, Forge adamantly refused to practice magic ever again. However, eventually he was forced to begin training again when he found out that he was responsible for setting The Adversary, an ancient demonic entity, loose on the world.

~ The Adversary killed Naze, and took over his body. Eventually, Forge was able to defeat him with a little help from Storm and the X-Men. However, the magic ritual Forge used resulted in the deaths of all of the X-Men.

~ The goddess Roma returned the X-Men to life, but they didn't bother telling Forge. He went on with his life under the assumption that they were all dead, and not hiding in Australia in a secret base.

~ Forge became more involved with Freedom Force, the team of criminals that Valerie Cooper had assembled. During this time he tangled with Magik. She was unable to defeat him on Earth, so she teleported him to Limbo. There, Magik's magic proved superior to Forge's, but she ultimately spared his life and returned him to Earth.

~ Forge was recruited by Banshee to work on Muir Island and help find the X-Men. Forge beefed up the island's security systems, and turned it into a first rate scientific paradise.
~ Forge had a couple of other whacky adventures. He worked with both X-Factor and Alpha Flight on separate occasions.

~ Forge was reunited with Storm, but Storm had been turned into a little girl, so it was kind of creepy. It ended up being a quick fix though, and she returned to her adult form.

~ Forge managed to save the X-Men from the Shadow King, and became a full-time member. However, he has chosen to stay in the background rather than taking an active role on any of the teams. Rather, he spends his time fixing stuff and improving the X-Men's tech.


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