Real Name Angelica Jones
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York
Date of Birth
Age 17
Aliases Firestar, Angel
Origin Mutant
Current Location Morristown, NJ
Occupation Adventurer, High School Student
Team New Warriors
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Bartholomew "Bart" Jones
Significant Other
Known Abilities Microwave Manipulation

Character Details

* Having lost her mother at a young age, and constantly moving from one school to another because of her father's job at nuclear power plants, Angelica never had the time to settle in anywhere or make friends. Her only constant friends were her grandmother who lived with the family, and her best friend in the whole world, her orange cat Pumpkin.

* At 13 years old Angelica's grandmother read her palm and told her that she possess exceptional talents, the likes of which very few possess. It made her happy, a rare feeling for Angelica. She was just about to start a new school, West Morris in New Jersey. As can be expected, being the new girl, she didn't have any friends and was an outsider.

* Besides being unliked as a new girl, Angelica had the mixed bad / good fortune of having Chuckie Belson -- the school's stud -- set his eyes on her. That immediately made her a hated enemy of Cassie, the most popular girl at school. This brought about quite a bit of bullying against Angelica.
As her grandma told her that people will be friendly if you give them a chance, she tried to join the girls who bullied her in the cafeteria, only to be laughed at again. This made her so angry, that for the first time her powers manifested, projected microwave energy on her chocolate milk, causing its container to explode with the hot chocolate milk winding up thrown directly at Mr. Slattery who proceeded to give her detention.

* While Mr. Slattery thought Angelica was trying to find new friend by pulling that stunt, the White Queen thought otherwise as this manifestation was traced by Multivac, and she instructed her subordinates to pay attention for the next manifestation so the Hellfire Club has a lock on the new mutant's location.
* Chuckie later caught on with Angelica and convinced her to sign up for the ice sculpting contest the school held, which displeased Cassie who overheard it. Chuckie constantly showing affection to Angelica made things gradually worse.
On the day of the contest, Cassie and her friends broke Angelica's statue to prevent her from winning. While gloating, they also explained to Angelica how she wasn't special and her grandma lied to her just to make her feel better. Furious, Angelica let out a burst of microwave energy that melted all of the ice sculptures.

* Afraid of what she had just done, Angelica ran to a public pay phone to call home to ask her grandma what to do, but the phone metled in her hand as she held it. Her lack of control over her emerging powers this time alerted both Professor Xavier and the White Queen thanks to Cerebro and Multivac. Scared of how she melted the phone, Angelica ran back home only to find her grandma died of a heart attack.

* Angelica tried to tell her father how she's scared but he wouldn't listen to her, so she stopped holding back and let him see her glowing while the snow around her melted away. Her father was concerned his daughter is a mutie freak as he put it, and desperately tried to think of a way to help her. That's when Emma Frost made her presence in their house noted.

* Using her telepathy, Emma got her father to agree to let her meet with Angelica. She proceeded to win Angelica's trust by talking about the special mark on her palm, using telepathy again to learn all about the girl's interaction with her beloved grandma.
Just as Emma secured Bartholomew's consent to send his daughter to her school, and Angelica's consent to go there, Nightcrawler and Professor Xavier arrived on scene but having gotten there too late they gave up on a fight with the White Queen and went about their way.
* At age 14, in her first few month's at Emma Frost's Academy, Angelica was having a great time. She was learning how to ride a horse for instance, which was something she could never dream of in her regular life. Angelica's only concern was that she was being kept in isolation, never getting to see the other students.
To drive Angelica's desire to train hard, Emma Frost promised her she could join the Hellions if she perfected her abilities. The Hellions themselves were told that Angelica was assigned as the White Queen's personal body guard, planting the seeds of dislike, as they thought Angelica considered herself better than they are.

* Early assessment in the Hellions' training facilities pointed to Angelica's potential as one of the most powerful mutants in the world. Through induced illusions, Emma Frost trained Angelica to see the X-Men as evil people who want to harm Emma, Angelica, and the Hellions which Angelica really wanted to join. So as Emma helped Angelica develop her power and gain more control over them, she also learned to hate the X-Men and see them as enemies.

* When the Hellions gathered up to go see a movie together, Angelica declined the invitation when it was extended to her, as Ms. Frost did not allow her to leave school grounds as she was too dangerous without supervision. That just reassured the Hellions suspicions that Angelica thought that as Frost's favorite she's too good to hang out with them, and pushed Angelica further into solitude.

* Afer the initial rounds of tests and training session, Emma Frost gave Angelica the codename Firestar, and set the course for her to become the personal assassin of the Hellfire Club, and more specifically of the White Queen. Firestar was also given a golden bracelet that was actually a holographic inducer programmed to make her have nightmares and visions centered about how evil the X-Men are, and how they want to hurt her.
* A month later the school held a big dance, Empath was mocking Angelica for being too stuck up to show up, and she pleaded with Emma Frost to be allowed to go, dreaming to prove the Hellions wrong. Emma granted Angelica permission, and even picked a dress for her.
Meanwhile, the New Mutants also got permission from Xavier's faculty to attend the dance. Before the dance, all the horses was taken out of the school's stables for a horse show except for Butter Rum -- Angelica's favorite horse -- which made Angelica think Emma Frost was the kindest person in the world to be so considerate towards her.
During the dance, Sam Guthrie was pushed by Roberto Decosta to ask Angelica to dance, the two equally shy and clumsy, laughed by others, decided to take a stroll outside -- guided by Emma Frost's telepathy. As they were getting along and warming up to one another, Sam moved in to kiss Angelica, which promptly got Angelica to hear a telepathic admonishment from Emma Frost about her carelessness.
Fearful she could hurt Sam, and unsettled that she disappointed Emma Frost, Angelica ran away from Sam into the stables where a fire broke out. Barely managing to get Butter Rum -- her favorite horse -- out of the stable, Angelica just got to witness the horse suddenly collapse and die.
Horrified, thinking she set the stable on fire and killed the horse with her microwave energy emissions, Angelica ran into the woods only to be found by Emma Frost, the only one who offered her comfort and understand that terrible night. Of course Angelica didn't know that it was Emma Frost who made sure to set the fire and kill the horse, further making Angelica think she is dangerous and must be kept on her own, with Emma Frost as the only person in the world to love and care for her.
* Sometime after the events at the dance, Thunderbird (original Thunderbird's brother,later taking the name Warpath) decided to get even for the death of his brother, he kidnapped Banshee and intended to lure the X-Men into a trap and killer Professor Xavier.
Roulette and Empath decided to join him, trying to score points with the White Queen for learning how to look after their own. To give them the edge, after witnessing the destruction from the dance, Empath used his powers to make Firestar think she is utterly in love with him, prodding her to believe him when he told her that the White Queen wanted her to join them on a super secret mission to attack the evil X-Men. Bringing Banshee to the Cheyenne Mountain, Firestar was unfamiliar to the X-Men and surprised them when she came out of nowhere to grab Colossus and fly away with him to take him out of the battle.
Colossus in the meantime saw too much of Illyana in the young Firestar and couldn't bring himself to kill her, attempts to reason with Firestar failed, but eventually Rogue came to the rescue, knocking Firestar out with a touch. From this, Rogue learned how Firestar has been manipulated by Empath. Once she regained conciousness, Firestar kept blaming herself for what happened, going as far as to wish she could die.
Professor Xavier offered Angelica to join the X-Men, but she refused, stating that despite her terrible classmates who bully her, she has to stay loyal to Emma Frost who is the kindest person she's ever known besides her father.

* At age 15, Firestar has grown much more proficient in the use of her powers. She had become faster, her aim became sharper, and her user of her powers more focused. She was getting a lot better at flight as well. But during one training session, the White Queen made Firestar see Professor Xavier attacking her while shouting deragatory remarks at her.
This froze her and she plummeted the ground, stunned. Firestar explained she had met Professor Xavier and that he seemed a good person, so the White Queen lectured her on how looks can be deceiving, encouraging Firestar with how she expects her to be able to protect herself and those she cares about -- which just so happened to be the White Queen herself.
* As a reward for her progress, Angelica started to receive regular dance classes in the Academy, but even there she was not safe from bullying. One day when called to perform infront of the class, Roulette throw a bad luck disc causing Angelica to trip and fall. Empath then proceeded to use his powers to make the teacher absolutely furious at Angelica.
This time, however, when getting chastised infront of the entire class, Angelica knew that Empath must have had a hand in this, her furious anger made her release too much heat, activating the sprinklers. For the incident, Angelica was summoned to Emma's office for reprimand, but she also received a gift to ease her suffering, a trip home to New Jersey with her body guard, Randal.

* The night before her trip to New Jersey, Angelica suffered from nightmares where she saw Nightcrawler and Wolverine of the X-Men beating and slashing her to death. Waking up in horror, crying, Emma Frost was there to comfort her. She was now beginning to doubt the friendly faces she saw when she met the X-Men in real life and started to worry they actually want her dead.

* When she arrived back home in New Jersey, Angelica snuggled up with her cat Pumpkin, which she missed terribly, but her father snatched the cat away chastising the girl about how dangerous she is to their pet. All of the ordeals she suffered at the Academy under Emma Frost's orchestration erupted at that moment as Angelica slapped her father's hand when he tried to comfort her, she ran to her room and locked the door, not wanting to see him again. Randal made the decision that the visit wasn't going to be a good one and arranged for him and Angelica to get back to the Academy the following day.

* At the airport Randal was called for the phone, where Hellfire Club personnel detained him while another Hellfire Club agent created an incident with Angelica, running into her and blaming her for not looking where she's going. The man then proceeded to blame Angelica for being a mutant and a crowd of people (likely Hellfire Club agents) gathered around her, spouting hate all about her and beating her father for trying to protect her.
When Angelica still didn't respond, one of the thugs pulled out a gun and shot at her, but Angelica melted the bullets. Next the thug aimed at her father, and finally Angelica made a direct strike against a human target, just as the White Queen wanted.
While the ordeal was harsh on Angelica, she came to respect and appreciate the hard training sessions with the White Queen, realizing that was what saved her and her father's life in the airport -- unaware it was all once again arranged by the White Queen who had settled on using Firestar to kill Selene.
* At age 16 having gone more training and further honed her skills, Angelica got to experience an assassination attempt on Emma Frost's life, a bullet nearly hit Emma when she dove on top of Angelica to keep the girl safe. With guards rushing into the room, Emma revealed to Angelica that in reading the mind of the assassin she discovered the Black Queen -- Selene -- was the woman who wants to have her killed. Angelica now believed she owed her life to Emma Frost on top of everything, and started to develop real hatred for the Black Queen, going as far as to swear she will kill her.

* In a training session following the assassination attempt, Emma gave Firestar a new mask to add to her costume, and invited her to join her to a formal ball in New York City. Randal -- Angelica's bodyguard -- found this turn of event suspicious and having grown fond of the girl tried to learn what's about to transpire.
Getting one of his buddies from operations drunk, he learned that the White Queen intends to use Firestar to assassinate the Black Queen. He intend to intervene, knowing Firestar doesn't stand a chance, but Emma read his mind and had him imprisoned. The morning after, Angelica was told that the Black Queen has killed Randal, her only friend in the world aside from Emma Frost. Now Angelica wanted to kill the Black Queen more than ever.

* The one thing Emma didn't count on is Randal caring for Angelica so much that he'd risk his life with a daring escape, reaching Angelica before she was scheduled to leave with Emma, and telling her everything that happened. Randal wasn't killed by the Black Queen, Butter Rum was killed by Emma Frost, the incident in Newark Airport was arranged by Emma Frost. Everything was a lie, and now all of the rage Angelica had for the Black Queen turned on the White Queen, the one who has been manipulating her all along, forcing loneliness on her and corrupting her good morals. Firestar was finally unleashed just as Emma Frost desired, only the target of choice wound up being the White Queen instead of the Black Queen.
* As Angelica did not arrive to the limo that meant to take them to the airport, Emma Frost went back to the Academy, finding all of the guards knocked out. Before Emma could trace Firestar, the girl located her and attacked her. The White Queen lead Firestar to the training room and activated it on the most difficult setting, engaging all weapons, but Firestar proved to have trained well, mastering all obstacles even as she kept her ferocious attack.
With the White Queen finally defeated, Firestar pressed her palm to the White Queen's face and gave her the illusion she was burning her face by heating the air to produce steam, but in withdrawing her hand, the White Queen was unharmed.
Firestar asserted she was her own person, she will not kill because she decided not to kill despite how Emma tried to corrupt her. Firestar did leave her mark before withdrawing from Emma Frost's Academy, unleashing her powers like never before, she destroyed the entire underground level of the Academy, causing the Hellfire Club severe losses in having to rebuild all of the Hellions training facility.

* Angelica was determined to return to normal life, focus on her art, be a normal girl, be with her father, and finally be free of all the abuse and drama she suffered at Emma Frost's Academy. Unfortunately for her, Night Thrasher was creating a new superhero team, and through hacking the Hellfire Club systems he learned about Firestar. Unlike what you may expect from a hero, he blackmailed Angelica into joining his team, the New Warriors. In their first outing as a team, the New Warriors defeated Terrax.

* Firestar proceeded to help Night Thrasher defeat Midnight Fire, and took part in the New Warriors cooperation with Thor to defeat the Juggernaut. During the fight with Juggernaut, Night Thrasher asked Firestar to kill the Juggernaut by blasting his heart with microwave, but Firestar refused to kill, thinking back with horror to the plans the White Queen had for her. Eventually Firestar melted steel girders into a pool of molten slag, before Thor summoned a frigid wind to freeze it, transporting the trapped Juggernaut to another dimension.
* GeneTech was an organization that hired the Mad Thinker to get information about the New Warior, after defeating him, the New Warriors infiltrated GeneTech to learn more about them. That was the first time Firestar learned she could use her microwave powers to completely scramble computerized security systems using quick pulses. Turned out the New Warriors walked into a trap, but Speedball saved them by arriving late, and they wound up winning the day.

* In the meantime the Hellfire Club discovered the breach of their computing systems, turned out there was a traitor who supplied Night Thrasher with the information and he paid dearly. The White Queen decided to pay the New Warriors a visit to "check" on Firestar, seeing as they were interested in finding information about her from the Hellfire Club's computer system.

* The Hellions proceeded to storm the New Warriors' headquarters, the Ambrose Building's Penthouse in New York City. They were attacked by Tai -- the New Warriors' mentor -- facing defeat, Jetstream went to alert the White Queen who arrived herself to take care of Tai, allowing the Hellions to take over the New Warriors' headquarters to setup a trap.
Upon return from a mission, Night Thrasher and Silhouette were captured by the White Queen and the Hellions, leading to an interrogation about why they hacked the computers of the Hellfire Club, and why they were interested in Firestar. The other New Warriors soon returned and engaged the Hellions in battle. This was an exceptionally difficult fight for Firestar, as she was teamed with Catseye, and she knew Sharon Smith was a good girl being manipulated by the White Queen much like she was.
In fact, aside from Empath and Roulette, Angelica thought most of the Hellions were good kids being manipulated. This rendered Firestar very ineffective for this fight. In the meantime the White Queen and Tai reached an agreement that whoever wins between the New Warriors and the Hellions will get Firestar. The battle was a close one but eventually Firestar won it by taking down the last Hellion with all of the other New Warriors downed. Angelica was surprised to find both Tai and White Queen refer to the entire thing as a game.
* The White Queen rescinded her claim to Firestar following the New Warriors' narrow victory, and went on to debate with Firestar how the two teams are quite alike. Firestar, however, reminded the White Queen how isolated she was in the Academy, not being allowed to make friends with the Hellions while being manipulated to think she is too dangerous to make friends.
Before leaving the White Queen told Firestar she will be waiting for her apology when she learns that her idealistic views are untrue and would seek to join her Academy again. It seemed no matter what promises are spoken, the White Queen remained set on having Firestar serve by her side sooner or later.

* In an adventure that soon followed, Terrax has returned, and during the battle Firestar finally unleashed her powers without reserve for the first time since she destroyed the Hellions' training facilities, surprising her teammates who didn't think she had it in her to truly hurt another. The Fantastic Four and later on the Silver Surfer also joined the fray, finally defeating a much stronger Terrax compared to the first time the New Warriors dispatched him on their own.

* After the adventure with Terrax, Night Thrasher found out that Chord -- the guy running Taylor Foundation for him -- was lying to him about what he was doing with the Taylor Foundation, and he and Silhouette decided to get the bottom of it. Chord in the meantime gathered all of the other New Warriors, telling them that Night Thrasher was being manipulated, setting the stage for the New Warriors to fight against their leader on his behalf. Eventually Night Thrasher got the New Warriors back on his side, but Chord shot himself rather than tell them the truth about the Taylor Foundation.

* The New Warriors eventually got more information and made their way to Tokyo, Japan, to the Ancestral Home of Clan Yashida. There they met Mariko Yashida who promised to help if they can complete a mission for her, they had to eliminate the Tatsu'o Clan.
The New Warriors were making progress in eliminating Tatsu'o Clan, which used high tech electronic armored samurais -- turning out to be a poor approach against Firestar's microwaves -- before Tatsu'o himself intervened, promising to tell them more than Mariko can if they only leave Japan. Night Thrasher accepted. Firestar argued against. Eventually by majority the decision was to refuse the offer, which made Night Thrasher announce he is quitting and that the New Warriors are disbanded.

* Back in New York, with Night Thrasher's assertion still puzzling her, Angelica once again finds herself not sure what direction her life will take. Will the New Warriors stay a team even without Night Thrasher? Would they force Night Thrasher to change his mind? Or will she finally pursuit the normal life she so wanted, just staying home with her father and her cat?


Name Relationship Notes
Bart Jones Father While Angelica loves her father, he has been manipulated in the past by the White Queen to call his daughter a mutant freak, and shows fear of her powers

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Date Title Characters Summary
01/10/13 23:37 Exchanging Gifts Blindfold, Firestar, Cyclops Firestar brings Blindfold the sculpture she promised to make for her, and Blindfold returns a gift of her own to Firestar
01/14/13 08:00 Checks and Balances Empath and Firestar Empath invites Firestar to the new Massachusetts Academy and makes an offer.
02/22/2013 The Madripoor Situation Night Thrasher, Firestar, Cloak, Dagger and Krista Night Thrasher catches up Krista and Firestar about what is going on in Madripoor
02/27/13 1:02 A Friend In Need Gets Help Indeed Firestar, Showstopper Richenda asks Angelica for some help, and being the good friend she is, Angelica offers said help
03/26/13 12:47 What Might Have Been Firestar, White Queen The White Queen gets a glimpse of what things might have been like if she succeeded with Firestar, but keeps to the lessons she has learned
03/29/13 14:01 Not So Good Friday Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Firestar, Gamibt, Mercury, Mirage, and Sandman The X-students have a field trip to the Avengers mansion and encounter an alternate version of Firestar and Mercury. An alternate Black Crow possesses Mirage and they fight the heroes. Black Crow and Mirage are taken by the Anasazi.
04/12/2013 11:04 Confusion at the Hellfire Club Havok, Firestar, Donald Pierce (emitted) Donald Pierce has captured Havok and means to torture him, when Firestar, dressed appropriately by Hellfire Club's dress code standards walks in to have her say. Timelines mix-up bring confusion.
04/21/13 14:31 Warnings from the Future Cloak, Firestar, and Night Thrasher An alternate reality Cloak from the future warns Firestar and Dwayne of things to come in a not so nice manner
07/06/12 19:36 Jocasta Unleashed. . . Beta Ray Bill, Firestar, the Phantasm, Sandman, and Jocasta Jocasta, inexplicably appears and beats the crap out of Sandman. She is stopped by Beta Ray Bill with a lil assist from Phantasm and FIrestar
07/06/12 20:00 Jocasta Aftermath Beta Ray Bill, Firestar, and Phantasm As the Avengers ground crew takes care of stuff, Beta Ray, Firestar, and Phantasm chat.
07/20/12 06:17 Student Has Become A Teacher Firestar and Astraea Firestar and Astraea
08/01/12 11:14 Marvel Knights: Prologue 3 Black Panther & Firestar The Panther and Firestar discuss his organization.
08/09/12 05:34 Coffee Break Emma Frost, Firestar Angelica Jones takes a break from all the chaos taking place recently, reading a novel and drinking coffee at a street side cafe. She happens by some unwanted company when Emma Frost joins her table.
08/24/12 10:47 A Trip To The Shopping Mall Yishi, Firestar, Richenda Angelica and Xiu Lin go to the mall and happen about Richenda
08/25/12 03:25 The Line Between Good and Evil Shatterstar, Spiral, Firestar Firestar goes after Shatterstar to see why the police are looking for him, on the way, the two run across Spiral
09/18/12 10:52 Mallrats Firestar, Richenda Gray, Ultragirl Angelica meets Richenda while hanging out at the mall, they both happen by Ultragirl
10/02/12 6:46 Magic Problems Firestar, La Sombra Tanya sees Firestar patrolling Mutant Town and asks her if she knows magic users who can help lift a curse.
10/25/12 09:40 Playing With Fire Firestar, Daimon Hellstrom
11/05/12 04:26 Counselling Session Firestar, Yishi Firestar seeks Yishi's help in dealing with an infernal problem.
11/22/12 11:11 Asking A Witch About A Devil Firestar, Scarlet Witch Firestar goes to see Scarlet Witch for advise about dealing with Daimon Hellstrom
12/08/12 4:22 A Hand For The Blind Firestar, Blindfold Angelica Jones happens by Ruth while sketching ice sculptures in Central Park, the two begin a budding friendship
12/16/12 13:44 Visiting Rights Jean Grey, Blindfold, Firestar, Cyclops, Marrow, Mercury, Radiance Firestar calls Xavier Mansion to ask for permission to visit Ruth Aldine at the school, is invited to come over, and gets a sense of what the school is like these days
12/1712 16:24 Building Snowmen and Bridges Firestar Blindfold Firestar and Blindfold build snowmen and Firestar finds she may get more than just permission to visit the Mansion


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