Real Name Jeanne Foucault
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Unknown
Date of Birth
Age 18
Aliases Finesse, Assassin Chick
Origin Altered Human
Current Location Xavier's School
Occupation Student
Team Xavier's School
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Taskmaster
Significant Other
Known Abilities Polymath, Photographic Reflexes, Eidetic Memory

Character Details

Jeanne Foucault was born to parents of ill repute, both having been stark criminals in their past of the ordinary variety, without a trace of super powers. But Jeanne was no ordinary child; she was a polymath with eidetic memory, meaning not only could she recall in perfect detail anything she saw and heard, but she also gained and retained skills and knowledge at a glance and a single read through educational material. Showing such a great advancement compared to her peers, partaking math while they were learning to count, she was taken to be tested for the mutant gene, and subsequently to other indicator tests for paranormal powers, all came out negative.
Jeanne's parents were delighted with the great fortune that befell them, and immediately used their gifted daughter for their own means. Jeanne was taken to classes and given access to information on a myriad of competition forms, and was given rewards for accomplishments in any activity that brought her parents money and acclaim. Before her age reached double digits, she was already winning equestrian tournaments, followed by more winnings in competitions in varied sports, ranging from chess, to billiards, to gymnastics, to fencing and a wide range of martial arts. While her room was full of trophies and medals, her parents' bank account was full of money from her winnings. Jeanne wasn't oblivious to the fact her parents were using her, but at her age had no choice but to do as they say.
With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and skills, Jeanne kept learning whenever she could, that is when she wasn't entered into competition in various sports to win more money for her parents. Eventually she got scholarships and people from Academia intervened and Jeanne was allowed to go study at MIT, from which she graduated at age 14 with multiple degrees.
Following her graduation, Jeanne developed a theory; she believes that her real father is the Taskmaster who must have share some intimate time with her mother while her parents attended one of his criminal schools. She is determined to find him and verify it, but from what sciences tells her, the only way she could be so similar to him is because she has his genes.
Having continued her training in martial arts, combat and weapon training, she has surpassed all of the teachers who were available to her. To advance into higher levels she would need to seek out some of the hard to reach true masters wherever they may be in Asia, or find a way to engage in activity with some of the super heroes or villains about the city. She has been toying with the idea but hasn't quite decided which path to take, though she has been taking occasional outing in a costume, taking the name Finesse, while stopping criminals from picking on the helpless around her vicinity.
Jeanne has also persisted in her gymnastics training and was called to the Olympics gymnastics team, where she excelled and was very quick to become the best member of the team. The only thing that made Jeanne consider not competing in the Olympics is how her teammates have been trying to get her disqualified. There has been an increased frequency in various tests for super powers and abilities, all of which she passed with negative results, and from her ability to read lips she could tell how nobody on the team liked her. She was sure to set some records if she actually got to compete, but having competed all her life for her parents, she felt that she didn't need to prove yet again how she's the best. Instead, Jeanne left all the animosity behind by quitting from the Olympic team.
Free from the Olympic Team, Jeanne went back to what she always did best, studying. This time NYU was her destination, looking for a new environment with more opportunities for employment while she completed her Masters degress, and started on her doctorate at only 18 years old. During her stay in New York she's become even more fascinated with the activity of super heroes and villains, and got into some more action as Finesse.
One of the papers Jeanne drew on for her thesis was a research conducted by Dr. Nemesis, who took note of Jeanne when she published her thesis. After some research on Jeanne, Dr. Nemesis hacked into her computer, and that brought to some lively exchange between the two, leading to Jeanne being hired by Dr. Nemesis.
During their work together, Dr. Nemesis got Finesse involved in a plot by the government to rewrite mutant's DNA to make them normal humans, during her work on the mission to stop this operation, Jeanne came to the X-Mansion and the Massachusetts Academy quite often. So the Mutant Massacre had an effect on her despite the fact she was never tested positive for mutant genes, she realized where she stands in the fight between humans and mutants and for now she continues to stand with Dr. Nemesis and the X-Men.


Name Relationship Notes
Taskmaster Likely Father Jeanne has surmised the father who raised her is not her own, and that only Taskmaster can be her real dad.

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Date Title Characters Summary
01/04/13 12:59 Solitary Chess Can Lead To Friendships Finesse Mercury Mercury comes into the Rec Room to find Finesse playing chess against herself, this leads to a conversation and perhaps a budding friendship
01/24/13 01:05 Free At Last Jean Grey, Finesse Finesse approaches Jean Grey to ask for her grounding to be over with after it has lasted for quite some time.
02/16/13 18:28 Scheming Young Minds Finesse, Nemo, Emma Frost, Blindfold Kisha meets Jeanne in the girls' dorms study room, only the two study a rather questionable topic, before joined by Ruth and eventually Emma
02/22/2013 Questioning a Hypothsis Finesse, Wolfsbane and Mirage Jeanne insults Rahne and Dani with her questions
03/03/13 18:00 Jumpin' for Gambit Gambit Thimble Mercury Finesse Gambit leads a course of "Athletics 101"
03/18/2013 New Mutants in Disney World: Part 2 Blindfold, Finesse and Showstopper (Emits by Mirage) The continuing saga of the New Mutant Scavenger Hunt
04/02/13 11:18 Looking For a Target Wolverine and Finesse A future version of Finesse runs into Logan in a bar.
04/12/13 11:09 A Talk Between Roommates Finesse, Blindfold Jeanne and Ruth has a much needed talk about their relationship as roommates and some trust issues.
07/17/12 20:51 Campus Tour Blindfold, Cyclops, Finesse, Seth, and Vaughn Vaughn gets a tour of the school
08/01/12 11:02 Contemplations Finesse, Wolverine Wolverine and Finesse both seek seclusion and wind up respecting one another a bit more
08/15/12 07:11 Tact Leyu Yashida, Blindfold, Finesse Finesse takes Blindfold to the newly restored lab, and the two meet Leyu Yashida whom Finesse been suspicious off lately for odd mannerism.
09/05/12 10:49 The Meaning of Love Finesse, Leyu Yashida Leyu and Jeanne have a discussion about love amongst other things
09/25/12 12:57 When In Doubt Play The Queen Finesse, Emma Frost Finesse is on the hunt for the man responsible for the Jack O'Lantern note left for her awhile back, now she's reaching for the help of the White Queen
10/01/12 10:41 Suspicious Minds Finesse, Richenda Gray Finesse comes in from her Pumpkin Man hunt and sees Richenda, who she suspects has something to hide following a meeting with Emma Frost
10/01/2012 Mud, Sweat and Almost Tears Showstopper, Radiance, Mercury, Finesse, Wolverine and Mirage Another training session for the students
11/01/12 06:50 A Typical X-Morning Havok, Shadowcat, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Finesse, Cyclops Rogue Jubilee Gambit Storm Jean Grey Arcangel Bishop Beast Forge Beak Wallflower Dust Rockslide Tag Anole Loa Dryad Bling Jubilee Husk Skin Wind Dancer Lighttrakker Rachel Carpenter Cassandra Lang Videoman Thunder Lazer Aquatica A typical morning at the X-Mansion
11/29/12 02:00 The Skrull leading the Blind Blindfold, Finesse, The Isotopic Man, Super-Skrull (as The Immortal Iron Skrull) Super-Skrull encounters some X-Kids and an Isotopic Elder
12/03/12 11:26 Peeking To The Future Finesse, Blindfold Jeanne returns to her shared room with Ruth and finds her roommate inside, she decides to go ahead and consult with the pre-cog about her Pumpkin case.
12/04/12 21:32 Crime and Punishment Jean Grey, Jeanne Foucault Jean Grey learns about Jeanne's constant breaking of curfew rules while investigating the pumpkin case. There are consequences.
12/05/12 18:35 Crime and Punishment - Part 2 Finesse, Blindfold, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Cyclops Finesse has been grounded by Jean Grey because Blindfold squealed on her. As Finesse goes to settle the score with Blindfold, she runs into Psylocke who takes her to an assigned unarmed combat session.
12/16/12 3:18 Peace Talk Blindfold, Finesse Ruth tries to make peace with Jeanne after having gotten her grounded by Jean Grey
12/20/12 23:47 A Lack of Christmas Spirit Finesse Showstopper Richenda tries a friendly conversation with Jeanne, only to realize Jeanne isn't like most people
2013/06/21 23:14 Empath at the Ellington Club Empath and Finesse Empath and Finesse meet at the Ellington Club


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