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In 1906 James Bradley was born. His father Nicola passed away before he was born and his mother Catherine, unfortunately, did not survive his birth. He was raised by his mother's parents and had a fairly normal childhood, though he did excel at school in the sciences.
By the time of the outbreak of World War II, James had finished with college as well as medical school gathering several degrees under his belt in a short time. He joined a research partnership with Dr. Phineas Horton. The two together advanced robotics and created the android Human Torch. Eventually the two parted ways and James took enough material to eventually craft his own android, Volton.
To provide for himself and his projects, James took a position at Mercy Hospital in New York city. During his time there he was confronted with the profiteering and corruption that was rampant in the city at that time. He took it on himself to try and fight those crimes with the advanced technology he had at his disposal. Eventually he would become known as Doctor Nemesis.
During the war in 1942 he encountered an enemy called The Surgeon. The two came into conflict several times only for Dr. Nemesis to eventually defeat him. Upon defeating his rival, James learned that The Surgeon was a colleague of his from another city hospital. Disillusioned, James left the profession.
During a moment of weakness while James was crushed at the apparent betrayal of the people in America as well as those he thought of as his colleagues, he was approached by agents of the Third Reich. It was during this time that they attempted to recruit him. He agreed and formed the team Battle-Axis to try and counter the Invaders. He adopted a new name, that of Dr. Death and proceeded to try and embark on a scheme that would ultimately end in the victory of the Axis over the allies. The Battle-Axis team was, however, defeated and James was left for dead.
He returned to New York and took on his civilian identity once again and eventually was moved to try and repent by doing what he could again as Dr. Nemesis. Upon learning more of the Axis scientists and their efforts he chose to focus his full efforts upon tracking down escaped Nazis and stopping them. He made it his life's goal to see them brought to justice in the hope that it would perhaps make up for his foolish naivete.
Since the war, James has been focusing his life on the advancement of science and using that knowledge to counter the evils that men have wrought. To this end he has established a myriad of operational bases throughout the world, he has gained holdings and outright ownership of many prominent companies in various manufacturing fields, as well as expanded on his knowledge of the universe by focusing inwardly on evolving his own intellect.


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