Real Name Dajan LeDoux
Portrayed by Mae of NaturalChica.com
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Age 19
Aliases "Dee Dee" on the name tag she wears at her waitress job
Origin Mutant
Current Location
Known Relatives The entire LeDoux family, with the exception of her grandparents, are presumed deceased
Significant Other
Known Abilities Shape Shifting

Character Details

Dajan LeDoux was born in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, to Maurice and Marie-Ange LeDoux. She was the first of what would end up seven children. Being poor and black in Louisiana was bad enough, but something in the genes of their parents bred true. Out of seven kids, six had already displayed mutant abilities. Dajan, her brothers Jean-Luc, Claude, and Andre, and her sisters Audrey, and Chantal. Their birth order (just for the sake of being clear) is Dajan, Andre, Audrey, Chantal, Claude, and Jean-Luc. The seventh child is the youngest, little Ray, and so far he has not showed any. Dajan, as the oldest, was set up to be the caretaker, with Andre, only a year behind her, as her right hand. The two were very close since they were close in age. And as such, commisserated most about how difficult it was to wrangle the other kids. They held each other up and backed each other up with the others. But it was still difficult. Their parents had known growing up in the 80s, but their grandparents had known the 60s and instilled into them a deep wariness of other people. When mutants began showing up — and the hatred along with it — that made it worse. Maurice and Marie-Ange told their children in no uncertain terms were they to show off their mutant abilities, no matter how tempting it was. The hatred they got for being black would only increase if it were known they were mutants too. The kids mostly listened, but kids will be kids and Dajan and Andre ended up more often than not having to be on their toes at all times, and finding ways of heading them off at the pass. Dajan's powers manifested early, keeping track of Andre and then Audrey. Just chasing the siblings was a form of training for the powers; and their parents' urgent insistence that they keep their powers undercover was reason enough for them all to spend time in the woods practicing once homework was done. They got a small TV, which allowed them to watch the news, particularly mutant events, so as to drive home how serious it was (they also got to pick one show each — 60 mins for the kids above 12, 30 for the kids below, knowing they'd get more time with proper behavior - doing chores, keeping grades up and the like). They were encouraged to go to the library to study meditation and other disciplines with a view toward all the children getting firm control over their abilities.

The others' powers came in at varying times. There was no predicting. No two kids were the same. Dajan and Andre's came in early, but it was anything but a blessing when the other kids' abilities came in. Except for Audrey, who turned their backyard into a garden and relieved the price of feeding seven; and Claude, who could communicate with animals, and thereby kept the family in wild boar, chicken, and rabbit. The tragedy came though with Jean-Luc. From the time he'd been three he had suffered night terrors. Andre's telepathy helped most of the time, but not always. And one night, Jean-Luc woke screaming from a nightmare — and his power manifested. He opened numerous teleport gates at the same time, the family falling through or getting sucked into them. Unfortunately several of those telport gates sliced open pipes, and a gas explosion followed immediately. While Dajan doesn't know it herself, Andre ended up in Detroit, Michigan with memory loss, so was in the hospital as a John Doe (he only remembers his real first name at present — courtesy of his telepathy), and is now just trying to make his way from there. He's 18, so is able to do so fairly unencumbered because with his telepathy he can pull information from people around him to help him survive. The rest of the children are in various places around the country and have ended up in foster care or orphanages, except Ray, who is in line to get adopted by a family in Connecticut. Audrey and Claude both have useful mutant gifts, and those that can be used offensively to defend themselves if need be; though it remains to be seen whether or not they will break their parents' training if such a situation comes up. Maurice and Marie-Ange did not make it. Maurice was killed in the explosion as it happened before the teleportal had swallowed him, though in a verse like 616MU that may not mean gone for good. Marie-Ange's teleport came out at the other end high up in the air above Lake Michigan. She fell to what would seem to be her death and may not ever be found in the lake, which freezes over in winter. Again, given it's 616MU, that may not be a permanent state of affairs.

Dajan, however, woke up clear across the state, in her night clothes. Uncertain how she got where she was, she hitched home, only to find the house burned to the ground. The news had carried it as a terrible accident. There was some speculation on it being a racially motivated hate crime, though there were the usual platitudes and remarks about how they were such a nice family. Dajan, facing relief at not having to scramble to care for her sisters and brothers, and guilt at that relief, stayed in Thibodeaux long enough for the authorities to confirm her parents had been declared dead and to collect what little inheritance in money there was. There wasn't much, as they had been in debt. She got a bus ticket to New York, out of desire to get as far away from the source of her family tragedy (and southern prejudice) as possible. Her meager savings went quick, and she soon found a job as a waitress at a little greasy spoon in Lower Manhattan.


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