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Once upon a time, the space pirate known as Chimera was merely a simple girl known by a much more mundane name. She held dreams of having vast riches of her own someday. This was in stark contrast to the poor nature of her upbringing in a dimension that was not too unlike the dimension where Earth exists. A noticeable difference is that super powers are much more common and not treated with such disdain and labels like 'mutant' like on Earth. As a young teen, Chimera was still very much poor, but she began to bloom. The blooming of Chimera meant that her powers finally began to manifest.

While she also possessed mild telepathic powers, Chimera's true rise to power was when she learned to create dragons from her hands at an early age. This was a turning point for the young Chimera. Now, Chimera never had to 'want' and 'wish' ever again. She could simply just take. What started was a series of petty crimes, eventually blossomed into a career of terror and crime.' Chimera' ended up being the name by which the space pirate chose to call herself. Chimera became addicted to being able to take whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. However, since it was normal for people to have powers in her dimension, the scope of Chimera's crimes was limited. In her late teenage years, Chimera would stumble upon technology during one of her raids that would drastically change to scope of things. Chimera recovered the knowledge on how to effectively use and maintain inter—dimensional portal. Now, Chimera would be able to travel to many different worlds and dimensions in search of excitement and plunder. During these years, she developed a reputation as an intergalactic space pirate, but soon grew bored with worlds she had been plundering for years.

This was about when Chimera was contracted to perform a job on Earth. Earth fascinated Chimera in both its mix of primitiveness and potential. Sure there were others with powers like her, but they were few and far between. This gave Chimera a huge advantage in being able to commit crimes and acquire more plunder. However, when Chimera tried to return to her home dimension on completion on her contract, Chimera suddenly found out she was no longer able to open up Warp Chambers and travel between dimensions. She was now stuck on Earth for now, but this suits Chimera just fine. With so many interesting people to antagonize and plunder to gain, Chimera can afford to take a slightly longer detour on Earth while she finds a way to recover her ability to return to her home dimension.


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01/31/13 23:50 Why can't we all just get along Dagger, Spider-Woman, Chimera, Shriek, Dansen Macabre / Emitted by Black Panther Dagger gets herself into a pickle


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