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Jono was born on the East side of London, England and grew up in a working/middle class home, and had what could be described as an almost painfully average existence for the first ten years of his life. His tenth birthday set him on what he would later (jokingly) call his path to enlightenment. His parents finally got him the electric guitar he'd been begging for since he was eight, and some instructional videos to go with it. By thirteen, he was playing in cover bands with friends, playing in garages and at birthday parties. By sixteen he was writing his own songs and playing solo gigs at clubs that he was /technically/ too young to get in to.
When he was seventeen, he met a girl. There had been girls before, of course (the handsome young talented musician/singer shtick made sure of that) but Gayle Edgarton- correction, /Lady/ Gayled Edgarton, though she hated being addressed as such- wasn't just any girl. To Jono, she was /the/ girl. Gayle had gotten fed up with her aristocratic, upper-crust upbringing and had taken to slumming it amongst the unwashed masses of the common folk in an act of typical teenage rebellion. Dating Jono was just the cherry on the parental nightmare sundae.
Gayle and Jono's romance ended very suddenly one night, though neither one of them had any inkling of what was about to happen. The band Jono was playing with that night had a show at a local club, and Jono arranged to have some time alone with Gayle in the coat check room. What he had /thought/ was a case of really bad heartburn from a lunch consisting of a slightly dodgy curry turned out to be something a lot more dangerous than a little acid reflux. Not long after he and Gayle got into the room alone, the strangest feeling came over him- the burning in his chest got worse, and was accompanied by the worst headache he'd ever experienced in his life. Suddenly, the room (or was it his /head/) seemed to be full of voices. As the pain peaked, there was an explosion. The source of that explosion was Jono himself, as his mutation manifested itself in the form of blast of psionic, bio-kinetic energy. The blast destroyed most of the front half of his torso as well as the lower portion of his jaw, leaving a furnace of that same energy in its place. He wasn't the only one hurt, though. Gayle was tossed against the wall, breaking her spine. Jono would never speak again, and she would never walk again.
Jono sunk into a deep, guilt-ridden depression, and for nearly two years, he pretty much secluded himself in the basement of his family's home. During this time, he got a loose grasp on control of his powers, learning that he could even communicate with them, as he found he could use the minor telepathic abilities he'd developed to speak directly in to someone's mind, almost, but not /quite/ imitating the spoken word.
Doing research on the Internet, he read that there might be some doctors in America that could help him with his "problem," and sold one of his guitars to buy a plane ticket. He arrived in New York, and has been living in the cheapest hotel room he could find for a couple weeks now, receiving the occasional wired cheque from home, desperate to find someone- /anyone/- that can help him.


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