Real Name Unknown
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth New York City
Date of Birth about 25 years ago
Age about 25 years old
Aliases Hellhound, Apocalypse's Hound
Origin Mutant, genetic engineering
Current Location NYC
Occupation Mutant Detection
Alignment Neutral
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities

Character Details

Caliban was a mutant with a bizarre appearance that caused him to be nicknamed Caliban, after a freakish character in Shakespeare's play The Tempest.

He was recruited by Callisto when she learned of his ability to sense other mutants. Caliban found more mutant outcasts and Callisto organized these into the group known as the Morlocks.

One night Caliban sensed multiple mutants in a New York nightclub and went to investigate. His powers caused a panic in the crowd at the club, forcing the mutants (Dazzler, Storm, Shadowcat) along with Jessica Drew, to drive him off.

Later the full X-Men team at the time ventured into the Morlock tunnels to rescue Angel, who Callisto had kidnapped. Caliban fell in love with Shadowcat, and helped her when she was injured.

Later he helped Shadowcat again, this time to save Colossus, under the condition that she later marry him (he released her from this promise when he realized she didn't love him).

During the Mutant Massacre, Caliban was severely injured by Sabretooth, only to be saved and taken in by X-Factor. Caliban joined X-Factor and tried to learn to be more effective in combat but failed repeatedly. His only useful trait seemed to be as a mutant tracker.

When Apocalypse captured X-Factor and gave them the opportunity to join him, Caliban shocked his friends by accepting. Later, he had a chance to free the other members of the team but instead reaffirmed his loyalty to Apocalypse.

Apocalypse dubbed Caliban his Hellhound, re-engineered him for increased size and strength and more effective powers. Soon after Caliban learned of Sabretooth's location and deserted his new master to track down the Marauder. (Apocalypse secretly approved)

Caliban bested Sabretooth in battle in the Morlock tunnels, although Sabretooth later recovered due to his healing factor. Their fight was witnessed by the surviving Morlocks who had returned to the tunnels, and Caliban elected to stay with them rather than return to Apocalypse.

Staying with the Morlocks reminded him of his older, weaker self, and he soon left the group again. Caliban also knows his former allies among the X-Men and X-Factor will not look kindly on him after he his association with Apocalypse.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/20/13 02:31 Welcome to the Hellions, Caliban Caliban and Empath Empath meets Caliban and recruits him for the Hellions
02/11/13 09:45 Lesson Learned Caliban and Empath & (emitted) Alchemy, Force, and Tarot Empath and Caliban attempt to teach the Hellions a lesson, but get schooled by Force.
11/09/12 08:00 Subterranean Dead End Havok, Nightcrawler, Sunder, Caliban Kurt and Alex go in search of snakes


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