Real Name Clarice Ferguson
Portrayed by Elyse Levesque
Gender Female
Place of Birth Cartusia, Bahamas
Date of Birth April 21 1991
Age 22
Origin Mutant
Current Location Homeless
Occupation Student
Team New Mutants
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives N/A
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Teleportation

Character Details

* Born on the small island of Cartusia, in the Bahamas, to an American father and a native mother. Clarice was born with her physical attributes.

* Clarice's parents move to Miami out of hopes for more tolerance towards mutants.

* Family ended up homeless, Clarice was put in foster care.

* Clarice was transferred out of state and loses contact with her parents.

* Teleport powers manifest around the time Clarice turns 12. Began practicing her powers in secret.

* Clarice runs away from home as soon as she is able. All attempts to find parents have been unsuccessful.

* Clarice lives a life on the streets, eventually making her way up the East Coast to NYC.

*** IC ***

* After meeting Rahne Sinclair in Mutant Town, Clarice is befriended and joins Xavier's School.

* After showing marked improvement in her training and proving her ability to work in a team, Clarice was offered a spot on the New Mutants.

*** TimeJump ***

* Clarice hears of the targeting and executions of young mutants by the Phalanx.

* Blink decides to help Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy in their efforts to keep the children safe.

* During a rescue attempt, Clarice sacrifices herself by blinking a member of the Phalanx into a pocket dimension.

* After 3 years of being thought dead and left in a pocket dimension, Clarice is freed by the evil vampiress Selene in her attempts to reach immortality.

* Under Selene's influence, Clarice kills many in efforts to continue with Selene's plans, even attempting to resurrect her once Selene was defeated.

* The X-Men were able to stop Blink and break her of Selene's influence. After realizing what she had done, Blink escapes.

* Blink, in an effort to make amends for the killing she had done, tries to save people all over the world.

* Found by the New Mutants, Clarice decides to go back to Xavier's School, and then rejoins the New Mutants.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/29/13 Blink the Burglar Blink, Wolfsbane, Richenda Gray Wolfsbane catches Blink in the process of stealing
02/02/13 Blink or You'll Miss Her Blink, Jean Grey, Blindfold, Wolfsbane Plans are acted on to chat with Clarice and an offer is made
02/03/13 09:30 Chatting Over Breakfast Showstopper, Blindfold, Blink, Jean Grey and Mirage This just in: Jean is Engaged!
02/03/13 18:30 Supers Bowl Blindfold, Blink, the Phantasm, Sandman, and ShowStopper Sandman and Mike chaperone some Xaviers students bowling and watch the Super Bowl. A small riot breaks out which is quelled without violence.
02/28/13 19:00 Late Firsttime Meeting of Roomies Thimble Blink several weeks the same room and no proper meeting? strange things happen.
03/16/13 08:00 New Mutants in Disney World Showstopper, Blink, Thimble, Radiance, Blindfold, Mercury and Mirage Scavenger Hunt for the New Mutants
2013/06/09 Moving In Lightspeed, Blink, Showstopper, Wolfsbane People begin to fill the place the New Mutants have set up for themselves.


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