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Amelia was a mutant and a nurse who cared for Charles Xavier after his legs were first injured. Stationed in Tibet, Amelia was glad to see another American. Her positive and friendly attitude helped Xavier get over his resulting depression. At first their relationship was professional, but soon they developed a romantic relationship. They left Tibet together and returned to the United States.

Xavier, also a mutant, had previously encountered both Magneto and the Shadow King and was developing a machine called Cerebro to track mutants, hoping to protect and educate them, so they wouldn't turn into a threat. Amelia found the plans and thought that Xavier was developing the machine to hunt down and exterminate mutants. She revealed herself to be a mutant and attacked him, only to be stopped when Xavier revealed his own mutant powers. This link strengthened their relationship even more, but over time they both developed different stances on human-mutant interaction. Xavier wanted co-existence with the humans, while Amelia thought it was best for mutants to stay underground. When Xavier brought Scott Summers to his mansion for training, Amelia left him, telling him that his plans for the X-Men would doom all mutants. Xavier began to use his telepathy to convince her otherwise, but stopped himself when he noticed that Amelia noticed as well. Feeling betrayed, Amelia left Xavier.


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