Real Name Haroum ibn Sallah al-Rashid
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Origin Mutant
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Known Abilities Rocket Flight

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The White Queen ( Emma Frost) was on a personal mission to get a foothold on power within the Hellfire Club and maintain it. In doing so, she came up with a brilliant idea. For the Hellfire Club to continue perpetually, future members are integral. The White Queen decided to create a team of young mutants loyal only to her (though none would be aware of this) who would be eventual recruits of the Inner Circle. In doing so, they would, unquestionably, give the power to her and she would achieve her goal. She would build, fund and run a school, similar to Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X), that would teach young mutant in the use of their powers. It would be named the Massachusetts Academy, it would be here that she would, too, train her students to be her personal army.

The White Queen needed to locate, secure and recruit her future Hellions, as she would name them and she needed to do it fast. She used her vast wealth and all of her telepathic might to comb the corners of the world to search for her future students. To increase her mental powers, she had a mutant tracking device created, similar to Professor X's Cerebro. She sought out special individuals, those that had gifts that would aid her in her goal.


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