3-D Man
Real Name Charles "Chuck" Chandler and Harold "Hal" Chandler (brothers)
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth
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Known Abilities Ability to sense Skrulls Enhanced durability Enhanced speed Enhanced strength

Character Details

Brothers Chuck and Hal Chandler were born in Los Angeles, California. As a test pilot for NASA in 1958,[1] Chuck was piloting the experimental XF-13 rocket plane when he was captured by Skrull invaders. They attempted to interrogate him, but Chuck escaped, damaging the Skrulls' warp drive in the process. The Skrull saucer exploded as Chuck flew away, exposing him to strange radiation. He crashed the XF-13 in the Mojave Desert, and when his younger, crippled brother Hal attempted to rescue him, Chuck disappeared, believed to have been killed. Hal, a research scientist, discovered that Chuck's image had been imprinted on the lenses of his glasses, and that Chuck had been transformed into a two-dimensional being. When Hal wore the glasses and concentrated, he triggered a dimensional shift that caused Chuck to materialize into a three-dimensional existence; in his new form Chuck wore a green and red bodysuit, and his normal strength, speed, and stamina had been tripled. As the costumed 3-D Man, Chuck fought another group of Skrull agents.[2] He battled more Skrull infiltrators,[3] and then battled the Cold Warrior.[4]

At some point after his 1950s adventures Hal Chandler decided to stop functioning as 3-D Man and left his brother floating around in another dimension. Hal married Peggy Clark, and they had two children, Chuck Chandler II and Hal Chandler, Jr. Hal later encountered a down-on-his-luck Bruce Banner and, afraid that the Hulk might show up, used the glasses to summon 3-D Man once more. After this encounter, 3-D Man returned into his brother's glasses, determined never to return.[5] However, alongside many other costumed heroes, he was summoned briefly by the Grandmaster.[6]


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